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dafuq8916 t1_jefrofv wrote

Really? I just listened to that song the other day and it was incredibly average. Not terrible, but in no way was it anywhere near a "good" song.


xarsha_93 t1_jefuish wrote

Lana del Rey in her Mark Kozelek era. I really enjoyed the album, personally. The songs were great, the lyrics were surprisingly funny, and the production was gorgeous and varied in genre.


PornstarVirgin t1_jefvemv wrote

Didn’t they upgrade the way these graphs work to include when the song is used in tik toks and Instagram reals? So it ends up just pumping their numbers through Superfans listening to albums even if it’s subpar.


Dragonalex t1_jefvs4x wrote

Is that anywhere near Yellowcards 'Ocean Avenue'? Feels like poor city planning.


oopsie-mybad t1_jegb2gi wrote

Best artist to fall asleep to. Snoooooooooze *zzzzzzzzz*


kyttEST t1_jegfh9r wrote

Lately I have been listening to her older albums and thinking... People will talk about Lana Del Ray in 40+ years. She will go down in history much like Ella Fitzgerald.


sandy_80 t1_jegpizt wrote

miss i want so bad to be a cool modern nancy sinatra with plastic surgery but it aint working..gosh fake is her middle name

try agnes obel and feel the authency when its really there


taylorpilot t1_jegq50w wrote

If you drive down ocean Blvd long enough it becomes ocean avenue


noopenusernames t1_jegy0cl wrote

It took this long for someone to finally cover Yellowcard?


dafuq8916 t1_jegy131 wrote

I disagree. Its overall vibe is so blasé; boring even. The mediocre musicianship distracts from the pleasant sound of her voice. It's a mess. I'm appalled that anyone can hear this song and think it's good, much less deserving of a number 1 spot on any chart.