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eveningsand t1_izg4d9r wrote

Did you get a second SSN and CA DL#?

When I had my ID stolen in the 90s, that was the response from federal and state entities.


losangelestimes OP t1_izgkz8b wrote

I debated it, but ultimately decided against it for both. I was so overwhelmed with this stuff in early 2019 - I just couldn't add any more bureaucratic paperwork to my plate. I was (and am!) furious at how much work I was expected to do to clean up after someone else's mess, and going in person to appointments with the Social Security office and the DMV sounded like a new circle of Hell.

The bar is very, very high to get a new SSN. Even as a victim of identity theft, I'm not sure I would quality. Leaving my credit permanently frozen and locking down my identity in other ways is sufficient for me, for now.


eveningsand t1_izgpo5v wrote

Apparently it was pretty low earlier. I made an appointment , walked in, and walked out with a new social. Thinking back, that was surreal.


notFREEfood t1_izgt1y9 wrote

> The bar is very, very high to get a new SSN.

It needs to be easier, especially for how many people now have had theirs disclosed due to mishandled data. Once yours gets on the internet, there's nothing you can do to reverse that, and you have to live with the possibility that at any time, someone may decide to try to use your number, and freezing your credit is not a perfect solution.