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anglescey t1_ja8ro2h wrote

Flute Loop, Beastie Boys. I’ve done all genres, classical included and have come to the easy conclusion that it has to be Flute Loop


SparkDBowles t1_ja95xlp wrote

Any Beasties. They, especially MCA, were huge boarders.


nomnicon t1_ja8uk90 wrote

Rancid - and out come the wolves Album


drDjausdr t1_ja9490w wrote

The sound of fresh snow under your board will top any music.


zorphthealien t1_jaa7h0l wrote

It's Tricky by Run-D.M.C. is a must


PricelessLogs t1_ja8r5em wrote

Post Rock! Try 'A Deafening Distance' by God is an Astronaut


RKOArcher t1_ja8rj8c wrote

Fantastic Four soundtrack. Also, Steep's soundtrack is pretty good.


Positive-Owl-5 t1_ja8slj3 wrote

Trait(ep) by Pailhead ✌🏻🏂🎶


jcbrass t1_ja8u47i wrote

safari song - greta van fleet


Intrinomical t1_ja8waco wrote

I think it's all about your preference in music. What gets you hype usually? It doesn't change because of the activity, at least in my view. I'm shredding down the mountain listening to The Avett Brothers' slow sappy songs, whatever you like. If you're looking for suggestions for just upbeat music, then I'll throw out K-Flay - 4 Letter Words Luke Fiasco - Daydreamin' Outcast Music, JAY1 - Loose


Nizamark t1_ja8xa2s wrote

running free by iron maiden


-A_A_A_A_A_A- t1_ja90sxg wrote

Steve Morse Band : Cut To The Chase

There was an awesome 80’s comedy called SKI PATROL.

Steve Morse was one of those Guitar Gods type players like Vai and Satriani. They hired him to do the score to the movie. The music behind the chase scenes is excellent driving guitar rock.

Some of that music made it onto his album “High Tension Wires” as the first track, “Cut to the Chase.” They go back and forth between two guitarists just shredding; trading off on the solos like “dueling banjos” style.

Ultimate shredding. And perfect for your needs because it was actually written for a ski movie.


shaymcquaid t1_ja9270z wrote


Mindless Self Indulgence

Die Antwoord


fromabuick t1_ja9n96y wrote

Up on cripple creek -The Band


kkmcrae63 t1_ja9ohgk wrote

according to an ex co worker of mine, come a little closer by cage the elephant is the perfect snow sports song


kilswch9 t1_ja9tv2r wrote

Sarah McLachlan -Vox. Reason is it is one of the first songs I heard on burtons snow board video scream of conciseness. Jeff brushie. Chris Kelly. Terji. Wallace. Every time I go out it is the first song on the first run on my first day. The feels just get me into that first carve on powder or carpet. Looking down the run. Picking my line. Letting it all flow feels like perfection in that moment for me.


lo_REZ90 t1_jaac2xh wrote

Iron Maiden-Run for the Hills


lo_REZ90 t1_jaaccsi wrote

I said “Run for the Hills” with basically the same thing in mind


lenflakisinski t1_jaamlkz wrote

Pulip - Blow your house down

It’s playing in Hoodwinked when the Grandmas skiing down the mountain


emotionalfescue t1_jab4dps wrote

from the English ska revival:

Concrete Jungle (Specials), One Step Beyond (Madness), Twist and Crawl (English Beat)