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BigZaddyZ3 t1_j1u9uq0 wrote

Reply to comment by Chalkarts in AI and education by lenhoi

No. You guys are missing the point he’s making. He’s saying why do you specifically need to learn to write essays in a world where writing essays will be an obsolete skill for humans anyways?

It’d be like testing someone’s ability to steer and horse-and-carriage in 2022... The education system will definitely look completely different in the coming decades.


Chalkarts t1_j1ua133 wrote

When words become obsolete relics of the past, they’ll be all set.


BigZaddyZ3 t1_j1ubpqn wrote

Words = / = essays….


Chalkarts t1_j1uc4y7 wrote

Putting words together coherently=essay


[deleted] t1_j1ucjb5 wrote



Chalkarts t1_j1ucuvo wrote

That’s exactly what a college kids plugging keywords into an AI would say.


BigZaddyZ3 t1_j1ud84u wrote

Yawn… You’re not even trying to make sense anymore I guess. The shitty definition you gave for an essay would literally make an essay no different from a clever one-liner on Twitter 😆😆😆

That’s not the definition of an essay at all bruh…


Chalkarts t1_j1uddwy wrote

All I’m saying is Idiocracy is going to be a documentary soon. Embrace the electrolytes.


BigZaddyZ3 t1_j1ue4ni wrote

Ehh, if it happens it won’t be because of AI my friend.

People will still learn to read and write just fine without having to waste valuable time on a 5000 word-essay about the history of Brussel sprouts that’ll never be read again or even remembered after that semester.

Did calculators make us (as a species) forget math?