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VitaminPb t1_ixni1b5 wrote

Headline: 45% of crops lost to pests, this robot isn’t related to that at all!


tehbantho t1_ixnk2hw wrote

This is an advertisement. Conveniently on sale today too.

FYI: This product is from the makers of the Roomba. While they have an excellent lineup of vacuum products, it wasn't always that way for them. Let this thing bake in the development oven a bit longer, and you will see they add features that make it actually work how they claim it works.


culnaej t1_ixnmnm7 wrote

So it’s an Amazon product


smthngwyrd t1_ixo6r40 wrote

I looked into this and you have to put stakes over the seedlings or it whacks it. It wouldn’t work in a succulent garden


culnaej t1_ixo6zsj wrote

Not sure if you meant to reply to me?


MapleSyrupFacts t1_ixonm0x wrote

The fact is maple syrup was first invented around the Montreal area by native indians. Those same natives are said to have inventented democracy as we use it today.


hunter5226 t1_ixp6qtn wrote

Makes you wonder if there's some sorta connection between maple syrup and democracy, eh?


keastes t1_ixpqe8p wrote

Maybe? The FTC Is currently taking an interest


Lynda73 t1_ixodwwc wrote

I’ve seen what happens when a roomba encounters dog poop ….


InAFakeBritishAccent t1_ixpvvoy wrote

Most of this sub and the gadgets sub is just an endless stream of ads pretending to be news.


thisismadeofwood t1_ixovghr wrote

Weeds are pests, and herbicide is a type of pesticide, just like insecticide and fungicide are types of pesticide


mferrari_3 t1_ixp1yzb wrote

No one thinks of plans when they hear the word pest in relation to gardening. I don't even know if what you said is accurate, but it is not commonly used and definitely being used in bad faith in this advertising.


Zech08 t1_ixpo7go wrote

Yea i dont see how pests could even be related to a robot that destroys weeds...