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electr0o84 t1_jc7h6h3 wrote

Thank you, I wish I could give you 100 upvotes. I say the apex design was the blackberry! But the market disagrees with me. There is a reason keyboards for computers are not touch screens because that would be highly inefficient. people like how sleek touch screens are but they are a worse design.


MoarTacos t1_jc7kimc wrote

I would like to have three physical buttons on the side of the phone, likely below the power button, that serve as redundant buttons for Back, Home, and Multitask. Leave the touch screen buttons there, but also put them on the side.


dougunder t1_jc7xekm wrote

you can remap buttons on android. Def can achieve what you want with remapped volume, might need to use press and long press/double press.