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dafuq8916 t1_jeg9tje wrote

Yeah, there's absolutely nothing special about this song or the album. Musicality is mids, vocals are good, but overall, just very average. Weird that it's number 1. I doubt it will stay there for very long.


thune123 t1_jegdpyu wrote

Its a great song. It deserves its placement.


dafuq8916 t1_jegy131 wrote

I disagree. Its overall vibe is so blasé; boring even. The mediocre musicianship distracts from the pleasant sound of her voice. It's a mess. I'm appalled that anyone can hear this song and think it's good, much less deserving of a number 1 spot on any chart.


inspectorgadget69247 t1_jeh5lbp wrote

Have you taken a gander at other songs that have reached #1? Musicianship doesn’t appear to have ever been a priority