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Chambec t1_j8hnxv5 wrote

No orange juice no fire! Get that juuuice!


thaddeus423 t1_j8i1z18 wrote


I don’t feel good today.

I feel awful. I want to be unalive.

But I know I won’t always feel this way.

This too, shall pass.

All I can do is hope and pray every day. It’s out of my hands at this point.

So today, I’ll try and focus on the things that I can control.

I will try and obtain the juice, so that I may obtain the fire.

Lord knows I have limitless potential when properly loved and inspired.

Thank you, juice man.


wookieebush t1_j8iu79u wrote

You are worth it, bud. You deserve love and happiness and you will find it.


thaddeus423 t1_j8jkzl8 wrote

Hell yeah, man. We all are. I hope the same for all of us, and you.


The_Real_ZerXceS t1_j8hsbul wrote

you need to pour molten metal through a metal ring to light a campfire. inaction means no metal rings


Bland-fantasie t1_j8iaj6d wrote

Can anyone honestly explain the metaphor here?


Aquamarooned t1_j8ibfb8 wrote

Magnifying glass. I also had to read the comments for the answer


Bland-fantasie t1_j8iemoz wrote

Oh thanks. Well then I’ll say sarcastically that this is a great life lesson/metaphor:

-No lens in the magnifying glass, so the tool is “broken.” Light isn’t refracted either; there is actually no lens.

-Doesn’t require practice to do it if you see or hear about it once.

-Extremely minimal effort to light the fire if you have a functioning version of this tool.


Zyrr2 t1_j8igcj0 wrote

There is a glass, look closely. I don't think it's bad either.

Focus your potential (with whatever tool works for you) on something to get a result. Or don't focus it and get no results.

I can relate.


unhandy_handyman t1_j8il0h3 wrote

I understand what they are trying to say and I think it fits close enough that most don't notice its muffin toping out of the concept. My left eye twitched experiencing the image.


tots4scott t1_j8j7q94 wrote

Yeah but you're adding a lot to the image. All it says is inaction and daily practice.

There's a million decent image metaphors out there and this is not one of them.


SirVanyel t1_j8kko3v wrote

You've never used the wrong tool to try to get the job done because you were too lazy to make a trip to the toolbox?


nobody876543 t1_j8ibcaw wrote

The sun will only drip into a campfire through a metal ring. It’s not a metaphor it’s just basic science


twohundredsixteen t1_j8ieo7z wrote

That's why it's so dangerous to leave rings lying around outdoors. Rings= leading cause of global warming.


PacanePhotovoltaik t1_j8l2we0 wrote

So Sonic the Hedgehog is a good guy or an enemy of the world?


twohundredsixteen t1_j8l3pt3 wrote

Well, he collects them, which means there are fewer around....I'm gonna call him the good guy. For now.


NtheLegend t1_j8kgk6r wrote

Have you seen The Ring? That’s basically how it works.


[deleted] t1_j8ij5jv wrote



Bland-fantasie t1_j8ilq6c wrote

Thanks! I did this and my bank account was mistakenly drained and I can’t get through to your customer service anymore - is there a website where I could submit a ticket?


theanedditor t1_j8ien1s wrote

I thought it was one of those games where you move the metal loop and can’t touch the other metal wire or it buzzes and electrocutes you.


taco_monger t1_j8hs323 wrote

How do I milk the sun juice?


Joebiwan13 t1_j8hz7e7 wrote

What is happening in this picture 😂


SporesM0ldsandFungus t1_j8i8yhk wrote

Took me a few looks. It's supposed to be the sun and a magnifying glass that lights the campfire.


dplagueis0924 t1_j8m0d8j wrote

It’s pretty obvious: Potential without work. Action is useless.


1stbaam t1_j8hz1cf wrote

Replace inaction with 12 hour shift.


SixGeckos t1_j8j5du7 wrote

There’s plenty of people without these constraints and there’s always ways to shoot down these positive messages. Leave the subreddit if you always have excuses


Rokketeer t1_j8k0czx wrote

They’re just venting man. I was in the same boat as the comment OP for years until I had the opportunity to quit and go back to school. Not everyone can be as fortunate, sadly.


BudwinTheCat t1_j8i0s4s wrote

Me and my ADD here... feelsbadman


MadaRook t1_j8iwrga wrote

Here feeling bad with you, my Adhd and I


MourkaCat t1_j8jcjmt wrote

Yep. Would LOVE to do the action. Would loooove it.


BudwinTheCat t1_j8mriyi wrote

Oh ya you definitely understand


MourkaCat t1_j8nosfl wrote

I do my friend! All the best to you. Hope you manage to do the thing today! And if not, well. There's always tomorrow to try again!


rehab_VET t1_j8h9yum wrote

Annnnnnnd I’ll go do another set of weights . Thank you good person of the internets


soiramio3000 t1_j8hczi7 wrote

that's not always true.

if you are bad at what you are doing you can practice for years and still fail to improve.

I know from personal experience.


EDIT:to clarify:I am mostly talking about competitive pokemon. I just can't improve on that since there aren't any STRAIGHTFORWARD videos and articles on the internet on team building.(except from that video grady cool made for sticky web teams, that was the one and only straightforward video I have ever watched).


joomla00 t1_j8i4hb0 wrote

You can also practice incorrectly. People always underestimate, or don't want to perform, proper training


soiramio3000 t1_j8ixnr9 wrote

I don't think that there is an "incorrect" way to practice competitive pokemon.


joomla00 t1_j8kmckp wrote

I don't know anything about competitive Pokemon but based in what you said, you clearly have a problem with team building. Your practice at the moment may be developing and testing techniques to optimize for team building.


soiramio3000 t1_j8mjq7q wrote

>Your practice at the moment may be developing and testing techniques to optimize for team building.

Hm?what? Are you talking about what I am currently doing or what you believe that I should be doing?

You may want to rephrase that part.


ehho t1_j8hz7h9 wrote

Thats not true. You can improve at anything.

You need to put more time and attention to what you are doing according to your limitations. Thats where good teachers and coaches come into play.

Its rarely a race. Often its a marathon.


soiramio3000 t1_j8ixjet wrote

I am playing competitve pokemon in pokemonshowdown for over a year and I suck and I cannot improve because there are not any STRAIGHTFORWARD videos or articles on the internet on how to built a team.

(except from EXACTLY ONE video that was only about building a sticky web team.).


catfink1664 t1_j8jms2n wrote

Have you tried asking in r/pokemonshowdown ?


soiramio3000 t1_j8jozxg wrote

Ask what exactly?

If you are talking about the "rate my team"posts they are useless, they are mostly ignored and when people respond to them they give advice that benefits the team very little.

If I ask for team building tips in general then they will jist tell me to watch a video or read an article.

Someone just yesterday told me in the smogon forums that "Teambuilding is a skill you build upon through experience and metagame knowledge. Its simply practice on what you want to build around, your offensive/defensive cores, pivots, hazards, etc."

This info is not helpful at all.


catfink1664 t1_j8jpkun wrote

I agree, it isn’t. Ask them if they know of good videos and articles for improving your game


soiramio3000 t1_j8jr8q1 wrote

There aren't any videos or articles that help you. I looked it up.

They are all giving you surface level information like what a wallbreak and a revenge killer is and what then they expect you to figure out everything on your own.


ehho t1_j8jtldc wrote

I don't know anything about that game in particular so what i say may or may not apply.

They say that you need 10.000 hours of practice to master something. Anything. 10.000 hours is roughly 10 years.

I played league of legends and chess for that amount of time and still sucked. The reason i didn't improve is because when they say practice, they mean hard work, which is different than just playing around.

When i wanted to improve i spent more time analying my games, finding mistakes teying to figure out to fix them for the next time. Only when i had no solution i googled wuat othera did in that specific example. Another thing i did was look for chess and LoL guides, video explanations, spent 30-60minus practicing specific skills i lacked. I more about games itself, read ever patch of LoL, general important things about stages of the game, general strategies,... Lastly, i found a communities, played with them, exchanged advice and references, asked for tips,...

I did slowly but consistently get better, however, peronally, it took out all the fun out of the game and i don't have ambitions of becoming a pro player. So i stopped practicing and just continued playing for fun.amd with that, my progress also stopped.

I believe that all pros spent a lot of time practicing hard, and if you want to stay competitive you need to not only beat them in practice, but also find an edge anywhere you can.

I don't know if this reply is useful to you but i wish you find a way to break the plateau and continue growing as a player.


RoosterBrewster t1_j8leioh wrote

Yep, it's all about deliberate practice. I hear some people at the gym say they'll never be able to look like some top bodybuilders. So they just half-ass their workout and never improve. They may not have won the genetic lottery plus steroids, but they discount the tremendous effort put in to get there.


paulstelian97 t1_j8isgvf wrote

You won't be the best but if you properly practice anything, even out of your league, you won't be terrible either.

It's a difference between whether others outclass you or you outclass others. If you put in the work, you can do anything at some level.

Sure, you want to find out what you can do best and work to get to said best. But not everyone is lucky enough, some just need to take what they can do and optimize that.


soiramio3000 t1_j8iyfv3 wrote

I edited the comment so it will be more clear that I was talking about competitive pokemon when I was talking about experience.

improving on this game is impossible,at least for me.


paulstelian97 t1_j8iynp7 wrote

Sometimes you need friends to compensate for lack of available material.


soiramio3000 t1_j8jam5g wrote



what are you talking about?


paulstelian97 t1_j8jc40t wrote

Stuff like written knowledge, videos etc can be collectively called material.


soiramio3000 t1_j8jdrdq wrote

ooh that's what you meant by matterial.

anyway as about the friend's part I don't have any anymore,and I doubt if my past friends have even heard of pokemonshowdown.


DaveInDigital t1_j8l36id wrote

> EDIT:to clarify:I am mostly talking about competitive pokemon.

lmao i was not ready


yanbag609 t1_j8hxw80 wrote

I believe that's called insanity


soiramio3000 t1_j8hygd8 wrote

it is not called insanity.

it is not my fault that there are almost zero STRAIGHTFORWARD videos and articles on the internet on how to make good teams in competitive pokemon.

I have only watched exactly one video that was actually straightforward.


TDA792 t1_j8i5ljb wrote

Oh god, I've been there. Trust me friend, its not worth the effort.

I played a lot of Pokémon Showdown (the online, unofficial browser-based competitive battling scene) back around gen6. It gave me an understanding of IVs and EVs, as well as the kind of movesets and types that are good for walls/stalling/trolling/tanking/etc etc.

But it was impossible - even though I played probably many thousands of games, my ranking never really increased. I got much better at predicting attack patterns, for example I could recognise that someone was going to bring out a mon and use a particular move, so I'd switch to a different Pokémon that would resist it. But if I wanted to climb, I had to restrict myself to using only a couple of different Pokémon, essentially abandoning using my favourites which I had been using up til then. I didn't want to do that, as it felt against the spirit of the game. So my rating remained stagnant.

I sort of fell off after gen7 and 8 were released, and have since gotten into Chess. Much more straightforward, everyone has the same pieces and it truly is about skill rather than team composition etc.. rating has improved by several hundred points after about 6 months of consistent play.


yanbag609 t1_j8i0irj wrote

loI i was quoting Albert Einstein.. sorry you suck at pokemon 🫤


2351156 t1_j8hxon2 wrote

this picture is confusing. Took me time to get it.


Adam_2017 t1_j8i5wn7 wrote

“What is that thing sucking up the fire?” … Oh. NVM.


caoram t1_j8hfmvw wrote

Replace daily practice with money.


1stbaam t1_j8hzdqr wrote

Not sure why you're being downvoted. A lot easier to nurse potential when you're not doing 12 hours in the warehouse to get by.


fAppstore t1_j8i36zn wrote

Just because someone can do it easier with money doesn't need you just wallow in self pity and do nothing. It's called get motivated, not find excuses to complain.


1stbaam t1_j8i442c wrote

Motivation doesn't magic an extra hour in the day. It doesn't pay the bills. For people working 55 hour manual jobs to get by, no ammount of motivation allows them to pursue their potential in anything. Especially when most things cost money on top of that. Any sport, painting anything. Costs MONEY.


fAppstore t1_j8i597l wrote

I'm sorry then but why the fuck are you even here if your only plan is to say "well I can't do ANYTHING ?" What are you trying to achieve by just playing the misery card ? What are you achieving by shitting on people trying to get motivated on get motivated exactly ? People realized that the 0th step is to stop blaming the world and try to do stuff within their own measures, not give up and be spiteful for 0 good measure, maybe rewatch the image and see how inaction from self pitying leads to no results


DaveInDigital t1_j8l3ixt wrote

> What are you achieving by shitting on people trying to get motivated on get motivated exactly ?



1stbaam t1_j8i8v5w wrote

I'm not talking about me and I'm not shitting on anyone. There's just a lot of people detached from the scenario of the average person like you who make these tone death posts.

Go and ask an average worker what hobbies and passions they pursued as kids and why they dont do them now.

Answer will be money, money, money and time.

Go work a 12 hour manual shift and see how inclined you are to pick up your talent of swimming afterwards.


catfink1664 t1_j8jpb7f wrote

Yep, absolutely agree. Doesn’t even have to be manual. Long hard days at a desk is enough to make you want to go straight to bed when you get home


RoosterBrewster t1_j8le0xs wrote

Even then, you can be motivated to be more efficient with your time, learn other skills to get a better job, or adapt in some way to at least start somewhere.


1stbaam t1_j8n72tk wrote

Have you ever been in that situation? Do you think you could do an hours studying each day after that amount of work?

Not saying you couldn't but I feel that goes beyond motivation. That person is driven by something.


Lvl-1-Backpack t1_j8i27d7 wrote

You can work on being better person with zero money. It’s a secret trick the experts don’t want you to know.


TRON0314 t1_j8iewpi wrote

People that have expensive guitars and expensive golf clubs but never practice are still shit at playing.


siler7 t1_j8iifcs wrote

Yeah, ask lottery winners how well that works out. If you don't have the skills to handle it, money disappears in a BIG hurry.


caoram t1_j8j6fnk wrote

You see that big ball of potential? Not everyone has it, you don't end up gambling your savings away on lottery tickets if you had any real skills to handle money.


Zech08 t1_j8hot6n wrote

thought this was going to be a physics joke.


cote112 t1_j8iide0 wrote

Daily "focus" on goals


AlwaysLosingAtLife t1_j8ijd9y wrote

Except for a lot of americans: you can be the hardest working magnifying glass, magnify the sun's rays for 12-16 hours a day for years, and still fail to start that fire. In the end, everyone will say you're just lazy and don't work hard because the ends define the means.

Hard work isn't worth it anymore.


JRYeh t1_j8l0hm0 wrote

Then some dude just walk in with a gold plated lighter and lights the fire right away


DaveInDigital t1_j8l31wf wrote

and half the people around will clap and cheer, telling everybody that he made that fire all by himself, the self-made genius of our time, and anybody saying otherwise is just poor, jealous, and lazy


JRYeh t1_j8l4zlh wrote

But I’d also like to add a person who may start his own fire by own skill, perhaps a bit of talent and a bit of better tool

But his success still ignored because he’s not “underdog” enough


MithandirsGhost t1_j8hrufu wrote

Finally a get motivated that isn't some syrupy sweet pop psychology bullcrap.


Jackal000 t1_j8ir8fj wrote

Nah.. poor visualization


dogfighthero t1_j8irvy2 wrote

I came here to get motivated but all I got was a stroke trying to understand this picture


AresAndy t1_j8huzhd wrote

Never heard of Wu Wei, eh?


TheNotoriousWD t1_j8kay94 wrote

Passive investors would like a word.


Jeggasyn t1_j8ki5f3 wrote

In my life, I'm the magnifying glass and it's permanently night-time.


Simplyobsessed2 t1_j8hpgca wrote

But with inaction I can waste more time on Reddit.


Simplyobsessed2 t1_j8hph5w wrote

But with inaction I can waste more time on Reddit.


Sepidy t1_j8hs2c2 wrote

Awesome image. The biggest risk is not taking action.


sneaky_squirrel t1_j8i5oqu wrote

You'd be surprised.

Feels like the exact opposite for me.


inlinekid t1_j8ia9ke wrote

Ok so use tool to make it easier... Steroids!


TRON0314 t1_j8iektz wrote

I'm not sure this person has used a magnifying glass before.


Dan-D-Lyon t1_j8iewcn wrote

Oh, that's a magnifying glass. I spent too long trying to figure out how the artist thought fire worked


PipIV t1_j8if0nn wrote

Come on bro not on Valentine's.
I'm too scared


phlegmatic_aversion t1_j8ifihk wrote

This reminds me of a quote I read once that said something like "Luck is opportunity meets preparedness".

Everyone gets many opportunities in life, if you aren't prepared to take advantage of them, it results in nothing. Create your own luck; prepare to seize your opportunities.


senorbozz t1_j8ifiou wrote

Well if the sun starts melting I'm definitely skipping the gym that day


lashapel t1_j8ij2ce wrote

that's supposed to be the sun rays going through magnifying glass ?


Mr-Zero-Fucks t1_j8iml5j wrote

good illustration, sloppy message


Lostmyfnusername t1_j8inhy9 wrote

Replace daily patience with focus, add glass to the magnifying glass, and make the orange juice look more like light.


SuspiciousCrow888 t1_j8io277 wrote

Don’t forget! Work and action include thinking about how to start the fire, looking for a magnifying glass, and making mistakes (not enough sunlight, wet wood, etc). Be proud of all your hard work, not just the desired result!!


ChewsGoose t1_j8ioacz wrote

It's true, just remember that not all skills translate, I've been practicing my love making solo for years, and am shite in the bed, I am however, quite popular at truck stops.


Bob_the_peasant t1_j8ioao4 wrote


Eh, I’ll wait for a forest fire. Then also complain


yourmentalhealthpal t1_j8ioeuq wrote

Indeed, having potential, talents, or abilities is not enough to achieve success or make progress in life. Without taking action and putting in the necessary work, these qualities are wasted and have no real value. Stay Motivated and Stay positive guys.!! 🙌


Arijan101 t1_j8ipbxn wrote

So the final result is entropy in both cases, the difference is that it will come sooner in the 1st case.


ADHDCuriosity t1_j8ipm6e wrote

Mine's built more like a solar collector. In a valley. In the Arctic.


TheHalloumiCheese t1_j8iqdq5 wrote

Is the rich parent someone who comes along with a lighter?


Trumpswells t1_j8irfza wrote

Potential magnified by daily practice equals results. Said another way: Hard work pays off.


Threezeley t1_j8ivgnm wrote

I love this subreddit because it rarely makes any sense lol


PaullT2 t1_j8iwyob wrote

I like how they used solar energy to portray potential when potential energy was right there.


MeowMix1984 t1_j8ix1vh wrote

Wouldn't "focus" be more appropriate for this image rather than "practice"?


e_pi314 t1_j8iykgx wrote

I always say, knowledge is not power. It’s only potential until you use it.


Devlarski t1_j8j2oqk wrote

Yeah but if you got A LOT of potential and no action with no rain for a long enough time you get an even bigger fire


Munsu9 t1_j8j5aod wrote

Please do not give anyone advice. Thank you.


Fitfatthin t1_j8j6f63 wrote

This image is useless


nicoisthebestdog t1_j8j6rco wrote

Intelligence without motivation get you the same place as a art degree. Barista at a Starbucks.


Ninjasifi t1_j8j6yhe wrote

And here, we can basically see growth mindset vs. fixed mindset.


zoroddesign t1_j8jadbs wrote

This is extremely true. even if you take one small action every day towards your goal, in no time you will make massive progress.


tokachevsky t1_j8jbhtb wrote

One of the best advice I heard is to not tell someone he/she is smart, but rather say "you're a hard worker", especially to a child. Telling someone he or she is smart subconsciously tells the person they don't need to work hard then, if talent and smartness comes natural without putting an ounce of effort. By telling someone they're hard worker instead, it makes the person think that to keep up, they must keep practicing! I wish someone told me otherwise that when I was younger!


pmfiebig t1_j8jdrnq wrote



pepsisugar t1_j8jiuzy wrote

I like this picture a lot. It basically says that whoever drew this image should do more daily practice.


stpetepatsfan t1_j8jj9ck wrote

Better:. Sun = practice then glass to fore Right = black sun is no practice, below is no fire .


whatisitaboutmusic t1_j8jk7jw wrote

All action without potential, or better put, intention is worthless too


HalflingMelody t1_j8jl1ff wrote

Why is an orange pouring into a fire? And where have the left orange's extra sesame seeds gone?


Macarthius t1_j8jpcyl wrote

Ehh I feel like the "daily" part often leads to more demotivation than motivation. Life happens, other things take your attention, and some days you may not have the energy to do whatever it is- so you either have to force yourself in a non-productive way or miss a day then stress about "catching up"

The hardest part is starting but after that it's dedication. That doesn't necessarily mean doing it every day or sticking to a certain routine. It means you keep trying even when things don't go to plan.


Electronic_Skirt_475 t1_j8jwngb wrote

Nah fuck this, idc that this is a get motivated sub. As a (former) burnt out gifted and talented kid (im an adult now) let me say that work isnt always worth it even if you have potential. It is okay and entitely valid for anyone to just...exist. you dont judge a rose for not growing longer or being bigger even when it could be, you just delight in the knowlege that is is there, and just its existance brings beauty into your life


JTXUS t1_j8k1bv0 wrote

For a sub called Get Motivated, every time I go into the comments, half of the people are giving reasons why not to be motivated.


jarvis01123 t1_j8k3wr3 wrote

While you may already give warmth and light to the entire solar system, you could also burn a small amount of dead trees if you only had a magnifying glass.


NeoHolyRomanEmpire t1_j8k3xnl wrote

I wish the person who made this meme would practice not using symbolic relationships as causation in the real world


Morgoba t1_j8k72uz wrote

Assuming there's potential to begin with


rcn2 t1_j8k8q5w wrote

You should use a funnel in the ring clamp. Not just a ring clamp. The ring clamp does nothing in this instance.

Also, nuclear fusion and/or plasma would turn your results into atomic ash.


GreenTheHero t1_j8kg5bn wrote

You don't need daily practice to know a magnifying glass under the sun can start fires, this is public knowledge, who the fuck is practicing that.

Also, it's be much more efficient and reasonable to just use a lighter, alternatively

if you wanted to attempt to make this imagery work, starting a fire with wood rubbing would be extremely inefficient, however extremely practical in survival situations. Because it's inefficient, it takes practice to get good at it.

No need to thank me


puslekat t1_j8kh20v wrote

These are getting kinda stupid..


SaveMyButthole t1_j8ki0uj wrote

I (44yo) started playing the guitar 5 days ago. I practice about 30 min to an hour a day. I can now play 6 notes and two chords by reading sheet music. I also learned how to read guitar tabs. I can now play the opening to Flutes of the Chi (Ween). My goal is to learn 6 (minimum) Ween songs every year.

It’s been fun so far but my finger tips are fucking wrecked lol.

If anyone likes Ween and plays guitar I made a tab book because you can’t actually buy one anywhere. I’m happy to email it for free. If you wanna kick me a few bucks that’s cool too but I don’t expect anything. It’s about 100 songs. DM me your email if you want them. Happy to share the love. Hail Boognish!


maybejustadragon t1_j8kjzd7 wrote

Money buys gas and a lighter so there is that.


pensy t1_j8kn6xx wrote

This is Christianity. Through action one achieve results. Hard work guarantees the Lord's pleasure


darkkazim t1_j8l0k15 wrote

What if its night time?


DaveInDigital t1_j8l3sbs wrote

in fairness, that wood on the right can absolutely light up without any direct action at all.

source: Californian


PhilipXD3 t1_j8leqz1 wrote

I'm in this picture and I don't like it


getmevodka t1_j8llic9 wrote

If you are constantly on the right, ever checked for adhd symptoms on yourself ?


wirecats t1_j8lh2f8 wrote

False. The sun keeps me warm and gives me light. Not useless


VolvicApfel t1_j8ljsh2 wrote

Thats what the shooter thought too. 😅


engranansu t1_j8llj8e wrote

happiness and you will find it


Henrychinaskismom1 t1_j8lnp2o wrote

I need to make a plan. A routine. Ideas come out at random. No order to my day. Work blends into doing house work back to working totally distracted. Oof.


miguelagawin t1_j8ltkax wrote

I will heed to this…soon.😅


MustFixWhatIsBroken t1_j8lv7h4 wrote

I think the biggest issue is working without potential, being at action without purpose.

There's a great many people hard at work so they don't have to think or feel anything.


Marcu3s t1_j8lwlfd wrote

That's one big ass campfire site.


Mat1c444 t1_j8n2ux0 wrote

So if i train hard enough i can become an arsonist

Got it


moxinghbian t1_j8nfn7u wrote

The wood grew to be fire wood using that “potential” for the past 20 years, consistently.


frankie0694 t1_j8nh2nv wrote

That’s great, but can you draw when I can find the motivation??


RagingHolly t1_j8xgu74 wrote

Sweet. I'm gonna go start a fire!