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Sometimes_Stutters t1_jctcz4g wrote

Devils advocate here. You should consider that you’re passing your problems onto another (and totally unsuspecting) household. At least you’re armed with the information to file a police report if something occurs.

Perhaps a better alternative would be to use an address of a nearby business such as a convenience store or a restaurant.


sparksofthetempest t1_jctfila wrote

Sometimes you can’t do that. Many people unable to get rides home from the hospital (because of family work schedules, etc) after being discharged, for example, can’t tell the hospital not to give a bogus address.


MissingWhiskey t1_jctm0zv wrote

Must have been a really bad experience if you're worried about them coming to your house


tylosmacmewell t1_jctqspe wrote

What did you do that caused this driver to want to come after you? I’ve said total of like 6 words to my Uber drivers. Most of it being “ how are you? Good” then I shut up the rest of the ride and sit in silence.


Following_my_bliss t1_jcush83 wrote

If there is a nearby business to be dropped off at, that's fine, but don't give the driver another person's home address. That's awful.

There are options to increase safety when using rideshare apps. Uber lets you record your ride, and will access the recording if you make a complaint. The driver is not informed.


lover6969- t1_jcv371v wrote

Oh yeah…what a great life hack. Antagonize a potential dangerous stranger and then just send that energy right down to your innocent unsuspecting neighbors and let them deal with your actions. Or here’s another idea, when you’re in an Uber/Lyft and you sense something is off with your driver, shut your mouth, don’t argue with them, and once you reach your destination, contact Uber/lyft and report the driver(assuming they ACTUALLY gave you reason to be worried for your safety) and handle it the right way. This is an INSANE tip to give people. The ONLY way this would be acceptable would be if you lived on a city block and there was like a Starbucks or a 711 a couple doors down from you, you could just get picked up and dropped off there. But other than that you’d have to be a completely self absorbed jerkoff to do this.


keepthetips t1_jctcm44 wrote

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MyNameIsSkittles t1_jcut9dn wrote

The more shit I hear about uber the less I use them. I started using cabs again and haven't had a bad experience. Uber? Charged me $160 for a $50 ride. Never again, fuck Uber