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thisismeingradenine t1_jcsl4d8 wrote

Weakness comes from comma splices.


APetitePig t1_jctewuz wrote

This isn’t a comma splice, but rather just a general incorrect/unnecessary comma. Comma splice is a specific type of comma error where a comma is used to join two independent clauses rather than a more appropriate punctuation. They only have one independent clause in that sentence that just has a random comma in the middle of it for whatever reason.


[deleted] t1_jct6sdh wrote



Asiras t1_jctutz7 wrote

It's common in Slavic languages, but it looks odd in English. There's so many commas in my language that I silently rebel by omitting a few, hoping that the grammar rules change.


mythoughtsforapenny t1_jcsvf6g wrote

>It comes from overcoming things you thought, you couldn't.

So it does come from things you can do?


babyplush t1_jctfp88 wrote

No, it comes, from the things you can do.


ThisGuyMontag t1_jct66io wrote

Pro Tip:

Pick whether you want to overcome a deficiency or amplify a strength.


hellopomelo t1_jcsmvt6 wrote

Thank God! I thought I actually had to do stuff


Zech08 t1_jct4ngg wrote

Strength comes from getting out of your comfort zone.


pat_speed t1_jct8hr5 wrote

But arnt you still gaining strength for what you just did that couldnt have do e before?


MadJesterXII t1_jcte4c8 wrote

A bunch of my co-workers dared me to jump over a stack of pallets

And I thought I couldn’t do it cuz I really needed to shit among other things

But I risked it cuz if pressure and did it :D

The guy I inspired didn’t and fell down and hurt himself :/


aranou t1_jcueohv wrote

I don’t take advice from someone who decided to spell their name rikki


IIIDVIII t1_jcvd7rd wrote

So if I believe I can do anything, this is a weakness?


Thisismental t1_jct62sc wrote

Strength comes from epics, as well as resilience!


jsoda1 t1_jctbwlb wrote

Farts aren’t air coming out of your butt, it’s love coming from your heart, through your butt


Foxsayy t1_jctymv6 wrote

What if you keep failing to overcome things you think you maybe can?


RaggTheBag t1_jcu2rxn wrote

Failure is crucial to learning, it helps build the foundation of knowledge. You are succeeding at learning methods that are ineffective at accomplishing what you want. You know what NOT to do, and reflection helps understand WHY it did not work for you. Now you have personal experiences you can share with others who are also seeking what you want, you can share with them what methods did not work for you and in the process work together to accomplish similar goals :)


Schmiikel t1_jcwhexk wrote

No vaping since new years day, zero nicotine for about two weeks. Never thought I'd get this far.


Alukrad t1_jcwwekb wrote

For me, true strength comes from the act of moving forward. When everything in your life has fallen apart and everything points at the fact that you should give up, yet, you don't let any of that deter you.

You simply continue moving forward, knowing very well that this isn't it.

You believe in yourself because you are strong.

You are capable.

You are a beautiful person.