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I stopped listening to new music and became a news junkie after 9/11. Trying to catch up on 20 years of music now.

Update: omfg you ppl rock! Thank you for all the great suggestions. I'm been putting together this crazy sound system and can't wait to check out every track/album/artist on it!

Update 2: Family in town from Brazil, so haven't had a chance to listen to but a few tracks so far, but loving it. Thank you so much for this musical adventure we'll be going on, my wife and I (she's a doctor/professor, but also has a degree in music and she's also thrilled). It's great to have her support in this crazy audiophile hobby of mine and also to having her looking fwd to hours... days, rather, of new music.



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DeliciousPancakes26 t1_j5pd37r wrote

These are some albums, but also check all of the albums of each band since 2001:

2001 - Muse - Origin Of Symmetry

2001 - Radiohead - Amnesiac

2001 - Slipknot - Iowa

2001 - System Of A Down - Toxicity

2001 - Tool - Lateralus

2002 - Coldplay - A Rush Of Blood To The Head

2002 - Audioslave - Audioslave

2002 - Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way

2002 - Interpol - Turn On The Bright Lights

2002 - Queens Of The Stone Age - Songs For The Deaf

2003 - Linkin Park - Meteora

2003 - Muse - Absolution

2003 - The White Stripes - Elephant

2003 - Radiohead - Hail To The Thief

2003 - The Strokes - Room On Fire

2004 - Arcade Fire - Funeral

2004 - Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand

2004 - Death From Above 1979 - You're Not A Woman, I'm A Machine

2004 - Green Day - American Idiot

2004 - The Killers - Hot Fuss

2005 - Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth

2005 - Wolfmother - Wolfmother

2006 - Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Bot

2006 - Muse - Black Holes And Revelations

2006 - The Killers - Sam's Town

2006 - Tool - 10,000 Days

2007 - Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare

2007 - Radiohead - In Rainbows

2008 - Coldplay - Viva La Vida

2009 - Green Day 21st Century Breakdown

2009 - Muse - The Resistance

2009 - Paramore - Brand New Eyes

2010 - Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

2011 - The Black Keys - El Camino

2013 - Twenty One Pilots - Vessel

2013 - Queens Of The Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork

2014 - Royal Blood - Royal Blood

2015 - Nothing But Thieves - Nothing But Thieves

2015 - Tame Impala - Currents

2017 - Royal Blood - How Did We Get So Dark

2017 - Nothing But Thieves - Broken Machine

2018 - Twenty One Pilots - Trench

2020 - Nothing But Thieves - Moral Panic

2020 - The Strokes - The New Abnormal

2021 - Royal Blood - Typhoons


HomerThompson15 t1_j5p79v3 wrote

“ stopped listening to new music and became a news junkie after 9/11”

…please expand


jeremyjava OP t1_j66fe9m wrote

I had just moved back to NY after skiing my cafe in Joshua Tree, CA, where I also did a volunteer work with my trained German shepherd.
Moved back to NY just in time for 9/11 and did work down there and aling with everyone else, or lives were turned upside down. There's no way to describe it... I did try in a story I write about doing my thing with my dog at the pile and at the piers set up for being ppl affected by it.

At the time, the big concern was if more terror attacks every single day. The sirens were so persistent for months that when they finally died down, ppl were freaked out by the silence of the new New York.

Like many others, I became a news junkie and listened to NPR or BBC pretty much all the time. Become habit after awhile.

Music wasn't a priority, even for a big music lover like me. Hell, in JT my place has live music a few times a week with some surprisingly established ppl. Lots of recording studios there and you never which artist might come walking through the door.

That habit has been broken and now I put together a pretty crazy high end audio system and am loving all my old fave stuff, and new favorites, but there's a world of music out there I've never heard that I'll love... and looking fwd to finding it!

Thanks for asking and giving me a chance to offer some back story.


tackthiratrix t1_j5p68ua wrote

Since 2003, The Killers have consistently released some great hits and albums and always try to keep things fresh. They are a nice blend of heartland rock, 80s new wave, and arena rock.

Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories and Kacey Musgrave’s Golden Hour are two albums I highly suggest checking out!


jeremyjava OP t1_j66gph3 wrote

Killers were a little heavy for us old ppl who like mellower stuff but I'm always surprised to find myself enjoying Daft Punk so thanks for the reminder and the introduction to Mustgraves... heard the name but now enjoying Golden Hour.


ThePencilRain t1_j5pgwiy wrote

Streetlight Manifesto.

Their first album showed that you can make incredible positive changes in other people's lives just by being true to yourself.

Their second album showed that you can question everything around, but still remain hopeful.

Everything else has just fucking ruled.


Ok-Impress-2222 t1_j5pe5c1 wrote

The Fray - How to Save a Life.


jeremyjava OP t1_j66k070 wrote

Liked em, reminded me more of goo goo dolls than U2/maroon 5, which their qobuz profile mentioned they pitched themselves as being similar to


whatistheformat t1_j5p9biy wrote


Radiohead- in Rainbows

Bloc Party- Silent Alarm, Four

Steve Malkmus S/t

les Savy Fav- Inches

Porcupine Tree- Deadwing

Deer hunter- Microcastle

Autolux- Present Perfect

The Staves- The way is Read

Fiery Furnaces- EP

Julia Holter- Aviary

Miranda Lee Richards- Existential Beast

Colleen- Captain of None

Sasami s/t

Emma Ruth Rundle- Engine of Hell, On Dark Horses

Just off the top of my head

Wow thanks for the downvotes, clearly my opinion is not the same as someone else. Shocking


5150badboy t1_j5qy1yf wrote

The Darkness. Permission to Land


sadandshy t1_j5rhuvh wrote

2016 A Sailor's Guide to Earth - Sturgill Simpson


kaigem t1_j5pm58u wrote

The Fratellis - Costello Music (2006) and Here We Stand (2008) are two of my favorite albums from the ‘00s. Classic tracks with great singalong hooks, rock is far from dead.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - their first album came out in 2012. Their 23rd album released last October. Most are concept albums, and almost always a new genre, but a sizable portion of their songs can be described as psyche rock. Best band making music today. Start with “I’m In Your Mind Fuzz”, then follow this guide:


Notinyourbushes t1_j5r4bs2 wrote

>The Fratellis

I'll see your Fratellis and up you one Jon Fratelli (his solo work). I'm still on various artist kick, but whenever anything he's part of pops up, I pretty much like it. This guy gets rock and roll and I need to spend sometime checking out his catalogue.


ShaolinDude t1_j5pnnym wrote

The first 3 albums from Gorillaz


Demon Days

Plastic Beach


HelloweenFan666 t1_j5r30l8 wrote

2001: The Metal Opera by Avantasia

2001: Mandrake by Edguy

2001: Rebirth by Angra

2001: No World Order by Gamma Ray

2001: Awakening The World by Lost Horizon

2001: Silence by Sonata Arctica

2002: The Metal Opera part 2 by Avantasia

2002: Wings Of Forever by Power Quest

2002: Prophet Of The Last Eclipse by Luca Turilli

2002: Eternity by Freedom Call

2003: Elements part 1 by Stratovarius

2003: Elements part 2 by Stratovarius

2003: Winterheart Guild by Sonata Arctica

2003: Valley Of The Damned by DragonForce

2003: Neverworld by Power Quest

2003: A Flame To The Ground Beneath

2004: Reckoning Night by Sonata Arctica

2004: Sonic Firestorm by DragonForce

2004: Hellfire Club by Edguy

2004: Symphony Of Enchanted Lands 2: The Dark Secret by Rhapsody (honestly listen to Rhapsody's first 5 albums before this one)

2005: Magic Never Dies by Power Quest

2006: Inhuman Rampage by DragonForce

2006: Rocket Ride by Edguy

2007: Dimensions by Freedom Call

2008: Scarecrow by Avantasia

2008: Ultra Beatdown by DragonForce

2008: The Light by Reinxeed

2009: Higher by Reinxeed

2009: Polaris by Stratovarius

2010: The Wicked Symphony Avantasia

2010: Angels Of Babylon by by Avantasia btw listen to those in that order

2010: Majestic by Reinxeed

2011: Elysium by Stratovarius

2011: Blood Alliance by Power Quest

2011: 1912 by Reinxeed

2012: The Power Within by DragonForce (the first metal album ive ever listened to)

2012: Welcome To The Theater by Reinxeed

2013: Straight Out Of Hell by Helloween

2013: The Mystery of Time by Avantasia

2013: A New World by Reinxeed

2014: Tales Of Ancient Prophecies by Twilight Force

2014: Space Police (Defenders Of The Crown) by Edguy (their most recent album)

2014: Maximum Overload by DragonForce

2014: Beyond by Freedom Call

2015: None

2016: Ghostlights by Avantasia

2016: Heroes Of Mighty Magic by Twilight Force

2017: Reaching Into Infinity by DragonForce

2017: The Sixth Dimension by Power Quest

2018: None

2019: Extreme Power Metal by DragonForce

2019: The Eight Mountain by Rhapsody of Fire (Rhapsody changed their name in 2006)

2019: Above The Sky by Majestica (Reinxeed changed their name)

2019: Dawn Of The Dragonstar by Twilight Force

2019: Moonglow by Avantasia

2020: None

2021: Helloween by Helloween (the reunion album of the original members)

2021: Glory For Salvation by Rhapsody

2022: Hammer Of Dawn by Hammerfall

2022: The God Machine by Blind Guardian

2022: Survive by Stratovarius


Willow_Weak t1_j5rbh5r wrote

Linkin park, hybrid theory, meteora. Hybrid theory is till today the most sold newcomer album of this century. Edit: hybrid theory is from 2000 but definitely worth listing


Hot-Blood-6795 t1_j5p1h9r wrote

The Foo fighters, alot of there music 🎶 has meaning to me, but 'February Stars', and 'Resolve' are my favorites, also the band shinedown has too many songs 🎵 to list that have meaning to me, but their latest album planet zero has a song called 'daylight' that is inspiring and uplifting! Seether is a heavier band but the lead singer Sean Morgan writes about some really hard stuff, Like loosing his brother to suicide ( I lost my little brother in a accident so these songs have a definite meaning to me) he writes about addiction and other dark things that plagues the world too and screams alot while singing these beautifully dark songs, I love it! ❤️ other bands have a song or 2 that have meaning to me, but these 3 bands as a whole, front to back, almost every single song they have made either has meaning to me or rocks my doors off which also moves me! 😉😁 if rock music 🎶 isn't you genre, I know at least one song from each of them will hit you in the feels! I played seethers song written for the passing of his brother at my brother's funeral and EVERYONE was asking for the name 'pass slowly' literally my father in law who loves old country western was moved to tears by 'pass slowly' from Seether. Look it up on YouTube and watch his emotions as he sings it, or any of the other songs I listed, I bet one of them will get you no matter age or genre you prefer!! Check them out!!!


AndHeHadAName t1_j5p5zgr wrote

Are you into metal? If so:

> Liquid Metal

Which so far consists of 11 Metal/Hard Rock albums in the range of: thrash, doom, math, ambient, occult, hardcore punk, experimental, sludge, alt, and progressive.

If you are into indie:

> Take 5

Which is 5 hours of underground multi genre indie that gets updated regularly.

And if you want a good midway jumping off point for more mainstream pop/indie:

> realparty

which is music you might listen to at a cool party in 2013.


jeremyjava OP t1_j66lkfz wrote

We're old, so into more meowmellow stuff, but enjoying checking out all the recommendations from all who replied. I'll head forcheck out Take 5 and see what my wife and I think of the newest stuff there-- thank you!


Gravityalwayswins4 t1_j5p906p wrote

Bright Eyes, Radiohead, Decemberists, My Morning Jacket, Damien Rice, Lord Huron


jeremyjava OP t1_j66n8w6 wrote

Whoa, Decemberists grabbed us more than any other artist here so far! As mentioned above, we're very old. :)
Edit to add it reminds my wife a bit of one of her favorites: Gregory alan isakov


Gravityalwayswins4 t1_j67779g wrote

Decemberists are probably my favorite live band right now (I’m also very old, enough that I was able to see the Clash and Stevie Ray Vaughan in concert)


jeremyjava OP t1_j67d15s wrote

Shea stadium opening for the Stones!
Half the audience left after the clash played and the other half arrived late to only see the stones. I mean, not exactly, but I've never seen such a split audience for a concert before.


subtxtcan t1_j5pd1ze wrote

Architects have been on fire since All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, Alexisonfire is back, James Blake is making some waves, St. Paul and the Broken City is blowing up soul, Bonobo has put out some truly great works (Migration is my first recommendation).

A LOT has happened my friend.... Good luck!


haresnail t1_j5pgd30 wrote

Standing under bright lights by Alex Henry foster and the long shadows. Tonight by Pure Nonsense. The new one by Kari Kirkland Noble dans defeat by Møsi There's so many others


Micahman311 t1_j5phvu5 wrote

Foxy Shazam - The Church of Rock & Roll

Awesome band, awesome album. If you love Queen and that kind of rock and roll, this album should be right up your alley.

I think it is from 2011.


idontwantanamern t1_j5sq69x wrote

I'll add that their S/T album (before that one) is an absolute BANGER and a favorite of mine.

Almost every mix I make has "Killin' It" included, but Bye Bye Symphony and Oh Lord still completely knock me over. A killer live band, too


Micahman311 t1_j5t7hoh wrote

Yes, I agree that their self titled is also just an amazing piece of work. Those two albums are their finest work as far as I'm concerned. I honestly thought they could take over the world.

I know the self titled had a LOT of money put into it by their record label. I know Feldman produced it, and I remember Skye saying that they had (I forgot the groups name) one of the old-school famous R&B groups singing on one of the songs as well. Or at least a member or two.

And Church had Justin Hawkins of The Darkness producing, and I absolutely love his work. He met Eric when they'd both been hired to write songs for Meatloaf (have you heard the Justin/Eric demos from that?), and Justin immediately chose Eric as his writing partner when they were asked to group up.

When I saw them open for The Darkness the week after Church came out, I was awestruck. They put on a live show that was just bonkers. Truly a great period in their career.


idontwantanamern t1_j5uqbde wrote

Totally on the same page about them taking over the world!

I was convinced that when Eric did the vocals on "Downtown" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, that people would investigate their albums -- but that didn't seem to happen ( at least not to my knowledge)

I have NOT heard the demos, but I know what I'm doing later. I am a huge fan of Meat Loaf's music and spent the weekend watching the short film/documentary his daughters put together. Really looking forward to that - Thanks for the tip!!

And yes, Justin & Eric collaborating is really amazing. I have admittedly lost track of what they up to, but I always felt they didn't get the full recognition they deserved.

I never saw The Darkness live, but I saw Foxy Shazam open for Hole in June 2010 -- which I probably why I have the fondness for the S/T album -- and I shoved them down everyone's ears for the whole summer and remainder of the year (and still do, honestly).

Really happy to know there are other that still carry the torch!


tyzaginger t1_j5pvmzo wrote

Okonokos album- my morning jacket

Sailors guide to earth- sturgill Simpson


WarcraftFarscape t1_j5qb0se wrote

RX Bandits - progress. The entire album is fantastic and a true album


DukeOfThiccington t1_j5qrp51 wrote

The strokes are pretty good, love their song “Machu Picchu” on the album “Angles”


pokeintheye t1_j5r62ix wrote


2001 Blackwater Park

2003 Damnation


Porcupine Tree

2005 Deadwing

2007 Fear of a Blank Planet


LSqre t1_j5rozcx wrote

David Bowie - Blackstar


FirstPotatoKing t1_j5rr6ui wrote

I’m just gonna tell you the ones I like…. Buckle up cause it’s gonna get weird…. And hopefully stay in release order…. By year, not down to the date…

Sigh No More (Mumford & Sons, 2009)

My Head Is An Animal (Of Monsters and Men 2011/2012)

Night Visions (Imagine Dragons 2012)

An Awesome Wave (alt-J 2012)

Babel (Mumford & Sons 2012)

Smoke + Mirrors (Imagine Dragons 2014)

This Is All Yours (alt-J 2014)

Funeral Sky (Reuben and the Dark 2014)

Good Company (The Dead South 2014)

Beneath the Skin (Of Monsters and Men 2015)

Wilder Mind (Mumford & Sons 2015)

Illusion & Doubt (The Dead South 2016)

The Attractions of Youth (Barns Courtney 2017, one of the best)

Delta (Mumford & Sons 2018)

MANIA (Fall Out Boy 2018)

FEVER DREAM (Of Monsters and Men 2019)

The Dream (alt-J 2022)

Mercury (Imagine Dragons 2021/2022)

(Self-Titled) (Marcus Mumford 2022)

As for tracks (buckle up, cause it’s gonna be long)

The Cave/I Gave You All/Dustbowl Dance from Sigh No More (Mumford & Sons 2009)

King and Lionheart from My Head Is An Animal (Of Monsters and Men 2011/2012

Cha-Ching (Till We Grow Older)/Tiptoe/Amsterdam from Night Visions (Imagine Dragons 2012)

Ms/Fitzpleasure/Bloodflood/Taro from An Awesome Wave (alt-J 2012)

Ghosts That We Knew/Broken Crown/Below My Feet from Babel (Mumford & Sons 2012)

Shots/Dream/Summer/Thief/Second Chances from Smoke + Mirrors (Imagine Dragons 2014)

Nara/Every Other Freckle/Hunger Of The Pine/Gospel of John Hurt from This Is All Yours (alt-J 2014)

Bow and Arrow/Devils Time/Rolling Stone/Marionette/Black Water from Funeral Sky (Reuben and the Dark 2014)

The Recap/Down That Road/Deep When The Rivers High/Into The Valley/Banjo Odyssey from Good Company (The Dead South 2014)

Hunger/Wolves Without Teeth/Slow Life/I Of The Storm from Beneath the Skin (Of Monsters and Men 2015)

Believe/Wilder Mind/Snake Eyes/Ditmas/Hot Gates from Wilder Mind (Mumford & Sons 2015)

Boots/Every Man Needs a Chew/Smoochin’ In The Ditch/Massacre Of El Kuroke from Illusion & Doubt (The Dead South 2016)

Golden Dandelions/Hellfire/Kicks/Goodbye John Smith/Little Boy from The Attractions of Youth (Barns Courtney 2017)

42/October Skies/Slip Away/Wild Heart/Delta from Delta (Mumford & Sons 2018)

Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea/The Last of the Real Ones/HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON’T/Church from MANIA (Fall Out Boy 2018)

Alligator/Vulture, Vulture/Wild Roses/Wars/Soothsayer from FEVER DREAM (Of Monsters and Men 2019)

Bane/U&ME/Happier When You’re Gone/Philadelphia/Losing My Mind from The Dream (alt-J 2022)

Lonely/Giants/Sharks/I Don’t Like Myself/Blur/Sirens from Mercury (Imagine Dragons 2021/2022)

Cannibal/Prior Warning/Better Off High/Better Angels/How from (Self-Titled) (Marcus Mumford 2022)

That was a lot…. Now for some honorable mentions from albums not listed, but not in release order…. Just order I think of it…

Visitor from TíU by Of Monsters and Men 2022

Mouth of the River from Evolve by Imagine Dragons 2017

Real Life from Origins by Imagine Dragons 2018

Broken Cowboy from Sugar & Joy by The Dead South 2019

Lay It On Me from Nation of Two by Vance Joy 2018

Pompeii from Bad Blood by Bastille 2013

In Cold Blood from RELAXER by alt-J 2017

Adeline from RELAXER by alt-J 2017

Good lord that was a lot of songs…. If you liked any of them please let me know…. You should’ve liked at least one of the songs because I listed a song from a lot of genres from folk, to rock, to EDM, to modern rock, to bluegrass….


Black_Shabbat92 t1_j5svcvx wrote

Interpols Turn on the Bright Lights. That album was made right before 9/11 but came out after and defined so much after it. It was also the album that got me into the music I enjoy today genre wise!


usernamen_77 t1_j5tm91m wrote

Demon days by Gorillaz, anything by autechre


EnvironmentalAd4120 t1_j5udeme wrote


“Caroline” by Citizen Soldier.

“Relentless” by Citizen Soldier.

“Down The Rabbit Hole” by Citizen Soldier.

“This Is Your Sign Part I” by Citizen Soldier.

“This Is Your Sign Part II” by Citizen Soldier.

“Scarecrow” by Citizen Soldier.

“Comatose” by Skillet.

“Awake” by Skillet.

“Rise” by Skillet.

“Unleashed” by Skillet.

“Victorious: The Aftermath” by Skillet.

“Dominion” by Skillet.

(These albums are all from bands that I know of. But be aware that in either a few or many of these albums will be leaving out some songs of theirs that exist but aren’t part of any album there. So, just be on the lookout for that. Some, or most. of the “lost” songs will be added in the list of “A LIST OF SONGS/TRACKS”).


Beth Crowley.

Luke Combs.


Demi Lovato.

Rachel Platten.

Ellie Goulding.

Selena Gomez.

Nathan Wagner.


Citizen Soldier.


All Good Things.

The Score.

Valley Of Wolves.

Bon Jovi.

Green Day.

Simple Plan.

Oh The Larceny.

Imagine Dragons.

Guns N’ Roses.


“All We Are” by Richello.

“End Of Time” by Alan Walker, K-391 and Ahrix.

“If You Love Her” by Forest Blakk.

“Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

“Wife You Up” by Trevor Martin.

“Open Your Eyes” by Bea Miller.

“Made For This” by City Wolf.

“Protector” by City Wolf.

“On My Way” by Jennifer Lopez.

“If We Never Met” by John K (April 2019).

“If We Never Met” by John K ft. Kelsea Ballerini (January 2020).

“No One Stands Alone” by Extreme Music ft. Dan Murphy.

“Comatose” by Skillet.

“Yours To Hold” by Skillet.

“The Older I Get” by Skillet.

“Stars (The Shack Version)” by Skillet (the acoustic guitar version of the song by Skillet).

“Anchor (Reimagined)” by Skillet (a more calm atmosphere compared to the original by Skillet).

“Finish Line” by Skillet ft. Adam Gontier (January 2023 - a remake version to the original song by Skillet).

“Brave” by Skillet.

“Found” by Citizen Soldier.

“First Blood” by Citizen Soldier.

“Bitter” by Citizen Soldier.

“Thank You For Hating Me” by Citizen Soldier.

“Bedroom Ceiling” by Citizen Soldier.

“Animal I Have Become” by Three Days Grace.

“The Greatest Mistakes” by Birds of Tokyo.

“All Of Me” by John Legend.

“For My Daughter” by Kane Brown.

“I Would For You” by Lauren Duski.

“When I Look At You” by Miley Cyrus.

“Anything To Save You” by Club Danger.

“Heart of a Hero” by Club Danger.

“Diamonds” by Rihanna.

“We Found Love” by Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris.

“Last One Standing” by WAR*HALL.

“Fearless” by Kat Leon.

“Divisive” by Disturbed.

“Next Level” by Mountains vs. Machines.

(This is everything restrictively from the songs that I have downloaded. I could very well expand this list if I were to add in the ones I have yet to download but also love to listen to as well)


arthurstaal t1_j5q0ibc wrote

Brad sucks - Making me nervous. La Femme - Ou va le monde. Radiohead - Daydreaming. Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats. Blackwave - Bittersweet baby. Kakkmadafakka - Restless. Phoenix - If I ever feel better. The black keys - turn blue.

These are some songs from the past years I find myself listening to a lot, the artists have other amazing songs so check them out! Hope you enjoy :)


DontCareHowICallMe t1_j5pw4d2 wrote

Just listen to Radiohead, especially to In Rainbows, this and Kid A is the best albums of this century