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idontwantanamern t1_j5sq69x wrote

I'll add that their S/T album (before that one) is an absolute BANGER and a favorite of mine.

Almost every mix I make has "Killin' It" included, but Bye Bye Symphony and Oh Lord still completely knock me over. A killer live band, too


Micahman311 t1_j5t7hoh wrote

Yes, I agree that their self titled is also just an amazing piece of work. Those two albums are their finest work as far as I'm concerned. I honestly thought they could take over the world.

I know the self titled had a LOT of money put into it by their record label. I know Feldman produced it, and I remember Skye saying that they had (I forgot the groups name) one of the old-school famous R&B groups singing on one of the songs as well. Or at least a member or two.

And Church had Justin Hawkins of The Darkness producing, and I absolutely love his work. He met Eric when they'd both been hired to write songs for Meatloaf (have you heard the Justin/Eric demos from that?), and Justin immediately chose Eric as his writing partner when they were asked to group up.

When I saw them open for The Darkness the week after Church came out, I was awestruck. They put on a live show that was just bonkers. Truly a great period in their career.


idontwantanamern t1_j5uqbde wrote

Totally on the same page about them taking over the world!

I was convinced that when Eric did the vocals on "Downtown" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, that people would investigate their albums -- but that didn't seem to happen ( at least not to my knowledge)

I have NOT heard the demos, but I know what I'm doing later. I am a huge fan of Meat Loaf's music and spent the weekend watching the short film/documentary his daughters put together. Really looking forward to that - Thanks for the tip!!

And yes, Justin & Eric collaborating is really amazing. I have admittedly lost track of what they up to, but I always felt they didn't get the full recognition they deserved.

I never saw The Darkness live, but I saw Foxy Shazam open for Hole in June 2010 -- which I probably why I have the fondness for the S/T album -- and I shoved them down everyone's ears for the whole summer and remainder of the year (and still do, honestly).

Really happy to know there are other that still carry the torch!