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peppapiggie t1_j7qzc78 wrote

Torn between being water and being myself.


pulp_before_sunrise t1_j7rf68v wrote

You are mostly water, since the human body is composed of mostly water. By being water, you are tapping in to being with a specific part of yourself.


up-x-dn t1_j7r6gp6 wrote

"Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman, in which case always be Batman"


Cross33 t1_j7r4j1u wrote

I mean it's a nice sentiment but it's also kinda hard to take seriously. His self is god damned Bruce Lee. Myself is me. Also he had mentors to sculpt him since he was a child. I really don't think he can relate to an average person very well.


Yarddogkodabear t1_j7rliy1 wrote

He shaped himself into a sexy wise wizardly martial arts scholar based on sexy martial arts HonkKong martial arts scholars for an American entertainment audience.

He's the Hong Kong Fonz


ComeFromTheWater t1_j7rr1wj wrote

He would not have been Bruce Lee if he didn’t believe he could become Bruce Lee.


VerySlump t1_j7rj04p wrote

A lot of people’s natural “self” is actually terrible and requires change & improvement.

Don’t be yourself.

Unbecome everything you’re not.


chillingohdylan t1_j7rswgc wrote

What is terrible about your self?

I disagree. I think you should be your self. Who are you matters. Who you are determines the people you around etc etc etc. Who you are determines your likes and interests. Who you are is what makes you you. Know your self imo


[deleted] t1_j7ryac7 wrote



chillingohdylan t1_j7rzpi1 wrote

I think when human beings are sitting at the desk, sitting on a screen for 40 hours a week, every single week, we yearn for more leisure. Our emotions want us to go on an adventure with our friends, travel, experience, appreciate music and art, help out in our communities, meet people, find a significant other we are interested in yet our society has become very isolating. It's harder than ever to meet people, find something you are passionate about outside of work, or just do stuff you always wanted to do. The grind and the reason why we are unmotivated is not because we are lazy but our brains are forced to pay attention to and be efficient in something we aren't necessarily interested in like working at bank, or being an electrician or an engineer. That requires 40 hours of our time every single week and our brains don't always want to do that thing we are supposed to do because we naturally don't want to do it. In fact, the purpose of humans was to reproduce, eat and survive. We made that much more complex with the society we built around us. And how an owning class exploits our labor.


nandeeshwara t1_j7rrvpz wrote

Somehow I needed this at this minute.


RoyalSamurai t1_j7rscoy wrote

Easy for him to say, he's Bruce Lee!


Yarddogkodabear t1_j7rl4ys wrote

I'd like to see a debate between (Actors) Bruce Lee and a teenager.

Lee - "Always be yourself"

Teen - "what are you talking about, you literally are a cartoon of a Martial arts Wizard."

Lee - "be like water?"

Teen - "elastic in my thinking, thanks yes I'm skeptical that you are self aware of lame you are."


kumar_ny t1_j7s4t1q wrote

Anybody accidentally kills anybody in a fight, they go to jail. It's called manslaughter. I think all that lethal weapon horseshit is just an excuse so you dancers never have to get in a real fight.”once upon a time in Hollywood “


Geo224 t1_j7sk063 wrote

i dont know if this dude said this...but its great advice...but be ready to not say much in groups...or piss everybody off a lot


Honest_Lion8 t1_j7t25r5 wrote

Be yourself. But not if you are a schmuck. In that case be opposite of yourself.


sneaky_squirrel t1_j7t6v0p wrote

Brought me nothing but hardship...

I just can't be like other people!


Autistic_Figure699 t1_j7tr3nu wrote

Copying somebody is never possible to the fullest degree, so doing so at least in aspects of yourself with succesful people is never a bad idea


Zech08 t1_j7uj4fa wrote

Needs disclaimers, because that is an awful amouht of red flags as well (Well also problems with conforming and integration). Remember we are and take part in society.


waldorsockbat t1_j7ujb5n wrote

But wait, by listening to this quote aren't we adopting Bruce Lee's personality 🤔


Tonkinjg t1_j7vnb78 wrote

could become Bruce Lee


dranaei t1_j7tvuvp wrote

I don't agree with this. You have to try things you have to follow people to find yourself. I have to find me, to grow up. I'm not always myself, i change into a different self. I don't do the things i did when i was a kid. I believe different things.


HappyHighwayman t1_j7rm4s9 wrote

The man was taken down by a heachache tablet