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Littlegrouch t1_jb7jlbo wrote

If you press the first 3 all at the same time September starts playing


violentpac t1_jb7njp6 wrote

Do you remember


[deleted] t1_jb7pheq wrote



DKDCMovingOn t1_jb7unu1 wrote

Love was changing the minds of the pretender


orbitti t1_jb91luq wrote

I was also a bit disappointed that selecting earth, wind and fire did not play Earth, Wind & Fire


PIX3LY t1_jb7umch wrote

Very similar to A Soft Murmur, without the 'board'...


IMIndyJones t1_jb9dytq wrote

Huh, I tried both thinking they'd be pretty much the same. This one seems calmer, the sounds seem a little more natural. The other one feels oddly aggressive sounding somehow. I'm not sure how to explain it.


leoheck t1_jb9pz4j wrote

It would be nice to have users presets.


carthous t1_jb81bho wrote

Could you add in a timer?


Repulsive-Bird6367 OP t1_jb8s87y wrote

You mean like a sleep timer for it to turn off?


Repulsive-Bird6367 OP t1_jb90r54 wrote

Certainly possible. I added it to my backlog :)


FerretChrist t1_jb9cck4 wrote

Could you also add a ticket to remove the apostrophe from "lot's" in the credit text?

This thing's supposed to be helping me relax, but with that there I'm just triggered instead. ;)


Repulsive-Bird6367 OP t1_jbak7hm wrote

Thank you for the wonderful feedback! After working on this sound board for some time, this is so nice!

And also thanks for all the bug reports and feature requests!
I’m definitely gonna take a look at a sleep timer, why it does not loop correctly in some cases, fade-in and fade-out for starting and stopping and the volume slider on iOS.

Other planned features are a global play button that restores the settings (volume & playing state) of your previous session, saving and restoring settings from the url via parameters and maybe PWA functionality and custom sounds. But since I want to keep it small and tidy, I might not implement all the features.

If you find it useful and you want help, you could just share it the link on social media, newsletters or just tell your friends about it.

Thanks a lot! ❤️


aradiohead t1_jb7exdt wrote


GiveToOedipus t1_jb8c17g wrote

I mean really, we were all thinking it. Would make for a good Easter egg if pressed in that order.


violentpac t1_jbce60c wrote

Do you know of Demi Adejuyigbe, the man who comes out with a September music video that just says the words "21st of September" every year on September the 21st, each video getting increasingly more involved than the last?

Edit: Well, I guess that all stopped a couple years ago


fakeyero t1_jb8bxzd wrote

This is sincerely wonderful.


Starlordy- t1_jb8j87x wrote

Little bit of fire (25%), then equal rain and waves at 40% of the slider.


physarum9 t1_jb8yf8c wrote

What is Earth? I'm obsessed with Earth alone!


wikipedia_answer_bot t1_jb8yfpv wrote

Earth is the third planet from the Sun and the only place known in the universe where life has originated and found habitability. While Earth may not contain the largest volumes of water in the Solar System, only Earth sustains liquid surface water, extending over 70.8% of the Earth with its ocean, making Earth an ocean world.

More details here: <>

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JimmyPLove t1_jb9qj92 wrote

May I recommend introducing a fade out instead of a cut when you turn the different elements off?


Edwardc4gg t1_jbaj1sm wrote

Add a timer. And make it an ios app. And I’m in!


Repulsive-Bird6367 OP t1_jbaku73 wrote

What would be the right price for this as an iOS app?
(Asking because this would take way more time than I have right now)


wsele t1_jbb86xd wrote

If you add an infinite loop option (with no breaks), I’d pay anything between 2 & 5$.


SA_Swiss t1_jb8t31w wrote

For some reason "Wind" does not work for me.

I like using it a lot, thanks!


Repulsive-Bird6367 OP t1_jb941l4 wrote

I‘m gonna check that. Could you tell me which device and browser you were using?


SA_Swiss t1_jb97xkx wrote

Windows 10, Firefox browser 110.0.1 (64-bit).

The sound starts and plays for a split second, then stops and does not play again unless I reload the page (refresh)


spartanass t1_jbaj18p wrote

Hey there cool site bud, which library/framework for you use for it


Repulsive-Bird6367 OP t1_jbakgmv wrote

None. It is all hand coded HTML/CSS/JS in one file. If you want to check it out, just view the source code.


ShoganAye t1_jb9bjbu wrote

Very nice. Waves and birbs was good. Also, just cricket chirp.


Zachbnonymous t1_jb9tews wrote

I'm curious, what prompted you to make this? I've used several similar apps and programs, there doesn't seem to be a shortage of decent options. Just improving skills? Or is there something different I'm not seeing?


Repulsive-Bird6367 OP t1_jb9votm wrote

I’ve been using different sound boards like for years. They became cluttered and commercialized so much, that using them became a burden more than relaxation. So I thought it was a fun challenge to build something like that in a lightweight way. Mostly for myself, but I thought it might be useful to others as well.


saffash t1_jbash27 wrote

Thank you! This absolutely made my day!


gotimas t1_jbb1jsx wrote

Your "wind" sounds like "rain and wind", I would like just pure wind, something like "noisli" has.


jillcat t1_jbb3ezt wrote

I like this & works on my iOS. Thanks!


wsele t1_jbb7qys wrote

This is great OP. So relaxing and natural. I’m trying it tonight. Thank you!


[deleted] t1_jb8fdlv wrote