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Poggse t1_iz4c118 wrote

Can we just be content instead of being obsessed with "progress"?


Prometheus188 t1_iz4j5s9 wrote

Hard to be constant when you’re starving or unable to provide for yourself or your family. In order to be content, you need to have made a certain amount of progress already.


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Prometheus188 t1_iz5gsh5 wrote

I literally only have 1 account, and it’s this one. Stop randomly making shit up. Everyone who sees your comments is losing brain cells. Stop lying. Stop randomly making shit up. We can literally see your previous comments. No point in lying...


invaderpixel t1_iz5aq3j wrote

You're in getmotivated so the whole point is people who want to be motivated... if you don't care about progress or self improvement you don't need motivation


IamSarasctic t1_iz5bg89 wrote

Progress is how we end up where we are.


Poggse t1_iz5fp4d wrote

Exactly. Everything is about to collapse because it's unsustainable


AHumbleWooshFarmer t1_iz5bxgw wrote

Also it could be a drink problem. It depression. It a tough relationship. Stop gatekeeping getting better.


Traditional-Edge-424 t1_iz4qbvy wrote

being content is mans biggest sin


Poggse t1_iz4th6w wrote

I'd say destroying the planet is the biggest sin but it just depends on what you value. Clean air and water or shareholder profits. I favor the former, you the latter apparently


Traditional-Edge-424 t1_iz4u0qo wrote

you must be fun at parties


Poggse t1_iz4ubj9 wrote

People who think parties are fun also think Olive Garden is international cuisine 🤣


ValyrianJedi t1_iz6asnf wrote

Not if you have goals or things you want that matter to you


LoudAd69 t1_iz7el2e wrote

No wtf we are humans we grow and improve. It’s never too late to Learn and build.