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NickEJ02903 t1_jc4ncsn wrote

I was there and saw it, too, but I couldn't get through the crowds of photographers to take a picture 😁


Jesse_Coker OP t1_jc62tvf wrote

Actually I was the only photographer present that morning!


FieryVegetables t1_jc6l5d1 wrote

There was a crowd when I was there, too. I was there accidentally just to walk!


NickTheArtMonger t1_jc6vbd9 wrote

Same here. Went for a walk and saw the owl out on a rocky promontory, very dramatic, and about twenty people with the largest telephoto lenses I've ever seen at various sites along the shore to capture it. It looked like a presidential press op. My little phone camera zoom was only able to turn the owl into a slightly larger white blob.