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I_M_urbanspaceman t1_ixn65oo wrote

On this note. I recently decided to start trying to get back in shape. Covid, as well as pivoting to working a sit-down job, caused me to fall into a VERY sedentary lifestyle. I gained a lot of weight.

I recently started making changes. Choosing better food and portion control was first and foremost. Then I started tracking steps, and making sure I hit 10k each day. I won't be running any 5ks anytime soon, but its a start. Most importantly, I do it every day. Haven't lost a ton of weight yet, but my energy levels and body feel so much better already. Anyway, that's my novel. Anyone can do it!


ThreadedJam t1_ixnw3f3 wrote

Congratulations. Lifestyle changes are the most important.


Started-blasting t1_ixnwus9 wrote

Well done man!

I’ve also been trying to get healthy again, I’ve been doing a light amount of exercise and yoga every day for a little while now. I don’t look any different but I feel my age and not 10 years older


globaloffender t1_ixofq0d wrote

Portion size is one of the most important things to focus on. Meal contents change but ur portions should be consistent. Happy for u!


Rocketman574 t1_ixo0hq7 wrote

If you do want to eventually run a 5k, check out the Couch to 5k program/app. I've successfully used it reach 5k and I know several other people who've had success with it. If you keep with it, you'll get to where you can run 5k. There's also a friendly community at /r/c25k to share encouragement and successes.