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GravyBus t1_irakjm9 wrote

Fat Bear for midterms!


SVXfiles t1_irb1vro wrote

Bear down for midterms!


therealsix OP t1_iraqdxl wrote

"Walker" is crushing "Divot" by nearly 5000 votes already and the polls have only been open for 20 minutes!


SVXfiles t1_irb2367 wrote

Now Divot is over 800 votes ahead

Edit: My bad, I thought the numbers were the total votes they were apart. Divot is being crushed


othybear t1_irb4gj5 wrote

If Divot wanted to win, she should have eaten more!

They’re all winners in my book.


Conchobair t1_irao2ar wrote

Too soon.


FireflyBomb t1_irb8e9g wrote

Team 747!


MrKurtzHeDed t1_ired2zr wrote

I was scrolling down like ""oh that's pretty big bear," and then I got to 747...0.O. Holyyyyy that dude is a fuckin hoss to begin with and his belly is dragging with the weight of fish meat. He can barely walk.


FireflyBomb t1_irfq0ty wrote

The website referred to him as one of the largest brown bears on earth.

He's so big that he doesn't need to do anything with most other bears to assert dominance:
"In order to minimize conflict, bears establish a hierarchy where the most dominant bears gain the best access to fishing locations and mating opportunities. Unlike many bears, 747’s size alone is enough to intimidate most bears to yield their space."


VAShumpmaker t1_irb4n6g wrote

This holiday is way different in Provincetown.


Exodyce t1_irbn2gz wrote

This is a different subject than I had initially assumed when reading the start of the title.


shalol t1_irb866u wrote

Email address :(


WinnieTheBru t1_irbbg00 wrote

It's the National Park Service, so it's not super sketchy. I've done it before and haven't noticed an increase in spam. It's just a way to make sure people are only voting once per chunky boi


AnUnbearableAsshole t1_irbhhdm wrote

This is not run by the NPS. It is run by a for-profit media company whose privacy policy says they will use your email address to send you promotional offers. They also collect and share browser information and analytics w/ 3rd parties to feed targeted advertising.

That said, they don't seem sketchy and have opt-out options. I still voted and don't expect much junk to come from it.

edit: Looking into more closely they seem to operate similarly to a non-profit and get most of their funding from grants and their parent non-profit Annenberg Family Foundation. They're still not a US Government sponsored initiative but their policies are very straightforward and geared towards education and pubic interest.


RavenclawMuggle t1_irc0hm6 wrote

I've been voting yearly since 2017 and honestly don't think I've gotten a single email from them. I think it's mainly just for making sure people only vote once


AnUnbearableAsshole t1_irc6er0 wrote

Agreed. I just wanted to correct the misinformation because I think it's important to be aware of who you're giving your information to.


576875 t1_irbddx6 wrote

also you could just use a burner email, not at all necessary to use your personal email


OnlyFlannyFlanFlans t1_ircfyq3 wrote

Lol, are you seriously not aware of temp email sites? What do you use when a subscription or internet service asks you for your email, do you give them your real email? Holy shit

Ok, basic data safety: you should have 3 emails -- personal, work, and a separate gmail for the legitimate services (electric, isp) you use, and give every other website should be given a temporary email. Examples of temporary email providers are guerillamail and cryptomail.


shalol t1_irdtyc4 wrote

I usually don’t usually use many internet services other than those you highlighted below… could just make a burner email account though, good point


marcyhidesinphotos t1_ircgarq wrote

Please google "burner emails". You should be using burner emails as much as possible. I'm astounded you haven't been using these fake emails already, they are an absolute necessity here in 2022.


Tracorre t1_irbrjep wrote

747 vs 901 is my finals prediction.


Vions t1_irc7p5k wrote

I also pitted 747 v 901 in the final. Would love to see 901 win but 747 is just a tank 🥵


therealsix OP t1_irahzy5 wrote

Today's voting begins at 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern.


KinoftheFlames t1_irckc1o wrote

Not the type of fat bear I was expecting


sie_dummkopf t1_ird3i91 wrote

Definitely cheering for my boy Otis again this year. He’s a BEAST and an ABSOLUTE UNIT!!


bombkitty t1_ird5fkd wrote

He’s getting old but I am Team Otis as well.


galspanic t1_irc83ms wrote

747 is the Vegas favorite based on previous performances, but he’s walking into this beat to fuck and covered in fresh scars.


TheBirminghamBear t1_irbefjy wrote

Just out here stumping, Ill be a great fat bear president, hinernation will be two months longer, salmon will be mandated to jump into open mouths.

Ill also revoke protection for hikers. Open season on juicy, slow hikers.

Vote me.


khaos_kyle t1_irbeyrb wrote

Can anyone submit a picture of themselves for this or does someone else need to do it for me?


majakowalik t1_irb3q5t wrote

Can I adopt one of these???


nate1235 t1_irclq2u wrote

Why don't politicians run on rotundness platforms? It would engage voters more.


dirtybacon77 t1_ircu02f wrote

Walker was robbed last year. He should win this year but they stacked the odds against him with that 747 pic


Jetztinberlin t1_ire5wl3 wrote

🎶 "Oh Fat Bear Weeeek (Fat Bear Week)

Fat Bear Weeeek (Fat Bear Week)

You can keeep your Sharks, I'm hangin' out for Fat Bear Week" 🎶


VThePeople t1_irebjyj wrote

I’ll fight you for 747. That chonk is gonna win!


Mister_Lister22 t1_ireiisw wrote

Well there's a brand new dance based on an old phrase.

It's called the Fat Dog and it will amaze.

You've heard this expression your entire life.

It's not made up, it's not made up!


AndrewZabar t1_irenbum wrote

How about Fat Dog instead of Bear? Too soon!


DoctorBonkus t1_irfjxrg wrote

Judging by the comments…is this a big thing in America?


LittleMsBear t1_irqx9on wrote

Well, this is something I can support! Next year I'll enter too


dontcareitsonlyreddi t1_itenm8l wrote

I was expecting husky gay men!😡

I’m a little disappointed, but actual bears are cool too🥰🐻


[deleted] t1_irbb19w wrote



therealsix OP t1_irbf502 wrote

Put in a fake one, it doesn't confirm the address.


DamnMombies t1_irc6afn wrote

Yeah thanks. I’m never clicking on any link to “bears” ever again