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Chalkarts t1_j1uqvnf wrote

No. NFTs are a scam from the ground up. There’s also the problem of electricity. When the Power goes out, NFTs go away.


hiimconel t1_j1v3nio wrote

when power goes out, you whole life will be in chaos


Chalkarts t1_j1v5dqk wrote

People who leverage their wealth on NFTs and Crypto are going to be hilarious when the grid collapses.

“But, I’m a billionaire! It’s all on this flash drive!”


Gorganov t1_j1va6a5 wrote

When the grid collapses money ceases to be useful period. We’re going back to bartering


Chalkarts t1_j1vf1b4 wrote

I know. It’s going to be a very interesting time in the worst possible way.


AadamAtomic t1_j1v6573 wrote

you are not an automated robot....when everything is automated, you think robots will verify your ID, car Registration and vehicle OBD4 Wireless scan with their camera vision?....not at all...

NFT's are not for trading, they are expendable, automated Web certificates like what the internet already has.


nickmakr OP t1_j1urnv1 wrote

Maybe but, when the power goes out, our online identity goes out. Last time I checked, I had 2 identitys 😏