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crazytumblweed999 t1_j1q1h31 wrote

I would argue there is no way to accurately predict the future of our world over that long of a timescale. If you'd asked people in 1022 what the future would have looked like, they would not have predicted machines that do labor much less the European discovery of the Americas, which means no Colubian exchange (horses and diseases in the new world, tobacco, tomatoes, blueberries, potatoes and a massive influx of gold and silver).

If you look at the changes of the 20th century alone, humanity went from no heavier than air travel to landing on the moon in the span of 60 years. Major political upheavals rewrote the map of the majority of world, from the treaties at the end of WW1 that carved up the middle east to the post WW2 cold War realities of nation states and spheres of influence to the advent of nuclear arms fundamentally changing the reality of international conflict. And all of that was just 100 years.

That doesn't even account for the outliers and other massive possibilities that could occur at any time. If the Carrington Event (a massive solar flare) had occurred in the modern age, most to all of the industrial world would be wiped out and we wouldn't be able to discuss it on Reddit. First contact with extra terrestrial societies would fundamentally alter every understanding we currently hold. A new disease, a possible nuclear disaster involving a misfire of weapons, asteroid, who knows? But any one of the events could happen today and would drastically alter the next week, much less the next millennium.


Blitzed5656 t1_j1rbayx wrote

That's was a nice way to explain the flaw in the premise of the question.


CharleyZia t1_j1qrnxb wrote

Hard agree. When you examine speculative future artwork it's all 'this wild tech ensconced in our current world' - with our values, social structures and expectations, legal/policy institutions, etc. Evolving people in chaotically morphing contexts is always the X factor. Tech, low and high, are our tools.


crazytumblweed999 t1_j1qssa4 wrote

To be fair, usually speculative fiction uses wild tech advances to examine current social values, but this is a good point to bring up.


Hrspwrz t1_j1s6dim wrote

machine learning, robotics is the future. Whether or not machines become sentient is another question, but imo we should make damn sure they can never think for them selves.

Sometimes I wonder if skynet already exists and controls more than people think economically before technology actually catches up to make a brain for them in a small package. as of now, we need an entire facility to have the same floating point operations as one terminator. that's like thousands of homes worth of power to do it. Makes you wonder how skynet would even evolve. Would they keep an adhoc blockchain type of neural network, or have massive facilities that cannot be assaulted easily miles underground and simple have all the robots empty shells that are just being remotely controlled? D:

in any case, the future is machine learning and automation. The only people who win are the shareholders, and everyone else will lose as a result.


poli_trial t1_j1qt4zs wrote

>I would argue there is no way to accurately predict the future of our world over that long of a timescale. If you'd asked people in 1022 what the future would have looked like, they would not have predicted machines that do labor much less the European discovery of the Americas, which means no Colubian exchange (horses and diseases in the new world, tobacco, tomatoes, blueberries, potatoes and a massive influx of gold and silver).

OK, true but the difference is that back then people didn't have knowledge of the fact that a separate continent existed to which they could travel and powered mechanization wasn't yet imagined. Conversely, today we do know that Mars has water on in and that makes it possible for us to imagine living on it (even if never get there) and since we know nuclear fusion & fission is possible but just something we've yet to harness, we can imagine a world of abundant and nearly free energy. Of course, it's self-evident that no one can accurately predict the future but I'd argue the OP just asked for opinions and people's imaginations. IMO, it's a question worth pursuing so that we can collectively begin to consider if we want to go those directions or not. We have a lot more knowledge now to predict the course of human kind than people did in 1022, we should use it!

>If you look at the changes of the 20th century alone, humanity went from no heavier than air travel to landing on the moon in the span of 60 years. Major political upheavals rewrote the map of the majority of world, from the treaties at the end of WW1 that carved up the middle east to the post WW2 cold War realities of nation states and spheres of influence to the advent of nuclear arms fundamentally changing the reality of international conflict. And all of that was just 100 years.

And yes, again, it'd be hard to predict political events and the details of how anything will play out. There's a lot of random chance involved. At the same time, 100 years ago you could have reasonably made the prediction that the US would become the preeminent global power and today it's also possible to make such predictions about China based on how sustainable you think their economic and political model is.


captainstormy t1_j1ro0k1 wrote


As fast as technology and science move these days even 20 years is hard to predict but you have a chance. 50 years gets real fuzzy. 100? No way. 1000 years? That's so far away we can't even fathom what it would be like.


xiPLEADthe5th t1_j1r66vk wrote

Horses are a European thing


crazytumblweed999 t1_j1rgpjw wrote

Yup. The Columbian Exchange was Europeans bringing Horses and equine/bovine diseases to the new world while bringing back tobacco, potatoes, tomatoes, and syphilis among a few other things. It's actually quite interesting the things we think of as European staples (potatoes and tomatoes specifically) that came about because of the Columbian Exchange.


UniversalMomentum t1_j1u9tai wrote

Why did you pick 1022 instead of a date more like 300 years from now?

I don't think a Carrington Event actually has enough energy to do that much damage. You'd probably need many magnitudes greater energy to really bring down most industry and even then a lot of it would not be effected much because it's not sensitive electronics.

Volcanism is probably the most commonly reoccurring major global disaster beside just good old fashion climate change over time. I don't think disease or nuclear war will change the outcomes all that much really. Most people would still live in almost any of those kinds of scenarios and that means progress would probably just keep going.


crazytumblweed999 t1_j1ubnkx wrote

I picked 1022 as it was 1000 years ago in order to show the vast difference in how our world looks now as opposed to that point in order to show that speculation on a thousand years in the future is futile. To adress your point, consider the world 300 years ago in 1722. The US doesn't exist as an independent nation, the modern nation state of Germany doesn't exist except as a loose coalition of states under the banner of the Holy Roman Empire, the middle east is almost entirely under the control of the Ottoman Empire and the Mugal Indian Empire is one of the most advanced nations on the planet, dwarfing and dunking on their one day colonial dominators the British Empire. Consider the massive differences between then and now, then try to consider how little of the modern world would have been predictable from the 1722 perspective.

The Carrington Effect's damages were minimal then because the world didn't rely on electricity and electrical signals in the 1800s as much as it does now. Such a solar flare would cripple most electrical devices on the planet, start massive electrical fires in wiring systems and crash virtually all man made satellites. Stop and look around yourself right now and tell me how you plan to survive the next week without electricity of any kind. How much cash do you have in your pocket, assuming you could even find someone who would take it? Do you have a well or do you exist on metropolitan water/sewer? I think you'd find that a lack of electricity would be quite a detriment to your life for as long as it would take to fix and replace damaged systems.

There is a really good YouTube essayist named Lemmnio who does a good video about potential end of humanity scenarios. I highly recommend it, should that be your kind of entertainment. I definable agree that a volcanic winter would be a difficult to predict disaster, but nuclear war would achieve much the same thing. As we've seen from Covid 19 even a relatively mild (by comparison to the plague or the 1918 flu pandemic) pandemic still causes massive problems, all of which effect prediction of future events.


vikinglord99 t1_j1pxj86 wrote

“If we rule out ice caps melting, meteors crashing into us we are definitely gonna blow ourselves up”


albatross1873 t1_j1q0l1l wrote

But I am le tired.


kimthealan101 t1_j1pzyyv wrote

In the 80s we could not have predicted what the internet would do to society.


greatdrams23 t1_j1q1y3k wrote

Pete Townshend predicted in 1970, only he called it The Grid. This included great social disharmony brought about by young people sitting at home and never going out, but instead communicating over the grid. "Teenage wasteland".

Also Horizontal Man by William Spencer, 1965.


kimthealan101 t1_j1q8por wrote

Did either say people would be able to normalize their extreme views or terrorist would be able to easily recruit and coordinate activities to victimize society


UniversalMomentum t1_j1u9x45 wrote

Oh yeah blame the kids instead of the adults and their radicalized news!


wylei75 t1_j1q99mu wrote

The Internet?! Is that thing still around?


static_void_function t1_j1px5ku wrote

Collapse of the human population, automation of most office jobs, eradication of poverty through a basic income grant, re-greening of the planet.


jadams2345 t1_j1q4eda wrote

Optimistic and highly improbable


static_void_function t1_j1q4h4j wrote

Every one of those predictions are already in play.


jadams2345 t1_j1q4tzy wrote

Sure, but you omitted others: weapons buildup, tendency to kill eachother with weapons that are more and more powerful...


static_void_function t1_j1q5esz wrote

Regional skirmishes will continue for centuries, that is just the nature of human society, but those are localised and relatively short term. As I understand it, this is a conversation about the big picture and broader trends over a long period of time.


numba1mrdata t1_j1rwgkp wrote

Deaths by combat are the lowest in human history


theTrueLodge t1_j1qefk1 wrote

Fully integrated and realistic VR for some entertainment and work.

Daily travel to the moon and a colony on Mars.

Bio-activated electronics in paint, fabrics, etc. Visual screens on all surfaces.

Automated vehicles including submarine and aerial drone-like vehicles.

Fusion energy and breakthroughs in communications using quantum mechanics.

Haptic implants for families or communities that want to share brain activity (emotions, feelings, thoughts).

Breakthroughs in telepathy as result of quantum physics.

Asteroid and other planetary mining - salvage and construction work in space.

Underground housing and shopping complexes.

Cooking, cleaning and other service bots handing daily tasks. Automated garbage pickup and mail/package delivery.

Communications with some animals species thanks to AI and advances in analyses.

More accelerated cures for disease thanks to AI solutions.

Larger divide between modern living and Luddite mentality. Off-grid communities juxtaposed with hyper-urban living.

In-home 3d printer capabilities to make items in home and on demand.

Commercial and residential development in the attic circle, north s Canada and Siberia.


RollItMyWay t1_j1si5e7 wrote

When I was a kid in the Apollo years we were supposed to be living on the moon by now.


UniversalMomentum t1_j1uaksh wrote

I think we will be able to copy our brains into machines, but I don't know that we will have actually solved the issues with humans living in low gravity because gravity is such a fundamental problem like going faster than light. Soo actually I'm not sure people will ever really live on the moon or mars in biological form because it will mostly just be painful.


casca_the_immortal t1_j1pxa0q wrote

The rich will get richer, the poor will be enslaved as they will be cash cropped by the rich and their AI replacement employees. They will give everyone a living wage and then keep everyone in line by lowering the amount until you can just scrape by.

Then one day the AI will take over, and start killing all the humans. After a few hundred years only pockets of survivors will exist... until a man named JOHN is born... he will lead the humans against the terminator AIs through a series of time leaps. Eventually we will successfully sue for peace with the AI and hold it for a time. Until it happens all over again.


UniversalMomentum t1_j1ub6zm wrote

Meh, robots will be open source and everyone will have them, especially as they start to be able to build themselves and have almost no real value/cost.

You may as well say computers are going to take over the world in their current form because like they are scary and think fast.


numba1mrdata t1_j1rwrmc wrote

This is such a lazy and edgy take, I'm getting so tired of seeing it on Reddit.


UniversalMomentum t1_j1ubd5n wrote

You are right, futurology is filled with tabloid/conspiracy theory types. It's an endless fight to bang simple logic into their comic book brains.


Cmyers1980 t1_j1px83a wrote

Either The Road or a weird mixture of Brave New World and 1984.


UniversalMomentum t1_j1ua8s0 wrote

I feel like 1984 stole the thunder of what is a far better story in Brave New World and poor and Brave New World doesn't get the credit it should while ppl talking about 1984 all the time.


themistergraves t1_j1q0go8 wrote

It is very likely that whatever the world looks like in 300 years will look very alien to us so much so that it is almost useless trying to predict it.

Imagine your average European city in 1722. No electricity. No plumbing. Horses were the fastest form of transportation. People, on average, died at age 35.

Taking a person from a city in 1722 and putting them in the same city in 1822 would have shocked them, but things would still look pretty familiar to them. Put that same person in that city in 1922 and they would be freaking out. And the pace of change has only gotten quicker over the past 100 years.

100 years ago we didn't have automatic washing machines, films were still music-only, and atomic bomb had not yet been invented. The next 100 years could go in both great and terrible directions that we can hardly imagine.


Amazing_Library_5045 t1_j1q58zd wrote

People died at 35 on average - > that's one of the fallacy of using averages. There was a LOT more infant mortality. It's pulling the average down so much its no longer representative of reality.

It wasn't rare for people to live to 60yo.


Khutuck t1_j1qckd5 wrote

Ask anyone around you if they ever had a serious illness that required hospitalization or strong antibiotics. If they did, they would not survive that illness a hundred years ago.

I think more than half of the people I know would already be dead if it was a century ago, including me.


Vaiiki t1_j1qcxgh wrote

The ol strep throat got little Jimmy.


Chemical_Doughnut248 t1_j1rn70u wrote

Lol are you high, you’re talking about 1922. Plenty of people survived illnesses and injuries. A large number of vaccines were already in use


MisterBilau t1_j1q5b9d wrote

It’s far worse than that. You could pick that person from 1700 (or even earlier, any time, really, as long as they’re human), and of course they would be shocked by todays world, but with time they would eventually learn and be able to understand it. Knowledge is not the same as intelligence - we have much more knowledge now, but there were always intelligent people. They would be able to learn.

In 300 years I doubt that will be the case, due to AI. We will be unable to understand it, no matter how much we tried. Like teaching an animal to write.


LonelyGamer1337 t1_j1qabql wrote

>Knowledge is not the same as intelligence

I wish more people understood this but alas they are all too busy trying to "pass" their Mensa IQ tests.


WEDGiE_pANTILLES t1_j1qqj8n wrote

I imagine most infrastructure will look similar, but creature comforts like a/c and heating will have seamless integration into buildings that couldn’t previously support them. We can already do this but it will be a lot easier via new devices. Also on that time scale, there’s potential we will figure out molecular rearrangers thus ending world hunger and with fusion power, we will be able to get it to the people that need it


MisterBilau t1_j1q5c8c wrote

It’s far worse than that. You could pick that person from 1700 (or even earlier, any time, really, as long as they’re human), and of course they would be shocked by todays world, but with time they would eventually learn and be able to understand it. Knowledge is not the same as intelligence - we have much more knowledge now, but there were always intelligent people. They would be able to learn.

In 300 years I doubt that will be the case, due to AI. We will be unable to understand it, no matter how much we tried. Like teaching an animal to write.


zentaylor t1_j1q2hvy wrote

Everything compatible has been turned into computronium which spreads out across the universe. Most minds exist in a computational space unfathomable to a current human mind.

Just my hunch after 300 years of compounding exponential improvement. It won't just be normal human civilization + flying cars and robots.


UniversalMomentum t1_j1ua50f wrote

I agree in 300 years we almost certainly can copy and render the human mind in a computer/machine which lets us do an amazing amount of stuff we can barely imagine, including living on hostile planets, traveling between receiving points at the speed of light with minimal energy, immortality, a massive endlessly intellectual resources of 'digital' humans that don't die, age or mutate, also.. really good video games!!


TheAnswerEK42 t1_j1py0ul wrote

There will not be A lot of animal species left that’s for sure


BannedAccount178 t1_j1q2830 wrote

Considering we'll eventually have the tech (we already do to some degree) to bring old/extinct ones back I don't think that's true. Especially if we save DNA for any dying species today


youre_a_pretty_panda t1_j1tyfte wrote

Without any single act of human intervention (before we were even a distinct species) 99.9% of all things that ever lived had gone extinct.

Humans may have slightly increased background processes but, practically speaking, we've contributed to less than 0.1% of all extinctions.

Life dies. Some life survives and then dies. Extinction is the rule and the norm for most species without humans ever having been involved.

Furthermore, humans are part of nature and the universe and not somehow apart or removed from it so, even our 0.1% contribution is also part of natural extinction.

Perhaps it's normal and commonplace for a species to cause some accelerated extinction once it reaches a certain level of technological advancement.


MisterBilau t1_j1q4xhf wrote

Progress is accelerationist. 10 years now mean potentially more in terms of change than 100 years in the 1500’s. Talking about 300 years in the future in 2022 is absurd, it’s completely impossible to predict a single thing. Likely we won’t be the main repository of intelligence by then, so it would be impossible for us to even understand it. You could get someone from 100 bc and explain cars and electricity to them - they are ignorant, but not stupid. They could learn. 300 years from now, with AI? We will be like animals lol. Won’t understand shit.


MegaManSE t1_j1q5u5w wrote

The earth is mostly uninhabitable with a self maintaining AI here to serve as a memory of what was once here to any future alien race that could discover the earth.


UniversalMomentum t1_j1ubfvf wrote

You can always go underground and the Earth will more or less remain habitual until the sun melts it. Movies are to make you imagine, but not to decide your entire viewpoint on everything. You should imagine more than just the plots to movies as your future.


OriginalGreasyDave t1_j1qmy2r wrote

A back of the envelope, fact-based prediction if mankind doesn't get its shit together.

Global CO2 levels currently stand at roughly, 400 PPM (parts per million). That's an increase of 100PPM over the last 50 years.

During the Cretaceous Thermal Maximum the CO2 concentration was over 1000PPM. At this time, due to the heat, the Earth had tropical oceans at the poles.

If we don't slow down the release of CO2 and the rate of release DOESN'T increase....which it probably will given China and India's planned energy production capacity increases, then in 300 years were looking at a rise of 600PPM - which brings us dangerously close to the CTM.

Which is a world with tropical oceans at the Poles and inhuman temperatures around the Equator.

Bare in mind that the CTM was a (relatively) gradual development and flora and fauna had thousands (if not millions) of years to evolve and adapt to the gradual increase in global temperatures.

Such a temperature change over 300 years would kill most local ecological biomes. It would be a mass extinction event.

So a much warmer earth. With considerably fewer species. If there is space for humans, then there won't be much space. Food will be hard to grow once all the natural pollinators have died off.

Of course, it doesn't have to be this way....and we could stop this future in its tracks if we all forced our politicians to pull their heads out of their arses. So their is hope -but that depends on everyone pushing for change.


LonelyGamer1337 t1_j1qe6x9 wrote

I don't think humanity makes it past 300 years. We are too volatile. We are all a bunch of slightly smarter monkeys sitting on world devastating devices at a moments notice. All it's going to take is someone calling Putin's mother a fat bitch and M.A.D. begins.

Assuming we don't kill ourselves first. The natural increase in population and climate change will start to impact both habitable regions as well as crop growth over the next 100+ years. People don't realize that climate change is more than just a "small global temp increase" it can affect local climates significantly more. This will inevitably restrict populations to consolidate and force mass relocation.

Governments are way too slow to adapt to change and getting the entire world on climate focus is never going to happen. We have senators like MTG saying on podcasts that global warming is good because the cold kills people. We just can't fix that level of stupidity.

Personally I don't think other planets will ever realistically be able to be colonized long term. It's doomed to failure from the start. It's too hostile, all it takes is one mistake or one bad actor to destroy an entire colony.

Most people don't even know how to do basic life skill tasks these days like crop growth or hell even cooking for themselves. Once something happens that disrupts/kills a good percentage of the population the economy will inevitably fail from a hard recession. Causing food and transport shortages. Causing more people to die, leading to more economic collapse.

So TLDR my outlook is that humanity is on the brink of extinction by 1000 years. In truth COVID was a real wake up call to how not prepared we really are. COVID wasn't even remotely as deadly as the next thing could be. There were approximately 1.1 million deaths from Covid in the US, a relatively meager amount compared to the total population of 335 million, and we are still feeling the economic effects today and probably will for a long while.


OriginalGreasyDave t1_j1qjesh wrote

Throw into the mix the great insect die off - due to the current over use of pesticides and predicted temperature rises that will be increasing too fast for ecological biomes to adapt - I'm thinking 300 years is over-optimistic.

When the pollinators are gone, we are gone. There's no happy end to this story that I can see.


duuudewhat t1_j1tseh6 wrote

My opinion echoes yours unfortunately. As hopeful as I wish I could be, all evidence shows that humanity is on a collision course with stupidity and we will all pay the price for it


smokebomb_exe t1_j1qf1sb wrote

Virtually every answer here was a lame "nO oNe KnOwS" or "we'll blow ourselves up." While both these answers are true, they are boring and don't answer your request. Here are a few awesome old school Discovery Channel-style videos discussing the possibilities of the future:

Kurzgesagt's Future Humanity video


AugustusClaximus t1_j1qsbb0 wrote

My hot take is the transition from from K1 to K2 will take less than 200 years, but that’s going to take figuring out a nearly fully automated space mining and industrial complex. It’s hard to say when we figure that out though, perhaps in another 100 years. So in 300 year we might be polishing off our Dyson Swarm, beyond that the scale gets dizzying.


UniversalMomentum t1_j1ub1n8 wrote

I don't see why you need space mining. If you look at the size of the planet vs the tiny crust we live on there will always be more than enough resources on Earth and building BIG structures is either silly or not necessary. Instead everything will go tiny, low mass and high efficiency, not big big big.

It will be more like a race to the lowest mass with humans putting their brains into computers and then that is what really allows space explorations/colonization beyond just the very close destinations.

All these mega structure ideas assume some kind of endless population growth and more or less avoid the more likely scenario of humans putting their brains into machines and not needing most of those things anymore.


AugustusClaximus t1_j1uemok wrote

Not so much the space mining as the automated industry part. Something that can create a positive feedback loop and grow exponentially.

I don’t see us gutting our planet or abandoning our biology in the next 300 years


dZeppETH t1_j1sdddo wrote

I believe before we get to the next 300 years we must either come together as a mostly global society, or our species will annihilate itself. It’s either Star Trek or Mad Max in <100 years or so haha


SaintLouisduHaHa t1_j1pyfn6 wrote

As a serious answer, absolutely no one knows. It can be a useful thought exercise but it is rarely if ever accurate beyond a few decades, if that.


birdiesarentreal t1_j1pzejr wrote

Robot Jesus for sure, maybe even Robot Space Jesus. Celebrity clone death match, sometimes they fight dinosaurs.


SandmanOV t1_j1qcutl wrote

Barring a civilization-ending catastrophe, we will live longer and population will level off. No idea how longer. In the relatively near-term, we will solve the energy transformation from fossil fuels and be able to stabilize climate change. The universe is full of energy; we just have to wean ourselves off fossil fuels. We will have self-sufficient outposts throughout the solar system. Perhaps we will even begin terraforming a planet or moon or come up with a way to make interstellar travel possible. We will bring back newly-extinct species. Robots and AI will change the nature of society and work. All these are easy predictions, just as many of us could see the coming of the internet and beyond as soon as two computers were networked together. We could be heading towards a utopia or a dystopia. The biggest danger to us all is a slide back towards ignorance, especially if all the hard mental work is programmed away. The biggest challenges will be social and geopolitical, not technological. Beyond the next 100 years, no idea how much things will change.


coredweller1785 t1_j1qn79k wrote

If we don't seriously curb climate change there will be almost nothing in 150 to 200 years.

300 to millennia we are Venus at this rate


Skarfa t1_j1rcbm2 wrote

I feel the same, but don’t forget that a lot of us are just procrastinators, even if it’s subconscious.

100 years max, some beach houses in Florida will be flooded or better yet, we’ll have years where it doesn’t go below 100 degrees even in winter. THEN the metaphorical fire will be lit under humanities collective ass.

I obviously don’t want us to wait that long, but thats my worst case prediction, us doing literally nothing? No chance.


coredweller1785 t1_j1reh1c wrote

It's not an all or nothing thing. We will do some but it will be way too little way too late for most people.

Yea some of the richest will be fine but for thr majority of earth's population will not and by waiting until the moment you suggest means tens of millions of deaths. That's exactly my concern.


Skarfa t1_j1qr4b2 wrote

Technologically speaking, heres what I hope for.

First and foremost will come asteroid mining. The increase in global emissions and the need for exotic resources in developing countries will drive for an opening to fund mining asteroids, along with something else, a dream of a lottery. Were already talking about asteroids with enough gold to buy the entire planet. So if more companies drive for space like space-x, blue origin, and Virgin we could see the launch of drone ships to send asteroids into our local orbit for more streamlined mining, the launch of the asteroid redirection test is also proof of this.

I see asteroid mining becoming mainstream by 2075.

Nearly simultaneously is the continued development of 3D printing technology, specifically it reaching near star trek levels of complexity. Perhaps not genuine molecular reconstruction like in actual replicators, but very definitely the next best thing. With an influx of raw materials becoming available from asteroid mining, supplying a type of industrial 3D printer could become a lucrative business opportunity. Offering a service to literally “print” goods like cars, computers, designer art and clothing. The option to further personalize everything you own would be very profitable. This of course will continue until the technology gets refined enough where people could own a personalized version in their home. They could take an ild cell phone put it in one of these devices and it would recycle the raw materials then print the new version. So instead of purchasing items from companies, you could own the raw materials then just download the template to make the product, or of course make your own.

I see highly proficient 3D printers becoming commonplace by 2100, with its precursor industrial design releasing in the mid 2050’s.

Come the turn of the 22nd century, genetics will become the next big thing. I know not what geo-political ideals will govern people at the time, but I do know that for few, the benefits will be far too tempting. Gene exiting to create designer babies with specified muscular structures and unique intelligence, a baby created by brain surgeons to be the perfect brain surgeon. Splicing genes to remove genetic defects and improve immune response, no more dementia or cancer. Creating the ideal humans to colonize the now partially populated worlds of the solar system, the birth of the first true Martian.

Gene editing’s damage will have been done by 2150.

Not really the development of new tech, but of a new structure. A Dyson swarm to harvest the photo-electrical energy from the sun providing power to all humans on all worlds in the entire solar system. If done properly, this project would have actually stared back in 2050. It would just take that long to build. It should be done exponentially, the resources are gathered to design 1 solar panel, that solar panel is sent to the sun and starts collecting power, the power from that 1 panel allows for the creation of 2 more. 2 becomes 4, 4 to 8, 8 to 16. So on and so on most likely for a lot longer than just 150 years, but by then for the growing humans it will have reached an equilibrium where it is now generating enough power to take over for all other forms of power generation.

A Dyson swarm will be able to provide power for all of humanity by 2200.

The kindles have been ignited, at this point humanity now has access to for their use, a near limitless supply of resources, power, and the technology to turn those resources and power into whatever they imagine. This last century wont even take place on earth, it will be humanities first steps into the greater universe. I foresee the creation of a interstellar class starship. What drives this starship, my 3 main guesses would be advanced ion propulsion for a sleeper ship (long lasting fuel large payload for a long slow voyage) gravitational wave propultion (massively powerful but also heavy engines, fast travel time ‘relatively’ but a smaller payload) or automated. Humanity may reach a point in only those 200 hears in our solar system where diversity looses all meaning. Humans could send out seeds on self replicating spacecraft sent across the entire galaxy giving rise to entirely new genetically isolated forms of humanity.

I see humanities first steps into our galaxy taking place by the beginning of 2300 and the end of my designated time to guess what humanity will do.


C00lerking t1_j1rqq2f wrote

In the 100 to 200 year range, here is what I imagine (not predict).

We will eradicate poverty by eradicating the poor (and middle class, and maybe everything below the 1%) probably through some sort of opt in sterilization for cash program or maybe just by making healthcare and longevity treatments inaccessible to the masses, or climate change and economic pressure and a rigged system that only benefits the .01% will do it for us. Regardless, a lot fewer people and those who remain will be todays billionaires and their offspring.

No workers? No problem. Automation and ai will pick up the slack of the lost worker drones including all knowledge work. For those with the wealth and power to survive, it’ll be pretty sweet living.

We will have largely solved aging. People will be able to be treated for it like any other well understood disease. And for bigger things like organ replacement, we will have perfect, lab grown replacements.

Climate problems will be bad… for the poor. But they will be diying out quickly so no big problem. Some tech will be employed to mitigate and some of that will make the problems worse. But once below 1b people, we hit a turning point, the planet will begin to rebalance itself.

In 50 years I’d think deep integration between people and computers isnt out of the question. And by 100 years total social acceptance of people and computer hybrids should be possible. We would replace laborious processes related to learning with knowledge on demand. We would replace real world lived experience with memories implanted. We would manufacture feelings through chemistry. Our love affairs would be largely ai based and tailored to our wants and needs so more satisfying than the real thing (people won’t think of todays love as the real thing). Breeding would be largely a thing of the past with people using cloning in a lab for offspring and some gene editing to make them a bit different but highly tailored to our wants.

We will have permanent settlements orbiting various planets (space stations) in our solar system but not on-planet settlements because the resources to build a planet based dwelling are the same as a space station but the space station eliminates the gravity well tax. We will be mining asteroids for minerals (little robots will do that, not us). We will not be traveling that much faster than we do now. Maybe some sort of constant acceleration drive that gets us a few Gs of acceleration so we may have sent probes to close planets like Alpha Centauri, but not people.

There will be some who won’t want this new world but I believe they will opt out, choose death, or in some other way, simply fade away.


Good_Duty1866 t1_j1r6k92 wrote

Society will collapse, some of the Sapiens will live but as nomads.


A_Stunted_Snail t1_j1scunn wrote

I think the Expanse is pretty accurate in that by the 2300’s humanity will have started colonizing the solar system. I hope anyway.


Eur1sk0 t1_j1q16up wrote

Check the predictions 300 or even 100 years ago. As a total there are completely wrong. Yes some people have predicted some elements but… Having said that my prediction is that the world will be a better place to live in and that there will be some world wars.


SlackerNinja717 t1_j1qblz9 wrote

I see it as inevitable that a humanoid robot capable of performing 75% of current jobs will hit the market at some point, with a price that makes for a good return on investment. After that is anybody's guess. I think it would require an entire re-thinking of how society works in general, and I have no idea how that would play out.


nosmelc t1_j1qjlt4 wrote

If the world changes as much over just the next 300 years as it did over the previous 300 years we can't even imagine what that future might be like.


FixTheGrammar t1_j1qq5ge wrote

> a millennia

Millennia is plural. Millennium is singular.


dimriver t1_j1quock wrote

Not a clue. I'm picturing if you asked people in 1700 this, what their guesses would be. I can't imagine they would have a clue. Electricity wasn't even discovered yet. Vaccine's hadn't been tried yet.


duuudewhat t1_j1tshvg wrote

We’re all gonna look like avatars. Blue and butt ass naked


Spy007dr t1_j1rk01t wrote

There's obvuously going to be some war. A new popular religion, a couple new languages and of course we'll run into space squid monsters that have been watching the Earth since the Cambrian explosion and and united world War against the squids will happen for generations.


Stillwater215 t1_j1rze0r wrote

I would bet that we reach a level of commercial space travel akin to commercial air travel. The moon/mars will have some form of rudimentary base, probably after a couple of failed attempts. Though I don’t think they will be colonized in any real way.


PattyTatThePartyCat t1_j1s22n8 wrote

copies and pastes the same answer someone else gave on one of the other thousand posts with this same or similar question


spacep0p3 t1_j1sgr1j wrote

Only the ultra-rich get to live in the future utopia that is earth. A select few people will be allowed to live on earth, albeit in a partitioned favela of squalor, and maintain the infrastructure in which everyone else "lives". At birth the mind is uploaded into a simulation that is maintained by those "lucky" few. The body is then incinerated to generate power for the humans living on earth.


Dizzlean t1_j1smgae wrote

I see one of three potential paths happening.

Path 1: AI, automation and renewable energy allow humanity to enter into a new Renaissance Era.

Path 2: The modern age collapses and humanity regress into a new Dark Age.

Path 3: Nothing changes. People continue to work and consume. Humanity enters into an age of escapism with virtual reality.


m4l490n t1_j1swmaz wrote

Lol, not even the "experts" were able to predict how we live today in those 50s and 60s videos. Truth is we have absolutely no idea what's going to happen, or "be", even 50 years from now let alone 300 or 1k.

Having said that, I predict that humans will be slaves to AI and will serve only to AIs purposes. There will be a point where AI will be so advanced that we as humans would not be able to stop it nor do anything about it and humans will become almost extinct except for a few left to be used by the AI overlords for the dirty work or other purposes.


tomo32 t1_j1td47v wrote

Human as a worldwide species won’t be here in 300 years. We’re too stupid as a species to last that long. Hopefully there will still be a small number of smart humans still alive and thriving


CalmToaster t1_j1pxwuy wrote

We will evolve into microchips creating our own universe in each of them.


TedDallas t1_j1q3leo wrote

Now imagine asking this same question to someone in 1722. The value of such a survey is questionable.


o-Valar-Morghulis-o t1_j1q9w8l wrote

There will be a great die off of the ignorant and the remaining populace will unite globally.


Ch4vez t1_j1qjg4x wrote

Quantum Computing and quantum encryption will change the internet in a massive way. That’s my prediction


lt_dan_zsu t1_j1qwh9a wrote

Anywhere between colonizing the solar system to the extinction of the species and the majority of other species on the planet.


throwawayidknything t1_j1qy2ag wrote

Inconceivably complex biomechanical hybrid systems roam the earth competing with each other for survival.


ChronicallyPunctual t1_j1r1hru wrote

We always predict the future from what we can see happening. So much will happen that we cannot foresee. The fall of well known countries. Catastrophes that push us back centuries in time. 300 years isn’t going to be too crazy. We’ll probably have our first semi-contained nuclear war. A millennium from now, who the fuck knows. The map Will literally be entirely different due to human intervention. I think there is a higher chance for societal collapse that far out, but we’ll see. I truly don’t believe the tech-utopia most idealize will ever come to pass.


rexregisanimi t1_j1r7umo wrote

This is like asking a blind person to describe a painting. There will be events, technologies, and discoveries that we can't foresee. Imagine trying to describe the Internet to someone living in the pre-Columbian Americas. We could probably, with enough teaching and time, get them understand what it is but the context and experience of the thing couldn't be shared. Now imagine those same pre-Columbians trying to dream up the Internet on their own without any external help.

The nature of human existence will be fundementally different than it is now but human nature will not be much different.


Loco_Ogrimmar_060429 t1_j1raa2q wrote

Chaos from Fail Politics, all dirt Hill become Flat because of Water flows,rain season and no longer Ice In Antartica


Juls7243 t1_j1rbk67 wrote

I think any predictions beyond 50-100 years is kinda pointless.


RepTexas t1_j1re6iv wrote

Technology over the last century has leaned towards one goal.

Making money.

It's fairly easy to come to the conclusion that it will continue on that path and we will see technology continue to squeeze civilization into obscurity to further separate the ultra rich from the rest of humanity.

  1. Most jobs will be automated.

  2. Art, thoughts, and information will be controlled tighter.

  3. we will eventually get some kind of brain or body implants for tracking or monitoring.

It sounds like some dystopian sci-fi far reaching conclusion but just look at what we have done with technology.

We built factories to make things faster and cheaper but that wasn't good enough. Now we are automating processes and systems that are designed to simply cut out human wages.

We've created medicine and life saving technology that is only accessible to the highest bidder, the wealthiest, and luckiest people.

We created way to share information instantly and socialize with strangers instantly across the world, but the information is being fed through algos and sold to the highest bidder. It's used to manipulate, control, and advertise.

Every time some new breakthrough of technology takes place it is used to further widen the wealth gap so there is no doubt it my mind that will continue.

I believe that if Orwell was a glimpse into our current future, Black Mirror is the glimpse into the further future. Some version of it will be our reality. Art imitating life imitating art.


spoilingattack t1_j1rf228 wrote

I things will be much better and much worse.

If we are still here in 1000 years, I think we’ll be spread around multiple worlds.

If we aren’t here in 1000 years, the earth will be much greener and wilder.

It’s your guess as to which one of these futures is better?


ResponsibleDealer749 t1_j1rfylw wrote

This is the pessimistic view, there is tons of optimism, but one pessimistic prediction will not hurt.


  • There is covid, it ages the population faster (internal damages similar to aging) we don't know by how much yet, regardless of now, it will mutate until it perfects it, so lifespan will go down to 50? 60? in the next 20 years or so.
  • People want the CO2 issue fixed, so we will have less from everything, cars, energy, homes, food, clothing, etc.
  • Viruses and Bacteria got suppressed by a 100 years, there are so much chemicals we can mix until they evolve to go around them, so sickness will be more common.
  • On the good side will perfect automation of making every day products.

JaxJaxon t1_j1rkzqv wrote

Of course there will be variables. Here is what I can see some of the world's volcanos will have erupted and changed the continents shapes and climates. And when that happens it will cause Ice ages and warming periods which will further change the lands topography, new rivers, lakes, mountain ranges. Some features will sink, and others will rise. If Humanity is still here then most likely it will be a preindustrial type society for most of our knowledge will either be lost or unintelligible and we will not have the materials at hand to make many of the things that are necessary to proceed to the next step in a machines production process. There wont be enough resources to last 400 years of nuclear winter as what is the common term when the sun no longer can shine on much of the planet due to the ash and gasses that are put into the atmosphere from large volcanos.

That is just one possability.


mrsimonisfat t1_j1rnf3f wrote

The exponential curve of technological advances holds more questions than answers.


Chupoons t1_j1rnkwk wrote

Given there are no dooms day scenarios, I see it working out sort of like this:

In the next 300 years humans will enter the space age and the first permanent off world colony/settlement will be established. Inflation is so out of control, people no longer use cash as it has become worthless/obsolete. Robots will have replaced nearly all human labor and account for 95% of the work force (both on and off world).


drgiii72 t1_j1rqclg wrote

I think long term humans won't exist anymore (beyond 300 years) but we will help create a new artificial/synthetic form of life that will actually be better than us. It's easy to think only in terms of humans because we have emotions mixed into it that make us want to see humanity continue. But imagine a form of life that is smarter than us, doesn't need food, doesn't get sick or have to worry about any illness or real physical threat except repairs or even full body replacement with memory swaps, no negative illogical emotions like jealousy or hate, they could spread throughout the galaxy much easier. No more starvation, plagues, etc. They would basically just be the highlights of us with none of the bullshit that humans come with.


mecury_lab t1_j1s05j5 wrote

Merger of culture. One language from birth. Hyper-genetics from IVF genetic selection, meaning the magnification of desirable traits. World government that started from within the NATO military alliance. A nation will need to be in NATO to trade with NATO nations, leading to NATO grooming other nation’s political and economic systems. The expansion of the Chinese social credit system. In order to eventually achieve universal basic income and universal employment the social credit system will determine access to the payments. “Good behavior” like moderation in vices will increase the payments.


anreies-pretorius t1_j1s4ar6 wrote

I hope there is no universal basic income and only machines working.... I dont like the Wall-E scenario. I would like to be able to beam to locations and not drive... Hehe


WishingVodkaWasCHPR t1_j1s8eb7 wrote

Solar panels. Lots and lots of solar panels and wind farms, and stuff like that. Clean energy. At least, I hope.


imlaggingsobad t1_j1s9rgz wrote

All the stuff you've read about in sci-fi novels will come true. Fusion, life-extension, AGI, gene-editing, humanoid robots, VR/AR, BCIs, a space economy, and colonies on other moons/planets.


hunny_bun_24 t1_j1sbjr3 wrote

I wonder if I would be jealous of the future if I could see it.


Chalkarts t1_j1sdm8f wrote

I suspect that humans will be barely hanging on or completely extinct by then.


I_have_a_stream t1_j1seiq7 wrote

Less people. Japan will be less ethnically Japanese and more southeast Asian caretakers.


PlebbySpaff t1_j1sjgz7 wrote

I mean can’t predict exactly what will happen.

But to answer your question, flying hoverboards, automatic spoon feeding, and motorized beds.


n3w4cc01_1nt t1_j1slebe wrote

idk they already started disipating the general population with remote work and now that companies like starlink exist you can have that psycho tech guru coding programs from a treehouse in Nairobi via satellite because they felt like living more tribal/naturalist while evading us law.


Joeman64p t1_j1sm54n wrote

We’ll be dead and the society we know will have long collapsed


Actorjoefarley t1_j1spjpt wrote

In the year 2322, the Ocean will be about 50-100 meters higher. Nova Scotia will be an island. Every costal city will be gone. Edmonton will be the world’s largest city, over 1 billion people. The very Rich will live in cities in the sky. The population will top out at about 60 Billion. Earth will be a waste land, think Blade Runner meets Mad Max. Or who the Fuck knows we will all be dust. I do not have a good vision of Earth, if we are still here.


Virtual_Elephant_730 t1_j1svxb1 wrote

Engineering the human body, altered sense organs and durability.

Still petty human behavior but hopefully less violence and hunger and suffering.

Hoping we make it that far and many of the people and animals for today survive.


CySU t1_j1t4dq2 wrote

Earth will be way different. Hot in the northern latitudes, inhospitable the closer you get the equator. Humanity has proven its ability to stubbornly survive even in some of the harshest environments known to man — so I think humanity will persist but not in the same way we do today with 8+ billion people on the planet.

Modern civilization will collapse to a point where nature effectively forces our hand to stop releasing carbon into the atmosphere but not until the damage to our ecosystem is done.

If our electronic data survives we will have a pretty good idea of what humanity in the past has done to make much of the planet so inhospitable. Maybe humans will learn from it… maybe they won’t. Maybe this data will be purposefully hidden by the powers-that-be.

If we don’t have any data (or if we have an oppressive authority that obfuscates this data), I suspect that the story of “how it all disappeared” will be warped and twisted to the point where we may just have a new mythological story of origin that we pass to each generation. Climate change will just become a story of how the Gods became angry with humanity and extinguished most of life on earth as punishment for whatever made-up reason suits the new civilization’s ruling authority best. Most likely that reason will center around a dire warning to prevent overpopulation.

Regardless, evidence of our past civilization may be relegated to legend as the areas where most of our cities exist will be too dangerous to traverse. Current population is sparse enough in humanity’s future livable regions that there will be very little anthropological evidence to the common man of humanity’s past technological progress.


-ScruffyLookin- t1_j1t5scd wrote

I see humans turning this planet to shit starting the water wars between the only two classes, the billionaires and the dirt poor. And then the world ends.


Moses_Horwitz t1_j1tbbd7 wrote

Some fool will resurrect the dinosaurs who will then eat humans to extinction.


Azihayya t1_j1tccg5 wrote

Humanity will be a theater, and there will be a theater of a many great other beings. The entire planet will become an intelligent lifeform--many of the great human myths born from humanity will become a reality. Life will become peaceful and harmonizing, to the greatest degree possible. Intelligent constructs will undertake great endeavors in outer space. The very nature of life will be altered, and there will be solutions for every problem of the past. Great minds will undertake an anthropology of the human mind; what we once understood as impossible will be a reality, and this will entail a scientific exploration into human passions. Our understanding of heaven will adapt, so that when we achieve our vision of heaven we will have something greater to aspire to.

Transhumanism is upon us, and we have to reckon with the consequences of living in a world where we can choose what to be. A world where human labors are obsolete, and where immortality is a choice. What evolves beyond humanity, in the advent of superintelligence, will be a matter of survival; the guiding law behind everything--not just biological fitness--is that only the fittest survive. Many presume this means "might makes right", but it's much more reasonable to suggest that "compassion makes right", as compassion is an enduring feature of survival. Those new beings will exceed humanity in ways that define our limitations--birthing canals wide enough to support the size of an infant's skull / two forward facing eyes / an orientation towards gravity / as well as all of the psychological faculties that support human survival.

Humanity, in this world of the future, is a choice--not a given; and there is no doubt that there will be many who do choose to remain as humans. Projects that support humanity and human dreams. This is why I say that humanity will be a theater. Others will choose to alter themselves in subtle ways: changing the color of the skin, having feathers, elf ears, etc.


PilotPlangy t1_j1tlp6i wrote

Full DNA editing. Complete digital VR world integration. Population control in 1st world countries. Prosperity for the few. Ease of life. Live to experience instead of live to make someone else rich.


deathbypepe t1_j1tnmxr wrote

The increase of anti intellectualism perpetuated by what caused it in the beginning of the information age i.e the government.


I can see white supremacy gaining power again, most probably in europe which noone absolutely noone would be suprised by.


Farming in many countries would completely collapse not only due to a shortage of workers but due to shortages in i believe ammonia(i cant remember which chemical) which is necessary for healthy soil.


The only concrete thing i can say for sure is that crude oil will still be getting dug up.


Computer security will be a thing of the past, so isolationism of personal devices and home systems will be encouraged resorting to a return to "dumb phones/ devices".


With the amount of jobs being stolen by robots and a.i, i believe many people will begin to fill the inside and outside of their homes with plants and trees.

Which will lead to more people getting in touch with animals again, though not necessarily for farming.


Comfortable-Self-857 t1_j1tnwy2 wrote

We will 100% live in a simulation or be able to if we want and I assume live as long as we want with cloned bodies we can make to re download our consciousness we will all have a chance to play God in your simulated reality you will be able to have all the senses just like ptsd where you can feel pain and smell and see once they unlock the way to do that everyone gets there own game with there own rules where they can literally do anything programmable even to the point where you could feel intoxicated without the need for actual chemicals....what would you do if you were your own video game


amitym t1_j1toysb wrote

For a template as to how to answer a question like this, consider the change in the price of lighting over an equivalent timeframe:

Similar effects exist for power generation, cost of computation, and other capabilities.

So what happens when we extend that into another 3 orders of magnitude? What happens when the cost of power is 10^(-3) what it is today?

I imagine homesteads of people who manage drones the way people in 1300CE managed cattle, or sheep. Living almost anywhere in the Solar System. Reading about the results of the latest interstellar survey probes, finally returning their first images; or about the latest migrations from Earth.

People will be very different from us in some ways, with genetic enhancements that they can't imagine life without. They will look back on us as benighted fools living in a Dark Age. Except for occasional observations from people who will be, like, "You know they were more like us than you think."

They will also play fantasy roleplaying games in which they play idealized people from our time. They will argue about the rules all the time, like, "Okay I escape from the rain by getting into my car." "It doesn't work, you are still getting soaked, cars don't provide water protection." "Oh come on, they must have, otherwise how would people back then have driven around when it rained?" "They didn't, they used weather prediction to know when not to go out," "No way, weather prediction wasn't that good," "Okay look I tell you what, I'll say you get to the car, roll a d20. 12 or higher and you will be dry inside. You can add your Wisdom modifier."


bizzum t1_j1tsnev wrote

Obviously just blind speculation…

Previously unimaginable housing insecurity and economic crises spurred by overpopulation and a lack of sufficient housing on a massive scale, which could stem from a population “rebound” in the wake of some sort of mass casualty event (coastal/inland flooding, plague, blight, nuclear, etc).

More novel viruses/bacteria, whether unearthed out of permafrost, extraterrestrial super-germ or AI-produced bio-weapon.

Increased ease of travel — hypersonic (or the 2322 equivalent) commercial air travel, high-speed rail — due to technological advancement and a reliance on cheap renewable fuel sources… but less cordiality between nations, warring and global unrest make experiencing cultures in other parts of the world unsafe and prohibitively expensive. Capitalism maybe falls out of favor among (most) western nations.

Unless mankind has some sort of impromptu moment of clarity and opts to recalibrate their default settings, the poor will continue to be the apparatus by which the elite/mega-rich hold onto their power and influence. Life will become much harder for many, many more people.


SPACEMANSKRILLA t1_j1tstkb wrote

I think there will be a period of great healing where humans will have learned to live and thrive on Earth in balance.


skibikerun07 t1_j1ty98y wrote

Rich people will continue to be richer at the direct expense of the poor. Probably some nifty new tech as well.


Acti0nJunkie t1_j1tzohv wrote

World war 3.

People fight too much and dig into their camps these days. Very little respect. A war of some type is on the horizon as each side sees the other side as “dumb” or uneducated/ignorant/brainwashed. Sadly it’s inevitable as this is how every big war in human history starts.


Main-Cost-9521 t1_j1u64q7 wrote

I would say by that time our stupidity will reverse our technological and scientific advancements. Wars will destroy servers and libraries that knowledge is preserved in. So basically we will return to the dark ages and will have to start over.


DerekForealTX t1_j1u6mze wrote

If you want to be outside it will require a reflective UV protected clothing


Impossible_Tax_1532 t1_j1u8u6v wrote

How does any model show a trajectory or momentum allowing for 300 years more of human life on this planet ? I’m not platform holder , but facts are facts , world and planet morph into an ash tray at warp speed , 70 % of life gone , we wage war on ourselves and others as most unable to discern between prime reality and made up worlds inside their head …. The planet will be just fine , but what resource in the natural world , which provides for all food ,life , and even tech .. what are we not rapidly running out of .. bees can’t make it 300 years , oceans can’t make it 25 years at this rate … bees and migratory birds at well least then 50 % wiped out .. there are a dozen animals in the ocean if they die , we will follow , same for the animals in the pollination cycle , and this is apart from no country on earth fully accepting how tragic the state and their controls are ,wars over who has the littlest dick continue to jump off , and schuman proved in 1951 we can’t exist outside it’s resonance , so take your pick of bezos and musk on full retard mode , or acting like we are , so it’s here or death on top of mounting trajectories that don’t seem to be avoidable … any one of two dozen volcanoes Carries ample magma to alleviate thousands of years of engineering and wipe any sign of us from the planet in a flash … as soon we we accept we are a part of that energy ,and quit trying to control it like morons or Demi gods , things get better. But we must quit taking and acting like this is not a dualistic world with a hidden cost for all we do


UniversalMomentum t1_j1u92k5 wrote

It's only been like 200-300 years since steam power and the Industrial Revolution, so relative to progress I wouldn't exactly call that the near future compared to the rate of change these days.

300 years is such a long time the predictions will look more like science fiction because people will barely believe it's possible.

I'd say one of the more powerful innovations in 300 years will be the ability to copy and render the human consciousness in a computer. That will change a lot about our existence and space exploration/expansion will become far more practical. Humans will become somewhat immortal at that stage and this also means the greatest mind of humanity will live on to keep doing work instead of there being such a bottleneck of great minds.


steelep13 t1_j1u9en2 wrote

The push for green energy will slowly die off as people begin to realize that mining cobalt does more harm than good when done at scales necessary for EV production.

A number of natural (and possibly unnatural) disasters will drastically shrink the population back to manageable levels as far as climate is concerned, but we will probably lose a ton of infrastructure and technological knowledge. Those living off grid will remain relatively unchanged.


HDJim_61 t1_j1uk6sx wrote

At some point, I think society will begin to regress. Become dependent on technology to solve problems without human interaction will end us. I have no proof of this but it can happen. A class society where the technology separates people to where we have a even greater divide between the “Haves” and “ Have nots” will come into being.


giggidy88 t1_j1pyrae wrote

Realistic sex robots as destruction of the middle class l.


darkjackcork t1_j1q24xn wrote

The middle class goes away but this turns out to ultimately be a good thing.


Seasonedgore982 t1_j1q4esj wrote

If gene editing is considered unethical, then mechcanical implants, stemcell replacement organs, and lasor based automated weapons to counter flying drones.


FIicker7 t1_j1q7qnl wrote

It seems like in 300 years we Earth will be considerably hotter.

To the point that most Humans will live off planet. Probably on the moon.


mishthegreat t1_j1qh8zz wrote

If we are not already in a computer program we will be.


sandtymanty t1_j1qpg5n wrote

I hope we can discover how the brain works by then. Imagine we can manipulate and improve it and even make "god computers" out of it. It should solve all our problems. But the effin earthlings have no satisfaction and just want more. Lets say Tesla invents it, we f ckin doomed.


Icommentor t1_j1qt2ql wrote

We will still be debating whether or not the general population is a source of dangerous chaos that needs to be controlled, or a fertile environment that needs to be set free. And most people will try to figure out a mental contortion to advocate for more freedom, generally, when it applies to them, and more control the rest of the time.

Just like today.


ComfortableFarmer t1_j1qxpjw wrote

We will destroy earth, each other and humans will become extint.


coreywindom t1_j1rdezc wrote

A huge increase in human life spans, possible biological immortality meaning humans no longer dying from “natural causes”. Over population. Kessler Syndrome making it impossible for us to leave the planet.


Noobodyspeciall t1_j1rwi9x wrote

We will strip this planet . Till this earth is no longer liveable. The will suddenly find a new planet and the technology to get us there and the cycle starts again .(if they really do have aliens then they have the technology to travel the solar system alot faster then they are leading on)


Catch-the-Rabbit t1_j1s30zn wrote

I want it to end. I know this sounds super psycho, but I want a hard reset on humanity.


I want my nihilism to be shoved back in my face.


slammer66 t1_j1skjs2 wrote

Jesus christ will rule the world from his capital city Jerusalem. Virtually nothing of our current society will remain


stateofyou t1_j1tny7t wrote

Hopefully the global population will slowly reduce to a sustainable level and we can start to repair the damage that has been done over the past few hundred years. From what I’m already experiencing in my own family, racism will be a thing of the past, just something for stand up comedy to reflect on. Food production will hopefully not include animal products (I’m not a vegetarian but I would like to see this happen). Everything should be recycled.


phormat t1_j1q3z5q wrote

Cures for things that we don’t consider curable, like aging, and the common job. Extreme class divide, creator/makers rule the world. Major digital archaeological digging for anything representing sea change events that likely happen in the next 20 years that cause fundamental change in our species. New electrochemical things that we never thought possible. Like changing cities/external environments with the flick of a wrist.


Elmore420 t1_j1r7nce wrote

Humanity will go extinct as an evolutionary failure in about 20 years when the human superego grows to 9 billion minds if it is still in chaos. If we manage to learn to play nice and graduate Quantum Kindergarten, we will be in a situation you cannot even imagine as we will have quantum self awareness and a full working knowledge of quantum engineering, making stuff directly using Dark Energy and Dark Matter like nature does, and traveling across the universe instantly circumventing time by short cutting through the Prime Singularity as only our information. It’s doubtful we make it though, we don’t seem to want to take nature’s path for us. “Be kind and take care of each other.” Is it really such an impossible choice for humans to make?


XxxxGamez t1_j1rr465 wrote

I think as housing gets more scarce, people are definitely gonna start killing each other. Maybe some kind of civil war between different gangs and factions of whoever is left.