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Jassida t1_jd6vax0 wrote

Interesting challenges not miserable life shittening ones


Wu-Tang_Swarm t1_jd6zsso wrote

Can’t always pick and choose your challenges as Andrew tate says don’t pray for nothing bad to happen to you, pray for the ability to overcome anything


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iamCaptainDeadpool t1_jd78ziw wrote

I challenge you to set up an alarm before you go to sleep for 2 hr later. Also, I challenge you to delete this post and post it with the tagline "every person in a wheelchair should just challenge themselves to get up and run."


plaid-blazer t1_jdapdrf wrote

Sorry I don’t agree with this at all, not everybody feels like their life needs to be a constant struggle to find it interesting and meaningful.


LawSchoolGuy83 t1_jd7ej9c wrote

Love yourself and work hard. A good foundation is what you need.


Proper_Mortgage_1538 t1_jdc26zd wrote

life is consist of upside down but i think a lot of hardship is more exciting to overcome rather than the blessing that you will recieve


_Blackstar t1_jd7w8go wrote

I read that as "Challengers" and thought to myself, "This must be a Camaro guy."


FiendZ0ne t1_jd7wyuy wrote

So, if I'm a Challenge that means I make everyone's life meaningful and interesting. I think I will make mistakes on purpose. Thank you sir, good day.