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simplekindaman13 t1_jc4i43o wrote

There was a beautiful one who made North Smithfield it’s stop over for a few days. Magnificent creatures


RedditSkippy t1_jc4lq9l wrote

r/superbowl would love to see this.


Jesse_Coker OP t1_jc75ini wrote

Thank you! I'm new to reddit so wasn't familiar with that group until now.


FieryVegetables t1_jc4ihsx wrote

I caught a few photos of one at Sachuest last year. This picture is amazing because of that purple background!


Jesse_Coker OP t1_jc4kh7p wrote

Excellent, yes I was so fortunate to have a colorful morning for this experience πŸ˜€ thanks


NickEJ02903 t1_jc4ncsn wrote

I was there and saw it, too, but I couldn't get through the crowds of photographers to take a picture 😁


Jesse_Coker OP t1_jc62tvf wrote

Actually I was the only photographer present that morning!


FieryVegetables t1_jc6l5d1 wrote

There was a crowd when I was there, too. I was there accidentally just to walk!


NickTheArtMonger t1_jc6vbd9 wrote

Same here. Went for a walk and saw the owl out on a rocky promontory, very dramatic, and about twenty people with the largest telephoto lenses I've ever seen at various sites along the shore to capture it. It looked like a presidential press op. My little phone camera zoom was only able to turn the owl into a slightly larger white blob.


[deleted] t1_jc507go wrote

Was it on Aquidneck Island? We have a few.


PeteZerolle t1_jcpesh3 wrote

The general rule of thumb with protected wildlife, like Snowy Owls, is to not ask or give away any locations. Even the general vicinity. Especially on a public forum. That way the wrong people don't show up and stress the animal out.


alohaHappycampers t1_jc54ex8 wrote

what type of bird is that

wenever i see some large bird of prey perched on a light pole while driving down the highway i always think to myself, wats going on in your bird mind right now, perhed above the world murderouse power in your claws, wats going on in your bird brain up in your tower


Ryv0n t1_jc558vd wrote

What in the world is a snowy owl doing in RI? That’s incredible


Jesse_Coker OP t1_jc631dv wrote

It's part of their migratory pattern, they are often sighted around select areas during the winter around here. Thank you 😁


Ryv0n t1_jcq2g9w wrote

Wow I’ve never seen them around. Can you name a few spots where they can be seen?


Jesse_Coker OP t1_jcqcdc9 wrote

Generally it's not good form to disclose specific locations, but I've heard that they have been seen from North Kingstown to Block Island, Newport to Narragansett, and I'm sure elsewhere in the area. Good luck!


Ryv0n t1_jcqdymk wrote

I understand, thank you still!


OceanGrownPharms t1_jc6p8vg wrote

Wow! What a great picture. I still need one for my life list 😁

What’s your camera setup? My wife recently got into wildlife photography & your photo looks amazing!


Jesse_Coker OP t1_jc6rvzd wrote

Thank you! I shoot with a Fujifilm GFX 100s, and for this image I used a 250mm lens with 1.4x teleconverter.


SpaghettiHeadie t1_jcdn0vf wrote

An owl has three eyelids: one for blinking, one for sleeping, and one for keeping the eye clean and healthy!