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Zech08 t1_j0wahax wrote

Forgot a big one... re-evaluate/analyze because you are bordering on the definition of insanity.

A flawed plan or path may forever be such.


enador t1_j0wcp60 wrote

Doesn't apply to everything. Sometimes it's healthy to quit.


MedonSirius t1_j0wa5wl wrote

Ragequit? No, really, sometimes it's ok to quit. But always begin anew after that after getting some fresh champions in Raid Shadow Legends


Vaulters t1_j0wr9kc wrote

Going for the reset option, smoker for life!


NoNetwork6711 t1_j0vv5pe wrote

so many haters in these comments. i'm applying this to today's shift


SenseiRaheem t1_j0wc7gj wrote

Finally got a remote job offer in a field I wanted last week. They rescinded it two hours later because I live in a HCOL city and HR wouldn’t sign off.

I’m taking a week to refocus on having fun in the evenings after a brutal 4 week interview process and then it’s right back to the applications.


Berkamin t1_j0wvfko wrote

Don't quit the things that matter most.

In the wrong context "don't quit" messages can be rather hilarious. Someone photoshopped a bunch of "don't quit" motivators into images of alcoholics trying to drink past their limit, and it resulted in a bunch of memes where you laugh but shake your head in disapproval the whole time.

In Ukraine, Russia is doing the "just don't quit" thing and it is actually risking their entire future. Sometimes you need to cut your losses too if it turns out the thing you started wasn't a good idea.


DOS_UNOS t1_j0x6q7r wrote

I needed this today, thank you. I just finished a string of birthday and holiday parties that caused me to fall off track in both diet and exercise for over a week. Finally got back out there today and this helped me not feel so guilty.


alootechie t1_j0x9qd2 wrote

There is no shame in quitting. Successful people are actually great quitter.


UltraDistructo t1_j0xdzao wrote

Gotta say though boss, I’m real tired. I’m tired of people being ugly to each other…


DizzyTask7501 t1_j0v9fp3 wrote

Or quit. You don't always have to give 110%. Its alright to be a couch potato once in awhile.


ant_pod t1_j0wcqxo wrote

sometimes you just need to quit


RisqueLLC t1_j0xigfo wrote

Yes! This has been my motto for years now. Never give up just get creative 🙂


sacarstic t1_j0y4vb7 wrote

'Never Give In' The motto of the school I studied in.


SamiG99 t1_j0yk6ut wrote

How do you know the difference between “just don’t quit” and “sometimes it does less damage letting go”??


don_cali t1_j0yygl0 wrote

i'm like my win98, 4gb harddrive, 350mhz machine: time to defragment that sucker...


don_cali t1_j0yyhfz wrote

i'm like my win98, 4gb harddrive, 350mhz machine: time to defragment that sucker...


robert812003 t1_j0z119g wrote

Advice from our corporate overlords.


GsTSaien t1_j0zspr3 wrote

It is ok to let go of things that aren't good for you.

Don't quit on living, obviously, but sometimes we put ourselves through hell for things that we don't really want.


imasensation t1_j0wqi9k wrote

Not this time. I am infinite ;) you all are too!


Thefdt t1_j0vq99x wrote

Brought to you by Marlborough


rotating_pebble t1_j0vmrsy wrote

Is the image about you trying to get karma?