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lexispots t1_jcljt0m wrote

Why do EZPass users need to provide the state with EZPass receipts, when the state has access to the EZPass system? As an EZPass user, I would prefer improved roadways over a refund.


JoshS1 t1_jclssrb wrote

My EZ Pass is technically a Delaware EZ Pass because that's where I got it. I am a PA resident though.


banhammerrr t1_jcoo97y wrote

Mine is NJ cause it didn’t have fees.


JoshS1 t1_jcoopl3 wrote

DE also doesn't have fees; does PA?


banhammerrr t1_jcos0tl wrote

Not sure. I got mine when living in CT and was looking at NY vs NJ. I’m sure plenty of people have them from different states. That was the only point.


CaraHanna t1_jcq16l6 wrote

PA charges a good amount to get an ez pass. I too live in PA and got mine from NJ


CDavis10717 t1_jcoq2ck wrote

A burdensome refund process discourages the applications. Meanwhile, the full funds are collected. It’s part of the grift.


ItsjustJim621 t1_jcp2rxa wrote

I would prefer a refund rather than funds that were supposed to be going towards road improvements instead going to the state police


ktappe OP t1_jclcynm wrote

I'd really rather they use the $ to fix the roads, instead of issuing refunds.


SamuelLCompassion t1_jcliytx wrote

Sure, we can send it to the State Police.


stronkreptile t1_jclwixr wrote

Sorry best I can do is a fleet of hellcats for the state police.


jetsetninjacat t1_jcmcj5g wrote

I've been saying this for years. The staties need that aircraft carrier for lake erie. Maybe some cruisers and corvettes for the rivers. Reactivate the carrier in Philly and the sub in Pittsburgh.

/s if not obvious


FawltyPython t1_jcm5bsg wrote

No no, I don't think you heard us, exactly. We want road repairs, not state police pensions starting at age 56. Roooooaad repaaaaaairs


internetcommunist t1_jcm1zgh wrote

The funny thing about roads is all of the trucks and cars will destroy it faster than it can be repaired


Legitimate_Soft5585 t1_jclfsxb wrote

Surplus? Aren't they crying for money and need to raise rates, annually? How is there a surplus? That's not explained in the article.


ewyorksockexchange t1_jclo23b wrote

There is a difference between the Turnpike, PennDOT, and the state budget. PTC is a separate entity from the state, with its own budget and funding stream.

This plan is essentially to refund tolls to PA drivers out of the state budget without reducing PTC’s income.


Excelius t1_jcloqac wrote

There is a state budget surplus currently. It's not unique to PA, most states are enjoying budget surpluses right now.

It's likely a temporary situation due to a confluence of factors, but of course many politicians are rushing to make big changes in taxes and spending as though this will be some sort of permanent condition.

States are still sitting on piles of Federal cash, from pandemic aid to infrastructure bills. In the short term inflation leads to a bump in tax revenues, as higher wages and higher prices translates to improved tax receipts. Corporate profits are still running strong.


TheJediJoker t1_jcm2sqj wrote

Doesn't the Federal Cash expire if not used though


106473 t1_jcmr5rr wrote

It's fiat so it expires when the US financial system does. Which seems soon.


HogwartsKate t1_jcnv3v1 wrote

Their accounting software is a nightmare! To get a correct accounting is pathetic at best!


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_jclflzo wrote

~ten years after this passes~

"Wow, why are the roads so fucking bad??!? I pay taxes!!!!"


Tamed t1_jcls35f wrote

Every state thinks their roads are the worst. PA actually ranks #12 \ 50 for road quality.


ShatterZero t1_jclz48i wrote

I want you to know that the original shitty roads "How I drive while drunk vs how I drive while sober" meme was about PA roads.


Phl_worldwide t1_jclesaj wrote

Nah, bad idea. If it’s actually a problem with employees paying too much toll, it should be up to the employer to reimburse the employee. Not the state. PA’s roads are filthy in every corner of the state. Why don’t think hire some trash men with the money to clean it up


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_jclfq0y wrote

And the turnpike is optional. No one's being forced to take it.


remembersomeone t1_jclkrz0 wrote

You’re right. It’s often the ONLY route that won’t take 3hrs though. Kinda have to get on it at some points in PA unless you wanna drive all day and spend more in gas/time.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_jclsej3 wrote

And that's why you're paying a premium to use it. Convenience / saving time.


106473 t1_jcmrasr wrote

Turnpike was initially made and promised to be free.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_jcn5pm0 wrote

That was before your grandpa had a driver's license.
You might as well complain about the coal mines in Shamokin all closing in the 1940s.


Excelius t1_jclne2v wrote

This isn't going to happen. It's just one state legislator with a harebrained idea.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_jclziqa wrote

It's just a harebrained idea until it passes, whoops


UnaffiliatedOpinion t1_jcmpgvi wrote

There's a line to draw somewhere, but nobody has enough time to process every time a local, state, or federal representative comes up with a dumb proposal that probably won't even get a committee vote.


ktappe OP t1_jclweuy wrote

Probably true. He’s likely just pandering so he has something to campaign on.


ballsonthewall t1_jcldqhe wrote

I'd rather use the money for other infrastructure improvements or school funding or something, not continuing to further subsidize car dependency.


fugazishirt t1_jclhlmn wrote

Why are the rates going up when there’s a surplus?


zmiller834 t1_jclofac wrote

Because the turnpike commission had to issue bonds to make payments to penndot to pay for mass transportation around the state.


defusted t1_jcllhmx wrote

Penndot is such a joke. They've raised turnpike rates every year for the last 15 years, the roads and bridges are literally crumbling away, and the asshole says they have a surplus and want to give the money back? If they have a surplus then why do we keep paying more? Fix our god damn roads.


ewyorksockexchange t1_jclq1wa wrote

The turnpike and PennDOT are separate entities, and neither of them are funded by PA’s general fund, which is what has the surplus.


Lopsided_Cup6991 t1_jclz6sw wrote

Can you fix the right lane in both directions of 78 or I will continue to drive in the left lane of both directions until you do.


insofarincogneato t1_jcm8f7k wrote

Maybe fix the toll by plate system with that money, me and like 3 other people I know never got an invoice. I'm starting to think they wait till you forget you never payed so they can add late fees.


igotsthepoo-onme t1_jclptxr wrote



discogeek t1_jcm77vt wrote

I'll take "things that'll never happen" for $500.


MomsSpecialFriend t1_jcly7l1 wrote

Can’t you just reduce my outstanding bill, please and thank you.


Nemacolin t1_jcma2gl wrote

Nope. EZ pay tolls are a Libertarian dream. Those who use the roads pay for them.


ParfaitMajestic5339 t1_jcmdw3i wrote

So the state is using tax surplus to pay off the Spanish pirate equity guys they sold the tpk's revenue stream to? Recognized the mistake they made after they made it...


STLLC2019 t1_jcmpc8b wrote

PA gonna offer the same refund to the trucking carriers that use the Turnpike?

Cause doing so might tempt more carriers to open up the Turnpike to their drivers, thus lessening the ever-increasing congestion on I-80. Either that, or toll I-80 at the same rate as the Turnpike.


roonroon1122 t1_jcn26k2 wrote

I'm surprised people still pay tolls tbh lol


starion832000 t1_jcnx3yl wrote

Want the turnpike supposed to be free?


ktappe OP t1_jcohpfr wrote

No, never. The very word “turnpike“ refers to the bar that they would only raise to let you through once you paid the toll.


Joe18067 t1_jcohhxe wrote

The most expensive toll road in the country.


CDavis10717 t1_jcopxsh wrote

I paid $38.70 on PA TPK to drive a car from Valley Forge to Ohio, but I’m not from PA, so I wouldn’t get the refund. However, I’m betting the metrics show the vast majority of PA TPK drivers are from out of state, so the lost revenue is smaller than it sounds, which makes its political advantages bigger than it is.


PM_ME_DIRTY_DANGLES t1_jcp8f46 wrote

Meanwhile, the Senate GQPers: Best we can do is refund 50% of toll roads to the PSP