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dafuq8916 t1_jefrofv wrote

Really? I just listened to that song the other day and it was incredibly average. Not terrible, but in no way was it anywhere near a "good" song.


BigSpence17 t1_jefssv7 wrote

Do you have a say in what makes it to no. 1 in Australia?


dafuq8916 t1_jeg0y4o wrote

No. I don't. Do you? Not that it matters whether you, or I, do, it's just an opinion. This is a music sub. I posted my opinion on the music. In the music sub.


PornstarVirgin t1_jefvemv wrote

Didn’t they upgrade the way these graphs work to include when the song is used in tik toks and Instagram reals? So it ends up just pumping their numbers through Superfans listening to albums even if it’s subpar.