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LeechBydeGrunFretter t1_iws07mk wrote


In the 90's a relative of mine once handed me a UFO paper plane he'd folded. It was the best paper plane I've ever had the pleasure throwing. It went straight as an arrow at low speeds yet got very good distance.

It's such an old memory and I was so young that the memory of that day had long receded into the back of my mind, only surfacing occasionally with me either dismissing it as a dream or accepting that I'd never find an actual guide to fold it.


-PM_Me_Dat_Ass_Girl- t1_iwszlyr wrote

I haven't thought about folding paper airplanes in a lot of years. But I went and looked over the page after your comment, and as it turns out I used to fold something really similar. The main difference being, I didn't cut any corners in step one, and folded the two top corners all the way to the center fold in step four. Then folded that triangle that's left over the folds from step four.

I hadn't thought about that in as long as I can remember.


FunkrusherPlus t1_iwscq3a wrote

Semi-related but that website reminded me of a childhood memory I haven't thought of in ages...

Does anyone remember from the 90s these pre-cut styrofoam planes -- usually of WWII era fighter planes -- that you assembled yourself? It was super simple... there were only about 3 or 4 pieces that you attached at the pre-cut notches, and they came in packaging similar to the size and shape of a Hershey's Bar. I remember I used to buy them from the icecream truck as a kid.

Edit: I just did a quick search after this post and it came right up! nostalgic "paper planes" from the past


bigdon199 t1_iwsf6cv wrote

They had those at the arcade ticket counter. Only $5 worth of tickets from skeeball and you could have your very own 25 cent foam airplane.


Eternal_Revolution t1_iwsinaj wrote

I bought a couple boxes as a kid from oriental trading company.

Edit : they still have the big ones. The ones I got before were 48 packs


FunkrusherPlus t1_iwsjahq wrote

Ah, you were “that” kid in the neighborhood weren’t you. I bet you had every video game too. (just pulling your chain 🙃)


Eternal_Revolution t1_iwsjnth wrote

Video games were the devil, so no. :(


Mindless-Fix-4651 t1_iwsoxak wrote

Well hope you have a non-blowey-uppy 4090 for all your troubles


FullForceBareAss t1_iwt0ndq wrote

Is there something about 4090s I should know about


I_HAVE_SEEN_CAT t1_iwtc56m wrote

the power adapter tends to melt around the pins, I'm not kidding go check it now if you're using it


NuQ t1_iwtn73q wrote

Ah, so your experience was like mine? video games were the devil, children should play outside... so here's a huge box of some of your favorite toys! go outside!


thechilipepper0 t1_iwv4wc5 wrote

I like Vickie Valencourt and she showed me her boobies and I liked them too!


thechilipepper0 t1_iwv4sm7 wrote

Oh man I forgot about the “propellers” that were entirely for show


AlxSTi t1_iwsxdo6 wrote

Those were awesome! I remember I had one with some sort of rubber band propeller too... Maybe that was made of really thin wood instead of Styrofoam.


SnowTinHat t1_iwt8uww wrote

Santa brought a few of them for my kids last year. Crazy what happens in his workshop.

I also happened to see something similar at my ace hardware store where they sold old timey gifts.


Standard_Wooden_Door t1_iwta4i3 wrote

My parents used to get us those, they usually ended up on a roof or exploding into the hood of a truck


CAFunked t1_iwtjosc wrote

I do remember those, some of them even had rubberband propellers.


BaconDragon69 t1_iwtogyw wrote

They existed in the early 2000s too I remember, some of them also had little propellers with a rubber band to power them!


ThaiJohnnyDepp t1_iwtr30f wrote

"Remember?" My kid still comes home with them from school goodie bags.


NaoPb t1_iwtjvfj wrote

I think these should still be around. Though maybe old stock.


dontthink19 t1_iwuqgm6 wrote

Every single time i go to the air mobility command museum at my local base, i get at least 2 of those

Totally worth checking out if you're ever passing through delaware for whatever reason


ForTheHordeKT t1_iwv2hyk wrote

My god haha, I remember these. We also used to cut little notches in the bottom of the "fuselage" at the front of the plane and then use rubber bands to sling them into flight.


Kahlandar t1_iwvj7zg wrote

I found these about this time last year at the canadian tire checkout line, with the impulse purchases.

Got a bunch for my family as a nostalgia thing. The dentist used to give us this as kids if we were good and sat still. Or rubber bouncy balls


CodyLittle t1_iwsqsu0 wrote

This is awesome! Only have one tiny complaint. They forgot my boy the Ring Wing.


LiberContrarion t1_iwte2fz wrote

You talkin' about that Pope's Hat? I noticed the oversight as well.


CodyLittle t1_iwtfgm0 wrote

Haha yeah, though I've never heard that name before lol


born_again_tim t1_iwt8050 wrote

What’s so great about the Ring Wing?


PirateJazz t1_iwtgs61 wrote

It's unique and unusual yet works surprisingly well.


NuQ t1_iwtnc19 wrote

attach a clip for launching them from a sling shot and you've got the grade school equivalent of a sniper rifle.


NaoPb t1_iwtjy0i wrote

Maybe you can submit designs there


Bl3tempsubmission t1_iwtmivd wrote

One of my biggest claims to fame has always been that I stumbled on a paper airplane design that works extremely well, but was super easy to make. I have bragged abou it for years, i would amaze the kids in my grade. I've actually been thinking lately I should try to publicize it.

I saw this link, and scrolled down. What fools. These inferior planes have nothing on my design.

Turns out I'm looking at the very last design on the page and I'll be damned, there it is.

It's called "the raven" apparently, though I always thought it looked more like a shark. If you pull the mouth out a little and put eyes on it, it's great, and it flies very far.

In a way, I feel a bit glad and vindicated my secrets are already out there... and also, it's a pretty obvious design.

What a trip.


cpdx7 t1_iwtnxer wrote

Wow I remember this design, I had a paper airplane book as a kid and remember this one was a reliable go to.


thealterlion t1_iwv8cp1 wrote

I also remember that design. It was the last one on a paper airplane book I had and it was classified as the fastest one too


root_over_ssh t1_iwt3cgz wrote

Freaky that just a few days ago I was thinking about the paper airplane software my grandpa bought in the 90s to keep me quiet and occupied when I visited and was thinking of cloning it into a website.


Shadow288 t1_iwrkkjq wrote

Found this a while back when I was working on a Cub Scout adventure. Probably one of the most useful $6 I’ve ever spent!


dancingchikins t1_iwtf1eb wrote

Personally I prefer the definitive guide by Barry B. Foldin’, The Wings Beneath My Wings


aridamus t1_iwtfhvy wrote

Same here! I’m watching Bobs Burgers right now lol


Highasfshit t1_iwvjmg9 wrote

Came here just to see if anyone commented this 😂


globaloffender t1_iwsbtcs wrote

Great idea and amazing logo! Saved for my boys


Natronsbro t1_iwtg88w wrote

This is going in my saved posts, so that I will find it a year from now. My son will be 6 and we’ll have a great time with it.


Dekozolavo t1_iwt8b1x wrote

I had a book in turkish called “Katla ve Uçur” which directly translates to “fold, and it will fly”

That was a pretty cool book. Kickstarted my understanding of physics at a VERY young age


bloodshotnipples t1_iwtba8y wrote

Making paper airplanes can keep children occupied for hours and teaches them so many things. Physics, design, engineering, problem solutions. The list goes on. It's also a very inexpensive way to introduce these concepts. My children loved it.


blahblahrasputan t1_iwtfzc1 wrote

I once won a trivia bonus task of throwing a paper plane the furthest. Basically made a dart and launched that sucker across the pub lmao


Princess_Fiona24 t1_iwspen5 wrote

A dream website for teachers


offsky t1_iwvmtg9 wrote

If you are a teacher, look in the Lounge section of the website for a pre-made lesson plan that uses paper airplanes to teach aerodynamics :)


laowildin t1_iwtdwcf wrote

I was just starting to put together a course for 5th graders on directive speech. You are my hero rn. Thank you!


ZombifiedRacoon t1_iwtjfhi wrote

This is fantastic! My daughter loves paper airplanes and I only knew how to make like 3 of these. She's gonna be stoked tomorrow morning.


hulminator t1_iwumu7l wrote

Do these all work with A4?


offsky t1_iwvmew1 wrote

These paper airplanes were designed for letter-sized paper (8.5"x11"), but many will work just fine with A4 paper. Or, you can trim 2cm off the bottom of your A4 paper, and now it will be the same relative dimensions as letter paper and any design will work.


hulminator t1_iwyjcw4 wrote

That's a good point thanks, I'll get out my scissors


NoDoze- t1_iwsvmms wrote



Lunarmouse t1_iwtgroh wrote

I work at a middle school, my kids will love this! Ty!


37214 t1_iwtkn39 wrote

Dart plane good for distance, also potential to cause blindness.


R3ZZONATE t1_iwtu8u8 wrote

I'm 23 now but paper airplanes were my favorite thing as a kid. This website makes me excited.


badluckclubjp t1_iwtyhj2 wrote

This is something I never knew I wanted, but now feel I’ve been missing my whole life


CommyTzar t1_iwu1v9d wrote

I once adapted the dart style plane to fly both directions. Use paper less wide than the regular kind, cut the middle of it widthwise at the end of the second pair of wing folds, flip it upsidedown and backwards, then recreate it on the other side.

I also made one that flies burn directions and both upsidedown and rightside up but forgot how to do it and lost the only one I made. But it can be done


gosb t1_iwugeeh wrote

I wish this website existed 28 years ago when I was a 8 year old boy.

My grandfather showed me how to make the Tailed Plane and I used to make them all the time! I still remember how to make that one, but I would've loved to try the other ones.


dilroopgill t1_iwut2uq wrote

As a kid I refused to use scissors to make these felt like cheating


offsky t1_iwvha8r wrote

Hi everyone! I built and run Fold'NFly. Very happy to see my website get so many upvotes and positive comments :)

I started this website nearly 10 years ago because I was making paper airplanes with my kids and could not find any good online resources. Over the years, I've slowly added new designs and activities to the website which are now used in classrooms, museums and homes around the world. It's been a very fun and rewarding project!

Happy to answers any questions here or do an r/ama if there is interest.


wilsonmojo t1_ixk2qgm wrote

Is your Website down? As if now I only see a black screen


hangingforefinger t1_iwt1zmv wrote

Thank you for the link! I'll be keeping it! Hope to use this for my kids to enjoy.


Jeheh t1_iwt3y8l wrote

Wow that brought back memories.


Yourburstenemy t1_iwt61wz wrote

I couldn't find my favorite type of airplane. It's got a pointy nose with a loop near the front on top.


SandhuG t1_iwubjti wrote

Thank you for this


Sad-Chard-9636 t1_iwufcpy wrote

I once saw someone fly a cylindrical shaped paper, is that in there too?


Cherry_Treefrog t1_iwug1j7 wrote

Thanks OP, just what I needed. My nephews are coming to stay in 2 weeks. We will make all of them.


RSpudieD t1_iwv4y15 wrote

That's pretty cool so thanks for posting! I always liked paper airplanes but haven't really thought about them in a long time! Might have to fold a few!


Clemenx00 t1_iwv7dz6 wrote

I'm sure every parent knows of this site because it is the best result when you google how to make paper planes lol!

Video guides there are great as well.


ging685 t1_iwvcf6o wrote I'm buying a power up 4.0. I see what you did there


mdreig t1_iwvf9fz wrote

Omg the Buzz was my go-to paper plane. It was so easy to remember and it glided so we'll! I even used to throw this plane to play with my cat.


ArrrGaming t1_iwvlc23 wrote

What they call the “Raven” is the best one I’ve ever made or thrown. You can adjust the lift by bending the nose up, bending the folded end in the back up, or both.

At school we’d make them from some kind of heavy paper stock (not construction paper though) and then take them outside and throw them forward and up, against the wind, as hard as we could.

They’d gain lots of altitude and then glide and glide and glide.


ASleepyPizza t1_iwvn9nj wrote

Anyone aware of a design that folds the nose into itself like a hoop? Found it in a book from like the mid-2000's but could never find it again


ASleepyPizza t1_iwvnf34 wrote

Basically the nose folded into a sort of diamond, folded in half to make a long triangle, then you just fold/tape both ends together like a hoop


lupuscapabilis t1_iwvqb1a wrote

I remember going to the library as a little kid for some reason preoccupied with finding a book on paper airplanes. The poor librarian tried so hard to help me. THIS IS THE FUTURE


bluephoria t1_iwvzams wrote

I love this website! I teach Art and with grade 5 I have a paper airplane flying and design competition each year. I suggest this site for them as a resource.


Barbarbinks22 t1_iww6dze wrote

When I was in third grade I caught Swine Flu, and was in quarantine for a week before I could go back to school. I asked my mom to buy me some paper because I was super into origami at that time too. So, I spent that week folding all kinds of paper airplanes to see what worked and what didn’t and eventually created what I always considered the ultimate paper airplane.

It has a really simple process to make it, but I’ve never seen anybody else make it or see anything about it online. It flys straight, far, and gracefully. It even won me a competition back in 6th grade. I’ve never given it a name, but I’m thinking maybe I should now lol.

It’s a bit front heavy and has a nose that hooks slightly downward, while still maintaining that classic paper airplane style. So if that rings any bells, let me know.

Sorry for the novel, I saw everyone sharing their stories and figured since it almost never comes up in conversation now that I’m an adult, I could share the story with you guys!


Lincoln_Park_Pirate t1_iww7482 wrote

About 40 years ago someone taught me the Sailor Wing Plane and it's been the only plane I make. Super impressive to see. It says "expert" but after a few tries it becomes super easy.