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countafit t1_j78sgeg wrote

When do you get another shot at life?


TheDudeAbides30425 t1_j79ayl2 wrote

When you run out of film..


hellopomelo t1_j79e2ea wrote

you guys are about to start a religious cult, aren't you?


TheDudeAbides30425 t1_j79e9hy wrote

I would.. But I really can't picture it.


scubawankenobi t1_j79rs3s wrote

Maybe you just haven't finished processing your Negatives.


already-taken-754 t1_j7a05lk wrote

Lmfao.. came here to say this was such a cool quote ended up laughing at this thread


meet5 t1_j7auy7k wrote

postponed your recent worry


draculamilktoast t1_j7ajbxc wrote

Every day is another chance or another downfall depending on what you choose. You deserve to choose to go upwards and that remains true no matter how many times you chose to go down in the past.


Lastmann t1_j79lmhn wrote

Try different lenses and different perspectives if you find you're getting boring results.


Polikonomist t1_j78sc6y wrote

Also your 6 your old brother will always try to moon you in the background while you're trying to focus


dlittlefair1 t1_j7969tc wrote

That’s not like a camera other than the word choice. This is a shitty attempt at motivation.


IJustBeTalking t1_j7ggxmw wrote

also film photos aren’t developed from a negative they are the developed negative

edit: i’m gonna admit when i’m wrong, i feel like it actually makes sense on 7th thought. in a strange way, like “develop the concept of what the photo represents from the technology of a film negative”

yeah i’m over thinking this wtf is wrong with me lol


dlittlefair1 t1_j7gh4kf wrote

Fuck me this got 5.6k upvotes?! I posted my original comment when it had a couple of hundred.


nhorvath t1_j79kqxk wrote

You don't develop from negatives, You develop negatives (from exposed film) and you print from them.


scubawankenobi t1_j79s1td wrote

>You develop negatives (from exposed film) and you print from them.

You might.

I haven't in years!


Miss_Floof t1_j79rx40 wrote

Is it bad that the first thing I thought of was a shot with a gun? 🤣


Saerah4 t1_j79uj5f wrote

What font is this? Its so clean and neat


C-STAR-332 t1_j7ancd4 wrote

“Delete old files”


scubawankenobi t1_j79sd61 wrote

>and if things don't work out,
>take another shot

This last bit has worked for me!


BertzReynolds t1_j7b6aww wrote

Life is like a liar. Just post lies about what you want people to think.

Like a liar.


soapymoapysuds t1_j7bbqwt wrote

Except that everyone uses digital cameras now so no more developing from a negative. It should be more like

Life is like an iPhone camera. Use Cinematic mode to focus on things that matter, use front camera to reflect on self and if you don’t like how things look apply a filter to make yourself feel better.


leoheck t1_j79oops wrote

except that no one knows what a camera is.


fatbunyip t1_j7ad482 wrote

And whatever happens, upload the results to social media.


DirkBabypunch t1_j7akv1a wrote

Instructions unclear, developed alchohol problem.


Zech08 t1_j7aqblf wrote

Edit and photoshop helps (like money).

Cameras can be expensive.

Sometimes you take a pic with the cover.

Batteries not included.

Take many shots, pick a suitable picture.


dudewasup111 t1_j7aro6m wrote

Opens tequila "well if you insist".


shwishboggler t1_j7arxbl wrote

Ah, was gonna say… since it’s Reddit I somehow just expected it to end: “and if you get bored and you don’t think there’s enough left in it to be worth saving: shoot yourself.”

I didn’t see the sub name at first.


JimmysMomGotItGoinOn t1_j7as2xa wrote

Not every picture will come out good, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you saved every photo, the highlights will get overshadowed by the failures. Frame the good things, and toss out the bad—even if you worked hard on it.


Flabbergash t1_j7azaim wrote

Instructions unclear, shot as many as possible then myself


messiisgod24 t1_j7b0haf wrote

Shouldn’t it be: “Life is like photography “ ?


TheKobraSnake t1_j7b3iu0 wrote

Instructions unclear, I'm dying of liver failure


tjarod11 t1_j7b8rk5 wrote

Life advice from puns


OminOus_PancakeS t1_j7bcbh1 wrote

Huh. An r/getmotivated post that didn't enrage me.

Please take a cookie.



Over-Document54 t1_j7bi82r wrote

Until we became a communist country... so don't wait around


frankdhlam t1_j7bjzjn wrote

Sometime you get out of date film and end up with weird results. Other times you forget to put film in and end up with nothing.


Trips-Over-Tail t1_j7bomc8 wrote

I opened up to a friend and now all my memories are blank.


huxley75 t1_j7bx0nx wrote

Ha, I only have digital cameras so this doesn't make any sense to me.



three-sense t1_j7cnddw wrote

Waste lots of money trying to get something perfect! Waste hours waiting for results! Flash people!

I can make it go both ways


Fukken_nerd t1_j7cy0v7 wrote

Instructions unclear, now I'm drunk and my life still sucks


Constant-Cat6482 t1_j7rkygz wrote

Unless your private investigator taking pictures trying to get dirt on somebody 😂😂


FixedState t1_j7a0bjk wrote

The commas should be periods


JizzyMcCornflakes t1_j7asjnr wrote

You know cameras are used for bad stuff too right? Like human experimenting, war photography, spying, porn, etc. What a dumb quote. Life ain't nothing like a fucking camera.