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ThaKoopa t1_iyr02f7 wrote

This feels like a non native speaker sticking a phrase into google translate hoping it’s profound


i_do_it_all t1_iyrlzn6 wrote

totally. it doesn't sound motivating at all without more context.


hughperman t1_iyrmovt wrote

That person watching? Albert Einstein.


Bean_Juice_Brew t1_iyt1ima wrote

I thought it was Santa this time. Wonder who the fat bastard is that's been watching me sleep then?


bluedermo t1_iyt5ar9 wrote

I assumed it meant that if you quit that tiger over there would kill you


TheMostKing t1_iyvrx49 wrote

You better take care, you better not cry,

Santa is coming, he's watching you die.


wright007 t1_iyrpg3h wrote

It's about teaching your children by example.


DrownmeinIslay t1_iys2p7b wrote

I thought it meant don't shame your dad


Few_Warthog_105 t1_iystepu wrote

So only for people with good parents growing up? That leaves out a good majority of the population so terrible quote.


ClankyBat246 t1_iysrzq2 wrote

Too many things need to stop for this vague statement to work.

Can't let my son think I'm a quitter so I kept working 90 hour weeks and drinking myself to sleep!


Mr___Perfect t1_iyszxfu wrote

Yea no kidding. I've had more doors open from quitting than sticking with something dumb for "pride", no pun intended


Pudding_Hero t1_iythkbn wrote

Just like using pictures of tigers to make your quote heavier. It’s a solid strategy


sloppyredditor t1_iyqxfll wrote

I feel like this could also work on one of those demotivational drinking posters.


DrownmeinIslay t1_iys2mg1 wrote

When it starts to hurt, is when you know you have to keep going


Pudding_Hero t1_iythh9g wrote

I legit thought it was taking about cigarettes or whatever


oldmanriver1 t1_iyrfp0x wrote

This is one of those images that you breeze past and go “oh ya” but the more you think about it, the stupider it becomes. Whether you quit or continue shouldnt be dependent on who’s watching you, or if you even have an audience at all. Do something because you want to. That should be enough. If it’s not, once the external factor is removed, you’ll suddenly remember you don’t actually want to be doing it.

This is all ignoring the fact that tigers don’t have a sense of self and absolutely don’t give a shit if they “quit” in front of their cubs. I don’t why but this whole image just annoys the fuck out of me.


MithandirsGhost t1_iyri6vh wrote

I think the intent is to say I don't want to set a bad example for my children by giving up. The reality is you can set just as bad of an example by persevering when you shouldn't. "I know I've put my family through bankruptcy and lost our home but If I give up on my online psychic business and go back to work practicing law at the firm what will my children think?"


oldmanriver1 t1_iyrjuhw wrote

Agreed - and I know its just some stupid motivation quote that isn't meant to be applied to every situation - but I do think this kind of shit subtly and covertly normalizes the idea that giving up implies failure and that failure is the absolute worst possible outcome. Giving up means you tried something, which is 100% better than the alternative (assuming that trying something wasnt like...heroin). I feel like as a 30 year old, my entire generation (myself included) is so horrified to fail that it creates this pervasive sense of apathy - and this is solidified through social media which only highlights personal and professional successes.

And to your point, it suggests that giving up is always a poor choice - when in reality, where youre putting your efforts is equally, if not more, important as the effort itself. I could try my entire life to be a jockey but Im 6'5" and that shit just isnt going to work. Giving up that dream is the absolute best thing I could do.

Again, I realize Im over analyzing a facebook meme-level quote but it needs to be said that failure is proof that you tried and I think that's worth celebrating.


voxxNihili t1_iysp73f wrote

You don't need to analyze at all. It's just straight up not accurate. Noone has to validify themselves.

Motivational Accuracy=0

Logical Accuracy=0


xkoreotic t1_iyt056h wrote

The important thing here is context. The lack of context is what kills this.


TTwelveUnits t1_iyswq10 wrote

say what you want , thats a badass picture of lion and her cub


HezMania t1_iyqv9up wrote

Thanks grandma!


wrx_2016 t1_iys2gzw wrote

“Watch carefully son. Never quit a toxic company. You stay there and be loyal. You take it day after day because that’s what a man tiger does. And the only way you leave that place is when they fire you because they needed to shave 20k off the budget.”


saturnarc t1_iyreqog wrote

Use a picture of a mirror instead. This just reads like "continue killing yourself to please your family".


the_humeister t1_iyr89fv wrote

Yes, because the tiger will eat you


izTrippn t1_iyruyp6 wrote

Like... One of the healthiest things I learned from my mom was when to walk away though. You can kill yourself trying, or you can thrive doing something else 🤷‍♂️


Dondarian t1_iysefc3 wrote

This is absolutely horrible advice! If you are working a shit job but you continue to work the shit job because you think it's a good example for your child, then that just tells them that their self-worth and quality of life is inconsequential.

This is garbage advice!


ToxicFluffer t1_iyskth7 wrote

I’m on some quitting smoking subreddits and was very confused seeing this on my feed lmao


yuffieisathief t1_iyr2a56 wrote

Find the ability to fight in yourself. If you always need others to keep yourself going you will get stuck when there's no one around. Get to know yourself, what motivates and moves you, and strengthen that mental muscle!


TomSurman t1_iyr4woo wrote

Well, I've gone 7 years without alcohol, but you've inspired me not to be a quitter. I'm heading out right now to buy cheap whiskey!


Thugluvdoc t1_iyr9pbt wrote

You can’t get tired when a poacher is watching!


Kamau54 t1_iyt7833 wrote

I've thought about quitting a few times, then I remembered who was watching.


Gas Company.

Electric Company.

Credit Card Issuers.




Fillenintheblanks t1_iyud6tg wrote

Which perspective did you read this from?

A. The adult keeping on because the kid is watching


B. the kid because the parent is watching


kitreia t1_iyv4rm1 wrote

Listen to kids. Hear me out here.
If you have young nieces and nephews, hang out with them and talk with them as good uncles/aunties. The reason is because kids are honest as fuck

But their honesty is innocent. If they tell you you're fat, they don't expect one reaction over the other. They're not doing it to intentionally make you upset, they're being honest for just that: honesty.
If a kid tells you your beard is too scruffy, or you need to brush your teeth, don't be offended and really listen to them. They're telling the truth and these kids alone can really be beneficial if you take what they're saying as truthful constructive criticism.

(I mentioned this because the pic had the cub in it)


Riisiichan t1_iyqybhl wrote

And that’s why I don’t work for the Rail Road anymore.


AnyHowMeow t1_iyr5suu wrote

Very true. I always push myself to run just a little more every time I look back and see the tiger chasing me.


BirdieBronze t1_iyr7d49 wrote

A doggo with his lower case doggo


allonzeeLV t1_iyrqg2m wrote

I'd be prouder of my child for walking away from a toxic workplace than submitting to it and letting it destroy them psychologically as the US encourages.


lonelyrommel1998 t1_iysh3ss wrote

bruh if a tiger was watching me, I wouldn't be quitting either


Killdren88 t1_iyshq8x wrote

I remember my own mother giving me the same look at times.


k4Anarky t1_iyt4mpp wrote

I, too, would also not quit running if a tiger was watching


Afraid-Baby8276 t1_iyt6zdk wrote

this happens all the time. usually my coach. scares the shit out of me every time


Zech08 t1_iyu0ilq wrote

If your decisions are gated by an authority figure then there are some issues down the road.

also applies on the flip side, not saying you shouldnt strive to do better but if that is the primary factor then what happens if that is gone and are there enough supportive or alternate avenues to keep you going... minus the issue of is it worth pursuing (preventative, realistic, planned).


ruzshe t1_iyv4mzf wrote

I luv tygazzzz.. 🐯🐅🥰


Jokers_friend t1_iyrc7z0 wrote

Fuck. Crucial in my life at this moment.


[deleted] t1_iyrqzop wrote

What? That doesn’t even make any sense. What on earth are they trying to say here?


MudsRphags t1_iyru9da wrote

Don't use your kids as excuses. They'll rightfully resent you for it.


lurkenstine t1_iyrverd wrote

That's why I still smoke, I want the kids to know I'm cool. Like that cigarette cowboy and the cigarette camel!


Madg5 t1_iyrzo7o wrote

Can't quit drinking when your sober unbeaten child is watching.


aseremo t1_iysfgp6 wrote

...So i doubled down on my mistake and showed them i was a stubborn idiot.


AcademicHysteria t1_iysv9ny wrote

So then I definitely quit because my kids need to learn when to adapt, adjust, and not take shit. Weeee.


njc121 t1_iysvc0l wrote

Gotta impress my FBI agent


-Nicolai t1_iyt2mmc wrote

What if I don't have an audience of tigers?


TreeSlayer-Tak t1_iyt4jsu wrote

Why I'll never quit caffeine, never know when the caffeine tigers will beat the shit out of me


hoothoot6996 t1_iyt7qsr wrote

“So I continued my heroine addiction”


unripenedboyparts t1_iytqpke wrote

"Can you leave the room for a minute? I'm about to quit and it's gonna be a big one."


skishface t1_iytr01k wrote

I feel like this was sent via email by some middle-management douche.


canpig9 t1_iyu17vc wrote

Ugh. My 10th grade brain is having huge issue with the missing M in the DO.

The language is further muddled by an unnecessary conjunction.

B for effort. D- for execution.


Crystal_Lily t1_iyu7mwz wrote

So... Tiger moms/dads?

You do know that most they would rather have you collapse from exhaustion than embarass them or the family, right?


onlooker61 t1_iyu94az wrote

If you cannot do it for yourself you cannot do it for someone else. Doing it because of "expectations" or "fear of ridicule" will never work. But it will ensure you become a loser


natej84 t1_iyur123 wrote

I thought about trying, but then I remember who was watching and judging. This version fits my childhood much better. Sad to say, but it's true


---M0NK--- t1_iyvhjvq wrote

I dont get it? Is this saying do it so you dont disappoint your parents? Lame


OutlawHarsh t1_iyr0czy wrote

Like if it was written on a different pic or used in a different situation, its meaning wont be as relevant as it is with this particular pic…