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canuckster19 t1_j9sjc8w wrote

Positive, Ground, Negative


DeexEnigma t1_j9smr5v wrote

Technically 'earth' not 'ground'. But yea, I pretty much saw the same.


mothballd t1_j9udn5l wrote

I’m an aircraft electrician. There is no “earth” wire on an aircraft, only grounds. The earth vs ground argument is context driven, and also varies by region. Even the wires(braided cables) that hang off the aircraft landing gear to contact the ground when on the ground are called grounding straps/wires, not earth straps or similar.

In the home electrical stuff I’ve done I’ve mostly heard ground. The earth ground is a specific wire run from the main circuit breaker panel that’s then attached to a grounding rod.

I’m u.s. based, so I suspect the earth terminology is used either in specific industries I’m not familiar with, or different regions.


DeexEnigma t1_j9vdemv wrote

> In the home electrical stuff I’ve done I’ve mostly heard ground. The earth ground is a specific wire run from the main circuit breaker panel that’s then attached to a grounding rod.

That's the angle I'm coming from. In Australia if it's green and it's in an AC application it's going to earth. It's a standard I believe in the EU as well as a couple of other areas.

Ground in AC can exist but will be floated within the device as a neutral return. It's more the wiring colour standard I was picking.


its_the_other_guy t1_j9vgfts wrote

So, airplanes don't have wireless ground?

*Don't worry, I'm walking myself out.


Alias-_-Me t1_j9taf7m wrote

What's the difference?


AnyAmphibianWillDo t1_j9tjoug wrote

I have almost no electrical knowledge but I think "earth" or "earth ground" would imply that wire is connected literally to the earth at some point, e.g. in home wiring there can be a copper rod driven deep into the earth that all the "ground" wires are connected to, making those earth grounds?

I think the word "ground" by itself is often just used to refer to the common (shared) part of a circuit, eg. on an arduino there's a ground (GND) pin that's obviously not connected to the earth, but used as a shared source of "lower electric potential" for all parts of the circuit to use to create the difference in potential required to have "voltage"

Why OP says there is an earth wire in the picture and not just a ground, idk. Those 3 wires could easily be used for something that has no earth ground. Maybe the color scheme of those 3 wires is a standard one and the green usually is earth ground? No idea. Maybe there's just different terminology standards than I'm aware of and in the shitty hobbyist world I live in we all use the words wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Odissus t1_j9tnn4x wrote

That’s actually quite accurate! To answer your concerns, for (single phase) AC like in many outlets, ground (the reference voltage) is most convenient to be the same as earth (0V). For this reason calling earth “ground” is fine, as more often than not it’s both earth and ground.

Just to add, any voltage you use often in a circuit as a reference (say for comparators for example) is called a reference ground. So if you split 0 to 5 V in half, and keep using 2.5 V for various comparison purposes, the 2.5 V could be called a reference ground.


DeexEnigma t1_j9vdw06 wrote

Depending on context. In an AC mains power application the earth wire directly ties to a stake that's in the earth outside. This provides a safe return path for faulty circuit conditions.

Ground is a broad term in DC applications where it is the main negative' plane or hookup. However you can have ground in an AC application where it usually is the neutral return.

Generally green in mains power (Australia/NZ and I believe EU) is always the earth.


carmium t1_j9ukbqg wrote

Are you well earthed in electrical terminology?


-St4lker- t1_j9um9o1 wrote

Here in Slovakia (and other Slavic countries) the term for ground and earth is exactly the same. We knew what we were doing :D


DeexEnigma t1_j9vct63 wrote

I know in Australia the term is often used interchangeably, even if it's wrong. Interesting that there's other areas of the world that the language dictates it being identical.


Wunderco t1_j9sfdku wrote



oroora6 t1_j9sjezw wrote

You're on r/GetMotivated, we here believe that luck doesn't exist, you can easily factor it out if you look at enough motivational posters


Adept-Crab3951 t1_j9tk35z wrote

Yeah, because every single person who has ever found success in life was just lucky... 🙄

Some of ya'll belong on r/getdemotivated


Lord_of_the_Eyes t1_j9smsf7 wrote

You still gotta pull the rope; luck is whatever is on the other side of the success rope. Could be a bear.

Improving, doing, learning… success… bear.

And that’s life


slyfx369 t1_j9uyaps wrote

If we were keeping with the wire analogy I'd put luck as the insulating foil layer around the wire. Keeps the signal clear from outside influence.


xAgtMulderx t1_j9tey9t wrote

Why not braided? Stronger and stuff


AlvariusMoonmist t1_j9u1b1w wrote

Braiding as an alternate method fits the analogy pretty well. Braiding is slower but you are also less likely to lose progress.


KbbbbNZ t1_j9uupyj wrote

The way it is now if you drop one it all unravels.


FujiClimber2017 t1_j9syoj9 wrote

Engineer here, All i see is Active, Neutral and Earth.


haxic t1_j9t8tuk wrote

Forgot the thread “making mistakes”


MonkeyParadiso t1_j9sn122 wrote

You forgot studying something conceptually and theoretically for several years without touching it, and then trying it out at the very end a couple of times; expecting everything to unfold near perfect, as you once read in an idealized textbook example somewhere


avengerintraining t1_j9t91m9 wrote

Isn’t improving and learning kind of the same thing


Riegel_Haribo t1_j9te19c wrote

This jumps right to doing. Unrealistic without the dreading and procrastinating.


SSphereOfDeath t1_j9tewvq wrote

It takes all 3 to electrocute your enemies.


Jsleepy93 t1_j9ui60z wrote

isn't learning and improving the same thing?


bxtching t1_j9smu3k wrote

You a mostly tied piece of rope or fraying rope type of person?


tidoni t1_j9swmxk wrote

Ha, at first i read improvising instead of improving.


Zech08 t1_j9syk1b wrote

cap off one use other two, now what?

Edit: really should have one of the wires as a "reference" to compare off of.

Also, ima cheat and use a magnetic field.


S-P-K t1_j9t7c25 wrote

Love this one!


ychen6 t1_j9tbvau wrote

Live, Neutral and Earth, turns out learning is the most dangerous out of them all


thatgoat-guy t1_j9tm6qz wrote

Green should be below yellow (i hate that this is my only comment)


werdnak84 t1_j9u0bbr wrote

Finding time to learn is tough because learning usually doesn't earn you money.


Salamandahh t1_j9u5r9o wrote

Looks like the rope is unraveling. Same dude.


Prostheta t1_j9u8p6z wrote

This success is not up to code.


pattyG80 t1_j9uccbi wrote

Is anyone else stressed that this network cable is missing some strandes?


Blackflash07 t1_j9unjud wrote

You can’t see the luck thread cause you don’t have any


HoldThePao t1_j9upcrj wrote

Yea! Thanks drawing! Now I know the recipe for success!


corey1734 t1_j9usvx2 wrote

I wondered how I got on an electrician sub.


MelPagNosy t1_j9uwd96 wrote

There’s a lot shitty comments but I kind of love this. I think we have to be doing, learning, and improving simultaneously to achieve any sort of success.


starsbio97 t1_j9vtcbj wrote

That’s the power of the home depot


Big_Gas5785 t1_j9wkvkp wrote

Improving implies learning


deathbyBayshore t1_ja1qbvw wrote

say it with me: physical example is never a good point


sixpigeons t1_j9smzwf wrote

This is not grounded in fact


clathekid t1_j9teexw wrote

How motivational just WOW !!!