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InformalPenguinz t1_j8199ht wrote

Two steps forward, one step back, is still one step forward!


Vihzel t1_j81guic wrote

Only 376,382 steps to go until I feel happy enough to go out for dinner.


InformalPenguinz t1_j81hamm wrote

Well Google says average steps a year is around 75k which seems low to me... anyway that's only 5 years till you can go out. If you break that down it's only 60 months..... also ubereats exists lol


405cw t1_j81kklx wrote

No, average miles walked in a lifetime is 75k. Average steps a year is just under 2.5mil.


InformalPenguinz t1_j81kqo8 wrote

Oohhhh I must've misread, thank you for the edit kind internet stranger.


405cw t1_j81kxz4 wrote

No prob! I hit just under 10k a day so I noticed it was off.


InformalPenguinz t1_j81l6t2 wrote

That's why I put seems a lil low.. I did not fact check my fact check. Classic rookie mistake


RollerDude347 t1_j843bhe wrote

My job requires a lot of walking. 30k steps minimum a day. Honestly I've never felt better.


evilanimegenious t1_j83rqow wrote

I do just over 8k a day walking to and from work 5 days a week and I'm on my feet all day while I'm at work.... Makes me wonder how many I really do in a work day 🤔


405cw t1_j855p1f wrote

It's worth getting a step counter!


Gratiskatze_ t1_j858ymg wrote

Most phones have a built in counter these days, maybe not super-accurate but gives you an eatimation.


713984265 t1_j82zmni wrote

> Well Google says average steps a year is around 75k

Maybe average steps a week?


Suck_my_fat_hairy_n t1_j82ypdu wrote

That's cap bro I hit like 30k steps on my 2ds in a day for those little orange tokens


-hx t1_j85iptw wrote

A healthy amount should be 5-10k a day so that's already 3 million steps a year if you're proactive about it.

I think google is obviously counting people that hardly reach a thousand a day.


Commie-commuter t1_j821si6 wrote

This has more to it than sounds. Resting a bit is often known to increase efficiency in the long run.


frivol t1_j855wyq wrote

I've definitely noticed this with learning languages. Studying relentlessly means I'll have to unlearn more bad habits later. (Human, not computer, languages.)


-hx t1_j85iy3e wrote

Same with programming! Breaks help with understanding what you're doing no matter what you're learning. Also, sleep!


EmilyClaire1718 t1_j853s73 wrote

It’s true! And sometimes it’s 4 steps back, 2 steps forward , 2 steps back, 5 steps forward.

It’s easy to focus on the backtracking because it sucks! But if one just keeps at it and trying as hard as they can, the steps forward are guaranteed


Orsus7 t1_j81n7f4 wrote

Progress is never always up. It should look like the left but slowly going up more than down over time.


dare_dick t1_j83d7t8 wrote

Like the stock of a successful company!


Hendlton t1_j841z55 wrote

Coincidentally, that's also how you track a stock portfolio!


thing_yt t1_j84ztg3 wrote

Absolutely this.

The chart on the right is just as inaccurate as the one on the left.


Pickledprat t1_j81h891 wrote

It's definitely the left one but thanks for the optimism.


GelloniaDejectaria t1_j82lp47 wrote

IRL it can be a sloppy looking hybrid of both. Or it can be a massive plateau. Or even decline due to failing health.


Vio94 t1_j8299b3 wrote

Inside each of those inclines and peaks on the left side is the graph on the right side. But it's definitely still the left side in the end.


Nippahh t1_j83xhlz wrote

Depends on how much you zoom out


beeskness420 t1_j81belc wrote

Derivatives be like.


TimeTravelPenguin t1_j8363b5 wrote

My progress can be described by the function whose derivative is cos(x)


Archersbows7 t1_j81mauu wrote

The idea behind this is true and sound, but the way the green arrow was drawn is just stupid. The green arrow doesn't have any steps backward in it at all, it just has side steps and upwards. We all know that there's steps backward during growth.


k4b0odls t1_j81b0z2 wrote

Nope just a steady decline for me


FullVinceMode t1_j81coxo wrote

Progress downwards is still progress


k4b0odls t1_j81de1g wrote

Fixing to progress to a noose in my closet at this rate.


FullVinceMode t1_j81eflz wrote

Find your worst addiction, gaming/alcohol/drugs/porn and quit it for 30 days please.

And talk to someone qualified.


gamerdude69 t1_j81jham wrote

Get Atomic Habits on Audible. I want 40% of all your future successes as payment.


crujones33 t1_j81nzox wrote

Why Audible and not a book?

Because I’m wondering if I should get an Audible account.


DeanCheesePritchard t1_j81ukg7 wrote

Libby is free you just need a library card. Wait times can be a little long though depending on your library. I had audible and liked it but it began to get a bit expensive over time.


crujones33 t1_j81urb7 wrote

Yeah, expense is why I haven’t done it yet. I think there’s a monthly plan to get one free book a month. My old job did that and we shared it.


gamerdude69 t1_j81wgik wrote

Imo because it makes the average person more likely to actually finish the book. I think if you are determined to finish the book regardless, reading is better. Especially in this case, because it's a book you'll want to reference for a while as you learn to implement this knowledge.


autoHQ t1_j83oar8 wrote

I actually have that book but haven't gotten around to reading it. What is so great about it? I flipped through the first chapter or so and it just seems to be your standard self help book.


gamerdude69 t1_j844k1h wrote

It breaks down the mechanics of building habits that actually stick, so that you can build the life you want.


BrownGypsy t1_j81r64r wrote

Thanks, I needed this.


Lonely-Inspector-548 OP t1_j81whru wrote

I’m really happy you found this useful, I made it myself for someone else feeling low so even though it is really simplified I’m happy I got the point across :)


happygocrazee t1_j82f9ca wrote

This is simply and objectively false. Not every fallback is a "chance for success" or a "learning moment". Sometimes it's just a step back and you're no better or stronger for it later.

Not that one shouldn't try to stay positive but let's not peddle bullshit.


Frase_doggy t1_j82typw wrote

>“It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness; that is life.”

Jean Luc Picard


R3dsnow75 t1_j8318ky wrote

I had to double check to see if it was a french philosopher or that Star Trek character. I was mostly certain it was from Star Trek.


autoHQ t1_j83oc8k wrote

Yeah, that sucks ass. Life is cruel as fuck.


andyrew21345 t1_j82myib wrote

If you practice a skill you’re not just going to get worse so idk how this is objectively false… it might be a little disingenuous because there is definitley setbacks or bad days, but objectively you will get better the more practice you put into anything. That’s my perspective anyways idk.


babychimera614 t1_j82qvc1 wrote

Because there will almost always be periods where you regress either temporarily or permanently if your upkeep is not good enough. Every time I've tried to get fitter and healthier, I've had a small amount of success followed by me rapidly putting on more weight than when I started. My math skills are well below when I was at uni, despite now being a math teacher, because I haven't reviewed the higher level skills in a long time. The continued growth shown in this image relies on consistent, increasing effort (as you get better, it gets harder to improve further) along with some luck (unforseen circumstances not getting in the way), and in reality, people frequently lack the motivation to achieve this. If you pause your efforts, you will often lose skills rather quickly. So it's somewhat demoralising if you know that you genuinely are not improving.


happygocrazee t1_j82r4vb wrote

I was looking at it from the perspective of mental health. I guess it makes a bit more sense in the context of practicing a skill, though it's still not totally true.


[deleted] t1_j836wwk wrote

You can get worse depending on how you practice.


jerkface1026 t1_j843yzo wrote

If you repeatedly fail at juggling knives, you are not improving with fewer fingers.


andyrew21345 t1_j84bsjh wrote

You typically don’t start with knives. I literally know how to juggle so this only proves my point from where im standing.


westernarc t1_j81rr3o wrote

I track my archery data and it's objectively the left one...


Jov_West t1_j82f16e wrote

Zero dips at all, huh?


Circadian78 t1_j823dws wrote

This made me smile, thank you 😊


pogosticksrule420 t1_j8506v0 wrote

This cheered me up a surprising amount! I'm feeling down about not having a job after I just graduated, but this made me realize I've come a long way. Even on a low day im in a better place than a few years ago


Flushles t1_j81opaq wrote

This is what I feel like learning a second language then I hear people speak and understand them, except for Chileanos their Spanish is wild.


Resident_Advisor_292 t1_j81s9w3 wrote

All I see is my O2 sensor working fine, and my long term fuel trim going up!? Do I have a vacuum leak?


Null_error_ t1_j820brn wrote

Function vs integral of the function.


jcreeks t1_j822pgr wrote

This looks like when i learned about derivatives


RasperGuy t1_j82cbcj wrote

Can confirm, my weight gain is definitely following the right graph..


helluvadrunkard t1_j82cg6h wrote

Nah, progress does go down pretty often. It’s normal.


Benny-Harvey t1_j82do36 wrote

No, its very much a downward spiral


tritium3 t1_j82fboy wrote

Can someone explain the scientific reason this happens?


HawterSkhot t1_j82fvas wrote

Thank you so much. I needed this.


OneOfTheOnlies t1_j82iy74 wrote

Yes but it's my chronic pain progressing


LicketyThrowaway t1_j82jymq wrote

I feel this (about something I’m trying to get better at right now) and really hope you’re right.


vadorone t1_j82lroq wrote

Kinda missing one the most important progress which is straight to the dirt at some point


golgol12 t1_j82q6j5 wrote

How derivative.

(*yes, this is a calculus joke)


OriCakes_ t1_j82rhpu wrote

"Learn to love the plateau" -George Leonard, Mastery


Jimbo33000 t1_j82rjww wrote

I felt like I was drowning the last 10yrs, but I’m actually doing alright…making more than my goal in college, from which I dropped out of, and it’s not too many years later. Keep on learning something everyday and doing something that scares you everyday…it stacks up.


sth128 t1_j82wjzj wrote

As a sine wave I'm now having an identity crisis.


Shuteye_491 t1_j82wlvs wrote

Except financially, then the charts are reversed


M13Calvin t1_j82x4lt wrote

Idk about than man... I have data that say the first ones true


dillonEh t1_j82zhud wrote

For me, the y-axis increase is purely wisdom. I haven't achieved or created much, but I've learned a lot on what not to do.


Zech08 t1_j82zsyr wrote

Normalization in progress makes it more like the left. Example of working out and hitting a new plateau or fitness level, which is now your baseline and you fluctuate and start all over (You are still progressing). This is why you note progress with values and not feelings (Of course this doesnt work well with certain areas that are inherently subjective).

Or on a long time scale it would be logarithmic, relative to certain factors, and you have an absolute limit.


HouseofEl1987 t1_j8353xs wrote

Tell this to my crippling student loan debt and rent increases.


Calvin1991 t1_j83ajwv wrote

You should see my chess elo


[deleted] t1_j83boap wrote

Keep your head up folks!!


CrumblingCake t1_j83fm9t wrote

The left one is acceleration and the right one is distance


CrispySaratas t1_j83gep2 wrote

I see, you never played ranked rocket league xD


MRHBK t1_j83goji wrote

No I am progressing like the red line. Or more like the green line of it was rotated 90 degrees.


feidujiujia t1_j83h3p0 wrote

For me it’s the other way around


IrrationalID_12 t1_j83hybb wrote

This more then true and you won't even realize it when its too late or looking back


soiramio3000 t1_j83i8xh wrote

I feel like the first graph and I KNOW that this is exactly how things are happening because unlike you I have got actual data to back up my claim that I am not progressing at all in competitive pokemon.


siler7 t1_j83igp5 wrote

How the hell do you know?

Hey, next, tell me what my favorite color is.


Orni t1_j83lc65 wrote

I've been trying to loose some weight recently. The graphs, unfortunately, fit.


lioudrome t1_j83n2u0 wrote

Love it : you percieve the derivative instead of the function


autoHQ t1_j83o66x wrote

Man. I wish.

My life has gotten worse and worse with each passing year. Health issues, losing pets, family and friends. Losing optimism as the realities of life set in deeper and deeper. Getting older and more achy and shit just takes longer to heal.

If this is how fast life has declined for me now, and I'm not even that "old", I'm terrified to see how bad life will get when I'm in my 50's and 60's if I make it that far.


FalseTebibyte t1_j83qamh wrote

Still waiting on disability

Nobody cares about the problems I went through

Food Stamps still not active, won't even call to schedule the interview

This is all a lie.


MCMainiac t1_j83qtzg wrote

Jokes on you, the left one is the derivative of the right one!


ToonLucas22 t1_j83s8l0 wrote

Technically speaking, the function of the first graph can be interpreted as the derivative of the function of the second one


VG88 t1_j83stvh wrote

God I hope so.


3rrr6 t1_j83ysm0 wrote

It's kinda, a mix of both. I'm currently learning to program and have been doing it on and of to the last 10 years. If I stop programming for even a month, I forget so much of what learned BUT i retain the logical reasoning to solve the problems. Like, i know i need to use a for loop here, i just don't remember how to make one.

If i take a break from a project, i pretty much HAVE to refactor when I start again because I'm still not great at preparing the project for my future (dumber) self.


binary_ghost t1_j840ica wrote

I was just thinking about this, I have come a long ass way but can never seem to really take stock of it. Any tips from those who have been through this??


vaulterduff t1_j841von wrote

I'm feeling this right now. Working on a project where I produce and experiment everyday for 100 days. Wrapping the first week and felt frustrated until I looked at overall how far I had come. Reading the book The Practice by Seth Godin has been motivating for me.


Fiesteh t1_j842dxg wrote

Left side is my body weight before Covid lockdown. Right side is my body weight during Covid lockdown.


Kiroto50 t1_j843n39 wrote

So cosine squared is the derivative of the progress function.


Meowopesmeow t1_j847r9z wrote

I think you've got my chart upside down there


strangemud t1_j84aywu wrote

My graph is pointing the other direction


strangemud t1_j84azxc wrote

My graph is pointing the other direction


strangemud t1_j84b0s0 wrote

My graph is pointing the other direction


strangemud t1_j84b3ph wrote

My graph is pointing the other direction


strangemud t1_j84b7g7 wrote

My graph is pointing the other direction


[deleted] t1_j84bb54 wrote

im not sure about it


[deleted] t1_j84bci5 wrote

im not sure about it


drkstlth01 t1_j84i603 wrote

Looks like the S&P500


DrMK37 t1_j852lj4 wrote

Yes that's what james clear said in atomic habits. You think if you make 1% improvement everyday that you progress in a linear fashion but the truth is you improve exponentially. If you make progress about 1% everyday in a certain field you will end up by improving 37 times than your previous one.


Camarila t1_j85fw2e wrote

The left one felt like being a mom for the first time with a baby


DifferentRegular4549 t1_j85g0hv wrote

It is possible to spin your wheels and not go anywhere. Having goals with externally verifiable and objective criteria helps

Also you are fighting against time (age, decay, entropy) so even maintaining can be a victory, albeit a somewhat depressing one


RedditIsDogshit1 t1_j85ksc7 wrote

Wow what a great post. Like a breath of fresh air


Sepidy t1_j8616b7 wrote

Very good illustration 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Sofialovee t1_j8a5evm wrote

Consistency wins everytime


Original-Ad-4642 t1_j820lkm wrote

People don’t think it be like that, but it do.