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adamhanson t1_ixna34n wrote



InjectingMyNuts t1_ixndct4 wrote

For me it'd be a bonfire for a month or so then it vanishes never to be seen again. Then I find another bonfire.


MLE_lou t1_ixnrmoa wrote

Sounds like you’re having troubles with Dark Souls my friend


ZSpectre t1_ixo3x0r wrote

The top was the story of my life before I knew exactly what adhd was.


Aeon199 t1_ixpcgyo wrote

(Moral of the story is, don't be ADHD. I say this because I have it and it's ruined my life, and those of many others I know.)

Some of y'all in this thread make a guy jelly. Most of the ADHD folks I know didn't have their first job before 17 and some even as late as 20.

Some of the folks in this thread--clearly non-ADHD--are talking about having their first job at 10, working double time from 17 onward, basically always working even while in college.

Contrast this to ADHD, now. I couldn't handle college in the first place, let alone anything else on the side. Other ADHD folks I knew were the same. We/they have learning issues, self-control problems, low reward for anything that doesn't have relevance to our interests.