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Jibber_Fight t1_jb2msww wrote

Old old school country/bluegrass. I hate hate hate country nowadays but really old “country” music is amazing.


allothernamestaken t1_jb2ud62 wrote

For a modern take on bluegrass while staying true to its roots, go check out Billy Strings.


arkybarky1 t1_jb42pqb wrote

I remember when "young country" arrived. Basically failed rock musicians stealing buddy holly n jackson browne n wearing cowboy hats. Theres nothing that compares in that field to hank williams sr, ray price, merle haggard n others with that soulful sincerity. It used to be called White peoples blues.


UsernameChallenged t1_jb3g52p wrote

I realize it's easy to hate on current country music, but 2022 was a really good year for country music.

Now, if you're someone who likes 90s Alan Jackson country and nothing else, you'll never like country music again, but there's some really good artists now.


Notinyourbushes t1_jb2l8lb wrote

Not a genre exactly but: Japan.

Japan has the 3rd largest music industry on the planet that everyone except the west knows about. Almost doesn't matter what style you like, Japan has dozens of bands that are probably as good (if not better) as your favorite band. You like punk, indie, grunge, shoegazing, metal or just straight up rock? Japan has amazing groups you've never heard of.

To illustrate, here's a Japanese Irish pub band.


Mandasiaa OP t1_jb2lijg wrote

YouTube rabbit hole here I come


Notinyourbushes t1_jb2m9aj wrote

Watch the anime "Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad." It's a gateway to a whole other world of music.


Shiningc t1_jb2m93m wrote

Mainstream Japanese music is ridiculously sanitized. It’s probably used as a means of social control.


Notinyourbushes t1_jb2msm2 wrote

Mainstream anything is crap. You should always go for the indie stuff.


Grand-wazoo t1_jb2lfdx wrote

It’s not so much a genre but an instrument - the handpan is a beautiful and soothing instrument and you can find it in tandem with all kinds of other instruments. My favorite combo so far is handpan, bansuri flute, and acoustic guitar as presented by these fine gentlemen.

I’d also highly recommend checking out Malte Marten and his handpan duo Yatao for some ultra chill vibes.


tanglekelp t1_jb2jl9n wrote

I’ve recently discovered folk punk and I love it. Also I love Heilung, saw them live recently and it was amazing


Mandasiaa OP t1_jb2jtsu wrote

Jealous! Where did you see them?

I love folk and punk so I'm sure I'll enjoy them together. Will definitely check it out. Thanks!


tanglekelp t1_jb2l39e wrote

In Tilburg (the Netherlands) :) Also you might like the band Sowulo!


KresblainTheMagician t1_jb315p1 wrote

If you want a folk-punk spotify playlist let me know! One of my favorite genres along with ska and punk.


the4thversion t1_jb4g34t wrote

I'm using Tidal so can't use Spotify playlists, any chance of some band names to lookup?


KresblainTheMagician t1_jb5tn35 wrote

Pigeon Pit, Days N Daze, Apes of the State, Long Sought Rest, Holy Locust, Defiance Ohio, Doom Scroll, My Pizza My World, Mischief Brew, Rent Strike, Little Foot

These are the artists I've been listening to lately. Lots of banjo-inclusive artists because I'm trying to learn myself. Hope you enjoy something you find!


RenzoARG t1_jb2mj9o wrote

Inuit and Mongolian throatsinging are game changers respective to what one may have studied as "music".


Extone_music t1_jb2kdij wrote

Thall is a genre that seems to be an obvious progression from djent, but people aren't aware of it much.


BlueTeale t1_jb2mcex wrote

I recently discovered electroswing and it's fantastic for happy music and fun to put on while cleaning. Good energy and I find it's hard not to dance to (when nobody's around of course)


Mandasiaa OP t1_jb2mq3h wrote

Oooo my kind of genre (and who cares if people are watching) :)


ParticularGoal3221 t1_jb2nyfx wrote

I have always liked electrotrash but it seems very niche. Just got myself a behringer tb3 too so I can start making some basic production of my own:)


Mandasiaa OP t1_jb2octb wrote

One song in and I already like it. Awesome energy


suffaluffapussycat t1_jb2syoj wrote

Black MIDI is interesting.

> Black MIDI is a music genre consisting of compositions that use MIDI files to create a song or a remix containing a large number of notes. People who make black MIDIs are known as blackers. However, there are no specific criteria of what is considered "black"; as a result, pinpointing the exact origin of black MIDI is impossible.


blade944 t1_jb2yoy9 wrote

Mongolian metal. Check out The Hu.


thorpie88 t1_jb3mq1v wrote

While most people think of country music as mainly for American white people here in Australia it is mostly made for and played by our rural indigenous population.

Also it surprisingly has a bunch of crossover with the Aussie Hip Hop scene which itself is also super underrated.


Macksler t1_jb436w2 wrote

Krautrock is awesome




futatorius t1_jb4jue3 wrote

Keep in mind that Krautrock is not much of a genre. There are vast differences between the bands that fall into that category. For example, Can's an outlier with its jazz/funk/avant-garde influences; so's Amon Düül in all its myriad DIY forms; noise bands like Faust don't have much in common with melodic and occasionally ambient groups like Ash Ra Tempel, Cluster (and its spinoffs), Kraftwerk, NEU! and Tangerine Dream. There's a lot there. If you don't like something, it's a good idea to listen to something else instead, it's likely to be very different.


mukwah t1_jb35b1m wrote

Rocksteady. Kind of a precursor to reggae


Bo-Jacks-Son t1_jb3lmsl wrote

Mongolian throat singing is kinda off the grid.


Doc-Goop t1_jb33yla wrote

Indian Folk Metal - Bloodywood


pegarina1 t1_jb3o4ac wrote

Italian Blues. I discovered the singer Zucchero years ago and have seen him twice in concert in Somerville, MA. He sings in Italian, Spanish and English. Many of my friends and family refuse to listen to him because he sings in Italian, but will listen to Santana and others that sing in Spanish. (A true music lover doesn’t have a narrow mind or tunnel vision when it comes to appreciating great music). If you love the Blues and or Joe Cocker, Zucchero is worth checking out. He sounds like Joe Cocker and has sung with all the greats from B.B. King, Clapton, Andrea Bocelli, Sting and many others.


arkybarky1 t1_jb4331q wrote

60s reggae. The stuff ub40 borrowed but couldnt actually play. Start with Desmond Dekker ,the Melodians,Jimmy Cliff. Phenomenally soulful n danceable. No samples,computers, all humans!


schmoejiden t1_jb4b488 wrote

Old school blues rock (I guess is what you could call it) is the absolute SHIT in my opinion. People like George Thorogood or Joe Walsh have some absolute bangers and I haven't met too many people who casually listen to that kind of music but I love it.


BookerTheTwit t1_jb4vo5p wrote

Just got back from a Heilung concert, it’s fantastic