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So science creates a pill that will erase all memory of one album and you get to listen to it again for the first time with no memory of what you are about to hear.

What album would you pick to hear again for the first time??


Myself - Dark Side of the Moon. May not be THE greatest album of all time, but it is probably one of the most amazing front to back experiences I have ever heard.



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duck729 t1_j6bgasl wrote

Wish You Were Here. I know every note by heart at this point, and I’d love nothing more than to get the feeling of hearing Shine On You Crazy Diamond for the first time again.


RedditorNumber679260 t1_j6d0nyh wrote

Yep. With headphones. In bed.

I was born right when that album came out… so I imagine sometimes I’m a sixteen year old kid in the 70’s in an old bedroom, with big coiled can headphones.

Dark Side would be the other, but doesn’t have that same effect.


caleboratemedia t1_j6ei5xz wrote

The first time I smoked weed I was sitting in a couch in the garage and had my headphones in to listen to that album for the first time. It was transcendental, a memory I’ll never forget.


DarrylCornejo t1_j6bbpdy wrote

Dark Side of the Moon. I wanna have that experience again.


JGCities OP t1_j6bckvc wrote

My ears are ringing thanks to that masterpiece. The second side is amazing with how it all builds towards the end.


LadyLovesRoses t1_j6dzuyo wrote

Me too. I still remember hearing it for the first time. I was at a party and I didn’t talk to anyone while it was playing. I sat near the speakers in awe. The next day I bought the album.


pfc_bgd t1_j6bl1t6 wrote

Tool - Aenima

I recall hearing it for the first time and just thinking “wtf is this thing, I’ve never heard anything like it before…”. My mind was blown.


Lalo_ATX t1_j6bgtp4 wrote

Purple Rain

It blew my mind when I first heard it


MHessy1980 t1_j6e9xp4 wrote

I was going to say this too. Prince was ever so talented as a musician


Nizamark t1_j6bezif wrote

God Ween Satan The Oneness by Ween


Dankonia t1_j6bbpjx wrote

Gorillaz - Plastic Beach


booyatrive t1_j6clz6n wrote

It wasn't the first time I heard it but the first time I really connected with that album was in a nearly empty hostel in Sweden outside the ski resort Åre. I put the album on while cooking dinner in an aggressively yellow kitchen with snow dumping outside. There was one large window looking out over a big field towards the mountains. I think of that place every time a hear any song form from this album.


stray1ight t1_j6bi9xl wrote

Recovering the Satellites by The Counting Crows.

Fifteen year old me about lost my goddamn mind.

Or Transatlanticism by Death Cab, or Give Up by The Postal Service.


DreamsOfMichelangelo t1_j6cx4r6 wrote

I can’t choose between RTS and August and Everything After


stray1ight t1_j6drt1h wrote

August and everything after meant (and perhaps means) more emotionally; when it comes to a perfect sounding, perfect instrumentation, and perfectly produced record, I can get over the guitars on RTS.

Either way, I love your username and think we should be friends!


Impossibly-Daft-27 t1_j6bjlsy wrote

Radiohead- the Bends <And> Depeche Mode-Songs of Faith and Devotion


drunk_haile_selassie t1_j6bpr3j wrote

When I was a teenager I had a bath every night. I would listen to the Bends one night, then ok Computer the next, then kid a the night after. I repeated that for about three years. They are all incredible. I genuinely think that I could sing and play every note from those albums from memory.


AliasFaux t1_j6c0plm wrote

DUDE, the Bends blew my fucking MIND.

I sat down and listened to the entire album in one sit, and just walked around humming "immerse your soul in love" for the rest of the day.


ConnorCMcKee t1_j6bvniv wrote

I came here torn between suggesting Radiohead - Hail To The Thief or Depeche Mode - Violator. We're a few linebreaks in the discographies away from being in total agreement.


Affectionate_Reply78 t1_j6blj9l wrote

So, Peter Gabriel


JGCities OP t1_j6bth3t wrote

Good choice. Red Rain is an amazing first song. The high hat followed by the keyboards and then the full drums and finally his voice. Just amazing.

Whole album is amazing one of the best of the 80s.


gimpy1511 t1_j6bs9cw wrote

OMG. I'm just now remembering unwrapping the cellophane of the cassette (!😂!) and then being blown away by the music.


JordanJP t1_j6blacb wrote

deloused in the comatorium by the mars volta


gimpy1511 t1_j6bsi82 wrote

Rumours by Fleetwood Mac. I don't know why this isn't number 1. Every song is fantastic.


idontwantanamern t1_j6fwa4g wrote

I just put this on the turntable again last week. I've heard it probably a thousand times -- and each time I'm in awe that such a perfect piece of art exists in the world. To be so lucky to hear it for the first time... I genuinely wish I could go back and remember that.

Couldn't agree more.


bop999 t1_j6bjejc wrote

The Wolfgang Press - Standing Up Straight.


Gardenheadhigh t1_j6bxcvj wrote

Neutral Milk Hotel- In The Aeroplane Over the Sea


SoggyFuzzySocks t1_j6c2cwx wrote

Ok, Dark Side of the parents used to play that for me to fall asleep to. Crazy, I know but it works. The highs and lows in that album, they knew what they were doing. I still have nights if I'm very buzzed, I'll put it on to calm myself to fall asleep. It has to be on very quiet. I'm out before 1/2 way through the album. Maybe it's just remembering my childhood? Who knows, but it works for me.


username11092 t1_j6cm8o0 wrote

I made the mistake of listening to DSOTM on headphones once to help me fall asleep, it worked beautifully until I got to "time"

Scared the SHIT out of me.


Gromit801 t1_j6heipc wrote

That actually saved my ass one night in 1975. I was coming home from a Montrose/Foghat concert, on a boring stretch of highway, with DSOTM in the cassette deck. Bad idea. Time came on, and I jumped awake to find myself vaguely pointing at a tree. Managed to correct without having an accident. Or heart attack.


homemade_vancouver t1_j6bcvds wrote

Pink Floyd - The Wall.

Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique.

De La Soul - 3 Feet High and Rising.

The Beatles - Sgt Pepper's or Rubber Soul


chromethesia1 t1_j6btcrz wrote

Merriweather Post Pavilion - Animal Collective


CHAINSAWSOLLY t1_j6cczfi wrote

Interpol - Turn on the bright lights


Black_Shabbat92 t1_j6ce62x wrote

Nirvana’s Nevermind. The first album that got me into music as a kid. It would be cool to be able to listen to it again


TryAccomplished4741 t1_j6bhoqa wrote

The album that destroyed music theory:

Bathory - Under The Sign of The Black Mark.


Malanderer t1_j6bj3r1 wrote

An album - Californication. Damn, I played it to pieces. But I first heard it at a joyous time in my life, and I’d want to hear it in that setting again, so maybe that’s just asking for heaven. Second choice, Astral Weeks.

A band - anything by The Beatles. We all seem to get drip-fed bits and pieces of Beatles music over the years, and we hear bands inspired by them, and I can’t work out how it felt to hear them for the first time when those sounds were entirely new. Especially as a young adult, not as a kid being told rationally about why they were important.


rageus88 t1_j6cp8ts wrote

I love Californication. I just wished the producers (Rubin?) hadn’t compressed everything to shit. We need a full remaster of that and BTW


Goldteamrules64 t1_j6bri2z wrote

All things must pass by George Harrison i would say a Fleetwood Mac album but this one is super epic


Clamper5978 t1_j6btdhr wrote

Physical Graffiti. My choice would probably be different in five minutes.


ConnorCMcKee t1_j6bvv4p wrote

For very backwards reasons:

U2 - Pop

This is an album many people hate, but for which I have a special fondness. I want to know if without the nostalgia and circumstances I associate with the album I would still love it. Would I still authentically like this thing so much?


VlaxDrek t1_j6bwntr wrote

Either The Wall or Dave Brubeck’s Time Out.


Yuval_K81 t1_j6cryd4 wrote

Achtung baby - U2. One of my first introduction to real music, when i begun to develop my own taste. I was 10 or 11.

Ok computer - Radiohead. I was 16, it was right before all the hype, to me, and i think my generation, those who were born in early to mid 80's it's our dark side of the moon, the last great masterpiece of the old world, before the internet truly exploded and everything that went with it. I listened to that CD so much...


attention21 t1_j6bbnos wrote

Half hour of power by Sum 41


s0upsa14d t1_j6bee1b wrote

brand new - science fiction


J_for_John101 t1_j6bz0zd wrote

Guns 'n Roses: "Appetite for Destruction"


Ok_Job_3262 t1_j6c2nv5 wrote

Among my swan- Mazzy star or grace by Jeff Buckley


JunFerra t1_j6cja2r wrote

Mr. Bungle by Mr. Bungle. I inherited this album on CD from my uncle who is a fan of Faith No More. I knew Patton had made some weird shit (hello Fantômas) but this album blew my mind. It really shows you how wacky and bizarre metal can get.


lildissonance t1_j6d3bkj wrote

Sufjan Stevens - Illinois.

Don't get me wrong, I still think the album's great even after having heard it 80 times. But the thrill of hearing the first few tracks and then realizing I was in for a 74-minute double-album experience with that consistent level of quality was amazing.


Winterbridge345 t1_j6dk6sk wrote

Green Day-American Idiot, that album was my first exposure to Punk style music, which is now one of my favorite genres



conbeth t1_j6dnw8e wrote

For Emma, Forever ago-- Bon Iver


Audiomac69 t1_j6ebtz7 wrote

Together Alone by Crowded House


cameronjd883 t1_j6ed888 wrote

Definitely Maybe by Oasis or Tapestry by Don McLean


kerryblu22 t1_j6ez9r5 wrote

The carter 3 and Future sex love sounds. Classics!


xiii--iiix t1_j6i7ny5 wrote

Timberlake/Timberland combo is no joke either.


BBSHANESHAFFER t1_j6ezj9t wrote

Love that so many in this thread are prog or prog related albums


emtscott54 t1_j6f7woy wrote

Matisyahu Live At Stubb’s


PortifexMortis38 t1_j6g5c6n wrote

The Hazards of Love - The Decemberists

Just… what an experience that was for me.


hippysmell t1_j6bfgja wrote

Super Furry Animals - Radiator


MinorDet t1_j6bj6ib wrote

Enigma - MCMXC


gardensclan t1_j6bum9j wrote

Mechanical Animals by Marilyn Manson


jampapi t1_j6bv34f wrote

Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Vol 1: From Fear through the Eyes of Madness by Coheed and Cambria.

There’s a lot of albums I could put down here but this album made me shit my mind as a teenager. I stood in line at FYE to get it on release day, my brother and I popped it in on the home and couldn’t believe our ears. I’ve seen Coheed about 17 times but for me, nothing topped this era. I’d give anything to go back and hear that again for the first time.


Psychic_Gian t1_j6c7408 wrote

As Daylight Dies - Killswitch Engage


Mont_918 t1_j6c8hl8 wrote

Gojira - The Way Of All Flesh


kindDan93 t1_j6cclgi wrote

Choose Your Weapon - Hiatus Kaiyote


BobDobFrisbee t1_j6cgkmt wrote

Time Out - The Dave Brubeck Quartet (1959). The album that opened my ears and allowed me to (begin to) understand jazz.


LOLbearsmile08 t1_j6ckjeh wrote

Probably Iron Maiden’s “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son”

It’s my all time favorite album! I could also maybe trade that for hearing my all time favorite song again. That being Empire of the Clouds, also by Maiden.

Damn, this is difficult


vfrschZ t1_j6cmj2f wrote

Tim Hecker - Harmony in Ultraviolet


callowruse t1_j6cpnk5 wrote

The self titled debut by Mr Bungle. I've listened to that crazy-ass record so many times, I've memorized every little detail. I'd love for it's surprises to work on me again.


cratecc t1_j6csowm wrote

Tubular Bells - with headphones in a dark room with no distractions


mrbadxampl t1_j6cx21u wrote

probably either Ten or Siamese Dream


Toolcannabis46and2 t1_j6cyhdl wrote

Tool - Aenima The Beatles - Abbey Road System of a Down - Toxicity Pink Floyd - Animals


RedditorNumber679260 t1_j6d16j9 wrote

Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power

I remember seeing it on a new friend’s dresser… I was like “what’s this?”

He’s is like “Oh my god. You haven’t heard any Pantera yet!?!? YESSSS! They will blow your mind man.”

AND….. they did


NSAspycam t1_j6degg4 wrote

Soul Gravy - Cross Canadian Ragweed. Probably not as known here but IMO, every song on that was a banger


Coleyobooster t1_j6dkz34 wrote

Peripheral Vision by Turnover or Dream Your Life Away by Vance Joy


throwaway128388373 t1_j6dpkcc wrote

Octavarium by Dream Theater. It’s a truly incredible piece of art and the title track is among the greatest pieces of music ever written.


the-microbe t1_j6dvrt2 wrote

Whole lotta red - Carti I liked it so much the first time I listened to it, I distinctly remember hearing rockstar made and stop breathing for the first time and it was like a weird strange sound I've never really heard before, and I digged the fuck out of it


NastySassyStuff t1_j6e6ao2 wrote

I kind of think DSotM is the greatest album of all time because of that perfect front to back experience. It’s so totally complete and it has everything you could ever want: incredible songwriting, otherworldly production quality, masterful musicianship, great signing, moving lyrics, unified themes, total cohesion. I think I’d pick this one, too.


Myoosik70 t1_j6efht2 wrote

Houses of the Holy Led-Zeppelin 1973


beverfxce t1_j6eivum wrote

the name chapter: temptation by txt

it was so good 😡


FortuneLegitimate679 t1_j6en9in wrote

Probably Dark Side of the Moon but Led Zeppelin would be awesome or Are You Experienced.


mechanab t1_j6ey2gb wrote

I’m going to purposefully exclude Pink Floyd here, so I will say Gary Numan The Pleasure Principle.


TheMilkDonkey t1_j6eyz0u wrote

With The Beatles - The Beatles

Forward Motion Goddessy - Post Animal

Costello Music - The Fratellis

To Pimp A Butterfly - Kendrick Lamar

Caress Your Soul - Sticky Fingers

High Fidelity (EP) - Lava La Rue

The first two Tropical Fuck Storm albums

(Dark side too, obvs)

Ach, I could go on and on.


jmizzuf t1_j6ezmrg wrote

Southeastern by Jason Isbell. I was doing something around the house the first time I heard it and it just stopped me in my tracks


h4rd4c t1_j6ezpur wrote

I’m in Your Mind Fuzz - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard


Minute-Courage6955 t1_j6f6cjr wrote

Black Sabbath self titled album. The experience was headphones on ,sound of the rain,then bell tolls, Tony's ear shattering riff.


SpaceGypsy79 t1_j6f7rg2 wrote

I agree with you. Dark Side of the Moon is the correct answer.


AndroidParanoidOk t1_j6fiwx8 wrote

either "Les Étoiles Vagabondes"- Nekfeu, "In Rainbows" - Radiohead or "Jubilee" - Japanese Breakfast


Averen t1_j6fkfo8 wrote

KoRn freak on a leash


smallsquish t1_j6fufdj wrote

The Search for the Lost Chord - The Moody Blues


Glittering_While_698 t1_j6fxpml wrote

Always struggled with albums on first listen, probably go for strokes is this it


musicenjoyer25 t1_j6g8wlf wrote

GOOD KID M.A.A.D CITY by Kendrick Lamar I feel like this is self explanatory or OF TAPE VOL.2 the reason behind that one is because I never listened to much rap and it had an extremely unique sound compared to what I was listening to at that time


Gromit801 t1_j6he4st wrote

Dark Side of the Moon, headphones at night. Bought it on first album release.

Enigmatic Ocean by Jean-Luc Ponty


xiii--iiix t1_j6i7008 wrote

Great question. Ima go with….
Shutdown: ‘Against All Odds’ Meant the fuckin’ world to me at the time.