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LowRezDragon t1_j3fr7gm wrote

Not to take away from the positive message, but I think if he had like 4x the amount of those ladders, it would be tall enough to get over the wall


OJSimpsons t1_j3glc95 wrote

Depending on his upper body strength, he already has enough


idriveajalopy t1_j3hne9v wrote

This reads like “lift yourself by your bootstraps.”


OJSimpsons t1_j3lqwtb wrote

That was not my intention. He can reach his goal, just has to grab it. If he had no ladders it would be more of, "lift yourself by your bootstraps" which is intentionally impossible.


Septalion t1_j3fwkcz wrote

And if he only had 2 pieces he wouldn't be able to make it


TheBlacktom t1_j3gac40 wrote

He definitely could. Not elegantly, but possible.


OrganicPotatoSprouts t1_j3go0za wrote

It would be a clear OSHA violation to attempt it, or an entertaining addition to /r/WhatCouldGoWrong


draculamilktoast t1_j3gw6o7 wrote

The typical billionaire has so many ladders that it would fill the screen. Not just the picture, your whole screen, and then some. The problem would be getting over or around the ladders rather than the wall. The pile of ladders of millionaires would still be quite a climb, but you could quite easily make it as you would have slaves carrying you over. Meanwhile the most hardworking average person has approximately a single stick and is lambasted for not getting over the wall with it, with armies of self-help gurus screaming at the top of their lungs and ladders for you to turn a stick into a ladder like it's something you can feasibly do.


Dr4g0nSqare t1_j3hije8 wrote

Yeah I saw this and instantly thought it was a great metaphor for opportunity and means that could be expanded upon.


hellopomelo t1_j3g3u8w wrote

he should just use one ladder to smash whoever built the wall in the first place


oOzonee t1_j3gwd22 wrote

Yeah climbing ladder like this there is more chance his foot fall in a hole and he break an ankle


pipsterific t1_j3h7vmx wrote

And that’s why generationally wealthy people don’t have to work as hard.


themangastand t1_j3hah9w wrote

I honestly think it's already enough. Just needs to pull himself up now.


[deleted] t1_j3heoq9 wrote



LowRezDragon t1_j3i69bs wrote

You don't understand, I need the approval of this 7.8 million dollar bathroom that'll cost the next contractor no more than 700k


DavesMom19 t1_j3hpf8w wrote

In my experience? One can usually walk around the Wall. But instead, waste useless energy trying to get over it. Pretty good life analogy.


thethunder92 t1_j3flgz2 wrote

He just needs like 10 more and he’ll get up there!


hellopomelo t1_j3g3rrp wrote

gotta think outside the box! or just pile up all the boxes!


TheBlacktom t1_j3ga955 wrote

Based on the photo I could already pull myself up with a little jump.


Crackedcondombaby27 t1_j3g613y wrote

Eh, The picture shows me that as long as you have enough money, you will succeed by bruteforce eventually.


Cognitive_Spoon t1_j3gvz0s wrote

IRL, the guy selling the ladders probably knows the guy who builds the walls and they agree on the price of ladders and the height of walls every first Tuesday at their island.


DrCheekClappa t1_j3hdy1j wrote

This comment is too accurate and depressing for a Sunday morning


Cognitive_Spoon t1_j3hhm8x wrote

Sunday mornings are excellent for shit like this.

Strong cup of coffee. Love on your family. Contemplate the brokenness of human heirarchical structures by commenting.

Brew more coffee. Unplug for a while. Maybe grill something.

Move on to Monday.


Smarterest t1_j3hk79m wrote

“You see, killbots have a preset kill limit. Knowing their weakness, I sent wave after wave of my own men at them until they reached their limit and shut down. Kif, show them the medal I won." - Zapp Brannigan


ValyrianJedi t1_j3gw0u0 wrote

Depends on what you're trying to succeed at. I'd wager people with a lot of money average both more failed companies and more failed marriages than without it


twatfantesticles t1_j3fzvz0 wrote

I don’t think this image actually sends the message you think.


nottke t1_j3fgr7h wrote

He wouldn't be much higher by using one of those tiny ass ladders.


A-Chris t1_j3fpqdg wrote

This ladder baron hired a private defence contractor to keep anyone else from having a ladder. Hence the mess we’re in with climate wall.


MinecrAftX0 t1_j3g0abp wrote

He looks like he can pull himself up from there


Heavyarms83 t1_j3g2izu wrote

But what if you know exactly how to use a ladder, know every detail of the entire science of ladders but can’t afford a single one?


shunestar t1_j3gy54f wrote

Then go to school or use the internet to learn how to make one yourself.


zaquiastorm t1_j3g2jma wrote

Fuck, this one hits me. I feel like I have more resources than any person strictly needs, but I struggle like hell with actually utilizing them 😮‍💨😭


ShvoogieCookie t1_j3glq19 wrote

That's a common issue that's why buying self-help books over and over won't actually get you to achieve this. Don't worry about finding the perfect system through hundreds of books. Focus on implementing one system and tweak or abandon it after you tested the effectiveness.


Zech08 t1_j3gbbzh wrote

tell that to businesses that are flush with enough cash to fail and start back up again...

more resources = more options. Holding out for a prayer on a slim chance sucks.

edit: i mean look at the picture, hes still higher than he would be with nothing.


Riversntallbuildings t1_j3gwvyg wrote

In corporate America, executives point and say “look at all the resources you have!” And ignore the fact that one single person couldn’t possibly use 30 ladders.

“Why can’t you get more work done? You have 30 ladders to help you!”

“The job doesn’t require more ladders sir, the job requires more people standing on each of those ladders.”

“That sounds like an excuse/bad attitude to me.”

And on and on it goes.


FearkTM t1_j3g2a88 wrote

The message would maybe work better if the ladders where put sideway on the wall.


Ophaq t1_j3g9ibv wrote

Tell that to our corporate overlords.


Gerrut_batsbak t1_j3gbjke wrote

This sums up the anti science mentality you see a lot quite well.


Danitoba t1_j3geqhl wrote

How can you use them if you never knew you had them?


Xylus1985 t1_j3ggbt3 wrote

This is when you need Human Resource!


Spacechicken0 t1_j3gi65n wrote

I think the message of this picture is that if you are short, then you would need even more ladders


Aidiandada t1_j3gjntj wrote

You can’t stack that kind of ladder it would just fall over


Blood-Lord t1_j3gjpgd wrote

Ooh, this is a good one.


elpajaroquemamais t1_j3gjrvh wrote

There wouldn’t be a safe way to use his resources. None of them are long enough and you shouldn’t link them without connectors.


heredude t1_j3gngnh wrote

Give him like 40 more ladders and we’ll see. There’s always multiple ways to do something.


Fiery_Eagle954 t1_j3gnoga wrote

mans can't even lift his bodyweight smh my head


WanderingSchola t1_j3goz8r wrote

Ok, but he still couldn't be where he is without the ladders. You got to use it right and have it to use.


canelupo t1_j3grtho wrote

Wouldn't it be more motivating to say:

Even if you don't do it correctly as long as you don't give up eventually you will overcome the obstacle...


Gryphrey t1_j3gucjy wrote

He just needs like 5 more ladders


mcdto t1_j3gvojy wrote

Well if it doesn’t matter how many resources, this guy could just get more ladders, stack them incorrectly, and get over the wall.


PapajaSraja t1_j3gxj75 wrote

Well few more and he can make it lmao


They_Beat_Me t1_j3gynik wrote

I suppose the skill of the person with the ladders partly depends on if they paid for the wall.


L_knight316 t1_j3gzyje wrote

Jesus christ, does nobody take metaphors for what they are anymore? How bout you all tell me about how the "hang in there" cat is actually a message of futile resistance against the pull of gravity.


WeepingAgnello t1_j3h16dr wrote

I clicked because the thumbnail looked like someone trying to escape a hairy crotch! Also this is a repost. How many times has that guy run away from a hairy crotch already? I can't even.


passive_fist t1_j3h5yf9 wrote

Red Foreman: "Listen Eric, the reason things are hard for you right now isn't because you have bad luck. It's because you're a dumbass. "


Kavvai t1_j3h6du3 wrote

parkour skills allow me to present myself


masteranish t1_j3h7czo wrote

Exactly. Someone please tell him to stack the ladders properly.


Lennartjh t1_j3h7hsm wrote

Just stack more ladders, but for that bitch? You don't even need one. Just take a good sprint, two step wall run, muscle-up and bam you vault.


Bunghoi t1_j3h8m52 wrote

Religious people


Ostry_y t1_j3hbxrr wrote

fake it till you make it


BloodyCumbucket t1_j3hcx1l wrote

I imagine this is how orange face thinks ladders work when he tried to build his wall.


Roman_____Holiday t1_j3he7py wrote

I doesn't matter how much knowledge you have. If you don't have the resources, it will never be enough.


ScruffyTheJ t1_j3hf1ki wrote

Not true. You could have billions of dollars and still succeed even if you say spend it all on Twitter.


blewpah t1_j3hfbe2 wrote

Why this mf got like 50 ladders


nastynateraide t1_j3hfgb3 wrote

Now let's add some tables and chairs because you just bought yourself a match with the Undertaker, playa


carefree-and-happy t1_j3hid3s wrote

Unfortunately most people in this situation aren’t given ladders. They are given a single step stool and a pay on the back.

Most people don’t have the resources to even attempt to peel over the wall../it’s done by design.


Trips-Over-Tail t1_j3hp7th wrote

If he had only burned those ladders the heat might crack the wall.


RoyalClod t1_j3i35tt wrote

Me making 600 crafting tables


MLG_Pingu05 t1_j3ic7oy wrote

This is absolutely true in StarCraft 2: Legacy Of the Void


YakOrnery t1_j3ifh0e wrote

Yes it does matter.

With the resources once you learn how to use're golden.

If you learn how do to "it" and have no access to the needed're fucked.


barbzilla1 t1_j3gb7or wrote

BS,. If I have enough resources I can hire somebody that knows what they're doing to do it for me


TristyThrowaway t1_j3gl2q5 wrote

This is some prosperity gospel bullshit lol


cylordcenturion t1_j3gh4ce wrote

See see! This is why we shouldn't have welfare the Poors are poor because they dont understand economics, if we give them money they'll just buy food and drugs and stay poor, we should give the money to rich people who have proven they know how to use it properly to make money and make line go up!



kingofwale t1_j3gnsg5 wrote

Or just don’t give free handouts to anyone??

Fund programs so people can better themselves and escape the cycle of poverty and addiction…. Not just give money out with no string attached.


cylordcenturion t1_j3go4k5 wrote

You are absolutely right, the Poors should have to jump through hoops before we allow them to eat. If we don't humiliate and dehumanize them before giving them assistance everyone will just stop working.



kingofwale t1_j3goav1 wrote

Because current system of unchecked handout has completely solved poverty and addiction issue in your respective country…. Right?


danielv123 t1_j3gu8qv wrote

Where are there unchecked handouts to the poor?


Hungol t1_j3fzscw wrote

Even my 4yo recognised a ladder and how to use it. More like it doesnt matter how many resources have if you’re verifiably braindead.


Beneficial_Cod792 t1_j3fb6rt wrote

And some of those rescues turn out to be a set up And you wind up having to give up your life to get out. Do for yourself so that way you don't owe nobody a dam thing. Too many fake ass ppl in this world


subzero112001 t1_j3fzpef wrote

Be careful OP, you’re making it seem like people might have to take some kind of personal responsibility.

Redditors don’t like that thought.


nevertrustamod t1_j3g6jiu wrote

Just so other people don’t make the same mistake I did: this guy’s comment history proves that he is exactly the goateed sunglasses in the truck selfie stereotype he comes across as here.