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sleazy_idiot t1_ituarqk wrote

Who gives a shit if someone thinks you're a clean freak? Keep your home to your standards and no one else's.


roo-ster t1_itubejt wrote

Exactly! This ‘tip’ is basically, “other people’s expectations are more important than yours.”


TwicePuzzled t1_itub898 wrote

You aren’t supposed to be home when the inspection happens.


MinorIrritant t1_ituc5l7 wrote

They know what they're looking for and they know all the tricks. Your fake mess won't even register.


therealsix t1_ituegkg wrote

Isn't a home inspection when they're looking for actual home issues like leaks, physical issues, incorrectly installed things, etc, and not the fact that you left a shirt on the floor?


keepthetips t1_ituafgt wrote

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