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yeetthefleets t1_iz4c116 wrote

That third one really isn't indicative of progress.


Crow85 t1_iz4tr89 wrote

It looks like it was made by someone on r/wallstreetbets while on phase 5 of bottom line and trying to convince their spouse of why they should let them gamble some more....


Bikouchu t1_iz5oir4 wrote

Well chicken tendies don't come without risk.


[deleted] t1_iz4umyc wrote

was gonna say it looks like relapse if anything but given the nature of some things like the water cycle where "progress" is reset so to speak. idk


spicygummi t1_iz7eilz wrote

Definitely could be, depending on what the progress was related to. I saw it as maybe not giving up after having setbacks.


Krzych123 t1_iz4j3g9 wrote

I think the third is still progress though, we’re not always able to give 100% each day and at times we fail, but as long as we get back up and still work towards our goals it can be considered progress, that’s the way I see it at least


Matthew_Vere t1_iz73893 wrote

My thinking too. Our productivity may be up or down on any given day, but across the week we’re still making progress.


bautron t1_iz76760 wrote

Thats the whole ponbt of the post. That went over original commenters head.

That it can be shitty and feel like a loss, but still way ahead of where you started.


Matthew_Vere t1_iz773at wrote

Yeah, I think some people make the mistake of believing progress to be linear. When it’s actually a zigzag back and forth, with an upward trend.

It's like if you weigh yourself daily, some days you’ve lost, some you’ve gained, but over a month the trend is downward (if the goal is weight loss).


Military_Reject t1_izgyxlw wrote

Life happens. Some days your "put food on the table/ gas in the tank" job may interfere with your CAREER. Some days your relatives may interfere with social network and who you want to ultimately be.


spicygummi t1_iz7erio wrote

Setbacks happen, too and all too often. A good part of what makes progress on things usually so challenging. It's not as often a consistent and smooth progress all the way until the end. If there even ever is an "end", so to speak.


watermelonkiwi t1_iz7wslx wrote

Not really. The third one is only progress if they’re able to maintain that position for more than one still. Since they fell so fast last time, getting very full again for them just means they could fall fast again. It’s not really progress until that pattern’s not just repeated.


Which-Eye9898 t1_iz4dz0o wrote

I think the 3rd can be viewed as we make different amount of progress on different days.

If there is no water, then no progress.


ackarthur t1_iz4jn6j wrote

Very clearly not what the water indicates though, you don't suddenly start progressing quicker and quicker in the first one.

Commenter above was right, the third option here means nothing, the very next ball may be completely empty, we don't know that.
If they wanted to make a point about ups and downs at least show the average is going up. Having higher ups and lower downs means nothing.


ThrowAway578924 t1_iz4wy0i wrote

I agree. 1st and 2nd are progressive, 3rd is just inconsistent / random.


wenasi t1_iz5gvo8 wrote

It's very clearly a consistent reverse sawtooth wave


JovialJayou1 t1_iz69ku5 wrote

If I’m an all star basketball player and I break my leg during a game, I’m likely going to look like the 3rd frame of progress while I work through my injury to get back to where I was. This is absolutely how progress and life in general works.


ackarthur t1_iz6a9yv wrote

Absolutely not. After breaking your leg you will be at rockbottom and slowly build up again like frame 1 or 2, not get worse and worse and suddenly pop back up to be better than ever before.


JovialJayou1 t1_iz6ap2k wrote

Yeah because rock bottom is directly where you go after a set back, it’s never a gradual process. People just go from working 40 hours a week to homeless and injecting fentanyl the next day.


ackarthur t1_iz6be7h wrote

When you break your leg you're not slightly injured and then get worse over time. I was using your example and showing how it was inaccurate. Your new example about losing your job etc is completely different.

That said, also in that case the climb up is not sudden like frame 3 suggests. Rehabilitation is a long grueling process, not something that happens overnight. You can provide whatever example you like, but progress never takes on the form of frame 3. Only in extremely, extremely specific examples it could happen, and those are absolutely an exception rather than the norm.


JovialJayou1 t1_iz6gqgy wrote

> Only in extremely, extremely specific examples it could happen, and those are absolutely an exception rather than the norm.

Thanks for saving me the trouble of proving my point.


CharcoalGurl t1_iz64uvo wrote

I think it would if they had a longer scale version of the three.

Like I imaging 3 as "Dain, I fucked up and stopped going to the gym for a week." And then picking up where you last left off.

Basically accepting shit happens and trying to get back at it again.


daiwilly t1_iz5ub7n wrote

yes it is! Don't forget many people have to cope with other shit as well as their main focus. Often this means periods when rust sets in. It doesn't mean the person concerned has stopped thinking about their journey, and often surprising improvements can be obtained. I am a teacher of young people and would definitely view 3 as progress...imagine the middle sections are when a pet dies!


IBJON t1_iz5kubv wrote

The last circle is filled more than the first. I'd say that's progress


Pie_am_Error t1_iz6m2u1 wrote

It's funny because that's the one I relate to the most. Career wise, I regressed and am now working my way into a new field... Honestly I feel like a failure at the moment, but I have to believe that I am progressing...even if it isn't in a typical fashion.


skwacky t1_iz81fey wrote

I think they were trying to convey something more like this

The mastery curve

Which is to demonstrate that long-term progress will have periods of short-term, negative progress. But nothing as sporadic as this image shows.


the_other_irrevenant t1_iz8d4bg wrote

The end state is far higher than the starting state, so I think it's reasonable to consider it progress. There's just been some fluctuation getting there.


anotherusername23 t1_iz6q6qk wrote

Totally is. They are much further ahead from where they started. Journeys have lots of ups and downs.


ThroawayPartyer t1_iz6yhc0 wrote

I'm really feeling the third one right now... I've been cycling between periods of immense productivity to doing nothing all day. But nevertheless I am making progress!


Aktionjackson t1_iz78mbz wrote

Sure it is. It isn’t “steady” progress but the cup has more water in it on the last day than on the first. That is still progress.


three-sense t1_iz72mlb wrote

At least it’s a good representation of my investment portfolio


kneel23 t1_iz7a53q wrote

lol looks more a graph of my attempts to ween off suboxone


honestlawyer t1_iz82oo3 wrote

LOL. I’m glad I’m not the only person who feels this way.


pete84 t1_iz8a9pc wrote

Third one is how my weight fluctuates. Not all progress is great .


Nikifuj908 t1_iz8fvn4 wrote

Clearly someone never grasped the idea of path independence.

The water at the end is higher than the water at the beginning. So when you look at the whole picture, it's progress. Doesn't matter what happened in the middle.

For math nerds, f(6) > f(1) is all that matters here. Not f(2), f(3), or anything else between the start and end.


eduardotbacon39 t1_iz8ks4k wrote

Progress could be understood as change, and sometimes you need to take a step backwards to take two steps forward.


gsj677 t1_iz8tckh wrote

Won jackpot and waste all the money and won again


Military_Reject t1_izgy11o wrote

Well, I think it is saying that we all have setbacks; and just because you have to start over doesn't mean that you should give up.


Raddyrode t1_iz4l5mg wrote

The only “progress” you can get from the last one is becoming aware that you’re not progressing. Which in itself is progress


Sidivan t1_iz73l2b wrote

It heavily depends on your goal. Is the goal to fill the bubble? Is it to change out the contents of the bubble on a cadence? Is it to drain the bubble?


v0idst4r2 t1_iz86v01 wrote

Getting knocked down and getting back up is progress.


elizzybeth t1_iz8ni69 wrote

If it’s a chart of M-Sat exercise intensity, the third one is actually going to enable more progress than the others. Gotta include some recovery. You’re gonna burn out quick if every day you’re working out harder than the last.

I imagine there are plenty of other places where that’s true also. Bursty effort can be effective when it’s channeled well.


Cashlover123 t1_iz5uupe wrote

My stupid mind thought it was a progression of growing beard in the first row SMH


Poggse t1_iz4c118 wrote

Can we just be content instead of being obsessed with "progress"?


Prometheus188 t1_iz4j5s9 wrote

Hard to be constant when you’re starving or unable to provide for yourself or your family. In order to be content, you need to have made a certain amount of progress already.


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Prometheus188 t1_iz5gsh5 wrote

I literally only have 1 account, and it’s this one. Stop randomly making shit up. Everyone who sees your comments is losing brain cells. Stop lying. Stop randomly making shit up. We can literally see your previous comments. No point in lying...


invaderpixel t1_iz5aq3j wrote

You're in getmotivated so the whole point is people who want to be motivated... if you don't care about progress or self improvement you don't need motivation


IamSarasctic t1_iz5bg89 wrote

Progress is how we end up where we are.


Poggse t1_iz5fp4d wrote

Exactly. Everything is about to collapse because it's unsustainable


AHumbleWooshFarmer t1_iz5bxgw wrote

Also it could be a drink problem. It depression. It a tough relationship. Stop gatekeeping getting better.


Traditional-Edge-424 t1_iz4qbvy wrote

being content is mans biggest sin


Poggse t1_iz4th6w wrote

I'd say destroying the planet is the biggest sin but it just depends on what you value. Clean air and water or shareholder profits. I favor the former, you the latter apparently


Traditional-Edge-424 t1_iz4u0qo wrote

you must be fun at parties


Poggse t1_iz4ubj9 wrote

People who think parties are fun also think Olive Garden is international cuisine 🤣


ValyrianJedi t1_iz6asnf wrote

Not if you have goals or things you want that matter to you


LoudAd69 t1_iz7el2e wrote

No wtf we are humans we grow and improve. It’s never too late to Learn and build.


KelsssTf t1_iz52j0a wrote

As long as you are trying and you are happy with yourself that’s all that matters. The only person you have at the end of the day is just yourself so who cares what others think


BowelMan t1_iz5swho wrote

I used to think like that but I just don't anymore...

There are certain milestones in this life which if you haven't had accomplished by a certain age, then people are going to think that you're weird or defective.

So that's how I feel right now about myself.


CareerDestroyer t1_iz67t14 wrote

People think weird ass shit. None of it is grounded in truth anyway.


bigshark2740 t1_iz8ookn wrote

yep, and I think if you can't shoot lightning out of your hand by the age of 16 you are a complete failure.


aesu t1_iz8qpa6 wrote

As a weird, defective person, who has accomplished absolutely nothing, they're right. It's okay though, because they judge me for being weird and defective even when I do stuff, so why even try to prove otherwise.


GeneralLynx3 t1_iz7ng5y wrote

I’ve been sick since October with various colds and flus (kids) and 3 is the best I’ve been able to manage thus far.


Mr-Zero-Fucks t1_iz6ueee wrote

nope, that's incorrect

I appreciate the sentiment but the message is literally wrong.


jahkut t1_iz7ypym wrote

This picture is bad and you should feel bad.


Shawnigmatic t1_iz7sx4y wrote

So for everyone disagreeing with the last one. You have to look at it from the perspective of the frame. There was a clear start, the leftmost orb. And a clear finish, the rightmost orb. The third line is showing that even if you take steps back at the end of the, let's say week, if you are in a better position than when you started its a good thing. Even if you don't have steady progress you, at the very least, are at a better position to start the next week.


SDRLemonMoon t1_iz56mt7 wrote

I feel like the last one implies that you are drinking the water and then refilling it, which is profess because it means you are more healthy now


Destiny-calls t1_iz7lqrp wrote

I am 3.

Feel free to judge.

Inputs appreciated.


BasedDog69 t1_iz87mz0 wrote

Lmao, same. I’m shit most days but feel like a beast on a select few.

Given the comments in this thread Im reading it much differently than everyone else. But I think it’s worth noting that the cumulative mysterious blue liquid you’ve obtained seems to be an upwards trend. It’s not like you are constantly at zero, that would actually be no progress.

This is a niche interpretation that is probably only valuable to those that beat themselves up when they feel like they are regressing (aka, ya boi)


focus503 t1_iz7xrli wrote

Lest you may become vain or bitter, for there will always be greater or lesser person's than yourself.


Pure_Astronaut_4316 t1_iz81iy4 wrote

That last one is more of an average than progress 😂. I’m the last one for sure


Doc-in-a-box t1_iz4ef1g wrote

The third one served me well on the slot machines


Mcswigginsbar t1_iz57703 wrote

Bottom one is also known as the Dunning-Krueger effect.


PhiloPhrog t1_iz6dzy3 wrote

Dunning-Krueger represents the false perception of expertise followed by genuine growth in expertise, not a sudden burst of progress followed by waffling and another sudden burst of progress.


bump-n-dump t1_iz5eh9n wrote

Looks like you got a leak somewhere


DarkFlameShadowNinja t1_iz5hncu wrote

Going backwards is a progress just in negative direction
People compare against other people because in real life or reality because of competition for limited resources


EnvironmentalSpirit2 t1_iz5yc5l wrote

The third one is in fact mandatory. Some physical (and mental) training regiments you can't be expecting further progression every day. There's progress with some regressing day by day, but total progression overall.


MACMAN2003 t1_iz688z1 wrote

mine's just perpetually empty what do i do


throbbyburns t1_iz69ku0 wrote

Welllllllll.... they all look like crappy forms of success for someone trying to keep a cruise ship from sinking.


ValyrianJedi t1_iz6aznf wrote

Don't really have the option of not comparing myself to other people when my paycheck is directly tied to how I compare with other people


OmmmShantiOm t1_iz6ei9u wrote

Comparing, judging, evaluating, desiring are all roots of envy, of suffering. But to force yourself to stop comparing again is envy coming in through the back door. Because you tell yourself I have to stop comparing in order to be a more peaceful person, you are still envious of the person who is more peaceful, more enlightened, more wise. And this is another form of comparison is it not?


obsoleeeet t1_iz6gzod wrote

That third one actually resembles variance.


chattywww t1_iz6kg5f wrote

Because I decided to be proactive as opposed to being idle with my wealth, I would be worth about 800k more if I had just not sold my house and invested in Crypto. This is truly some life destroying advice.


VividSoundz t1_iz6xuy9 wrote

This does not resonate with me in any helpful way, but here’s hoping someone else out there understands the definition differently and takes solace in this post


[deleted] t1_iz6yklj wrote

As an alcoholic I can tell you the third one makes more sense than the second or first.


Not-Always-On t1_iz71vaw wrote

The second uses the least amount of water to wash your clothes.


Patarokun t1_iz734v0 wrote

Plot twist - these are portholes on a cruise ship and the progress is the last thing you want!


baybeeeee t1_iz73845 wrote

This is Civil3d hydraulic modeling of circular cross section pipe flow


jbeech- t1_iz7mvp7 wrote

And here I was thinking you'd be seasick from watching through that porthole at rough seas.


R4ndyM4r5h420 t1_iz7no88 wrote

This image hits me hard right in the imposter syndrome.


Dazzling-Pear-1081 t1_iz7pcac wrote

Last one describes my workout dedication over the last few years 😂. That’s not progress


mjkjg2 t1_iz7uc9v wrote

3rd one is 2 phases of progress with several phases of regression in the middle, you can’t call the whole thing progress


_setz_ t1_iz7vexp wrote

The water represent work done or energy to do work? If is the first one, no it's not progress


[deleted] t1_iz83nsi wrote

Totally wrong. Progress is only when you go up and up not down then up or start from up then end with down


bStewbstix t1_iz86j7j wrote

That’s my bladder when I take my blood pressure meds.


blahbruhla t1_iz87bku wrote

I see a lot of WSB comments about the third one. :kek:


Tonlick t1_iz8d899 wrote

Very very true


TheOGBombfish t1_iz8m749 wrote

Nah, the last one is just random distribution


thekingofthebeasties t1_iz8qa7r wrote

Now scroll on to the next post/advertisement to compare yourself to.


jwthsf t1_iz8w3h4 wrote

Hey OP, I was wondering if it would be okay to use this idea to get a tattoo for myself. Just thought I'd ask permission.


Tesaractor t1_ize8g6y wrote

No Patrick, this is water.


Military_Reject t1_izgxpl2 wrote

Thank you for this post. I have felt like such a failure over the last three years. I see others around me who seem to have it all figured out, no ifs ands or buts. Then here I am after years of working hard and dreaming big with nothing to show, and my body literally breaking down from the stress of it all.


Bitter-Ad8728 t1_izniz6r wrote

Needs to see the third one, to remind myself, even after a few defeats and failures, you can recover and bounce back. None of our lives are perfectly tuned like the diagram, but it gives us a good grading system to see that at any time we can get back to progress, like warren buffet stated, sometimes instead of bailing the water out of a hole in a boat, it’s better to simply hop ships.



thrasherxxx t1_iz5m5tg wrote

Third one, totally agree. Hard to understand if you’re not familiar.


Mybuttismilk t1_iz6i7pt wrote

I’m just looking at each individual circle and they all have something in them so yah. Progress :)


DrZed400 t1_iz6y5ci wrote

The middle guy ain't doing much