Submitted by Jesse_Coker t3_11ukjvo in RhodeIsland

The last of the winter Milky Way - this is a view from Point Judith looking southwest in the evening sky this past Wednesday.

A pack of coyotes howled nearby while I was shooting this series of exposures, making me wish I had brought some form of self-defense in the unlikely event of an encounter. More for peace of mind I'm sure.

There is a New Moon this weekend, get out there and enjoy some stargazing my friends!



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SockGnome t1_jcoqqgr wrote

Love compositions like this. Is there a star gazing guide for the area? I’m not as brave as you to do this during the winter πŸ₯Ά


Jesse_Coker OP t1_jcos02k wrote

Thanks very much 😁 I like to watch Alyn Wallace on YouTube, he has a great 'What's in the Night Sky' every month. It's not specific to RI but it's a great general guide through the seasons.


PeteZerolle t1_jcpe2kg wrote

Star Walk 2 app on my phone. I paid for it, but there is a free version.


CammiKit t1_jcp6d0k wrote

Wow! The Orion Nebula really pops out in this.


Jesse_Coker OP t1_jcpgllq wrote

Thanks! I love that region of the night sky, there is so much nebulosity, giving images really nice colors.


CammiKit t1_jcrb0cr wrote

It really shows just how bright the Orion Nebula is and how even in the Providence area you can faintly see it.

One of my favorite constellations for all it has going on. (If Betelgeuse could supernova in my lifetime that would be absolutely incredible.)


duburose t1_jcpd2ib wrote

This is breathtaking! Like we are part of something so vast and immeasurable! Thanks for sharing πŸ–€


Jesse_Coker OP t1_jcpgvee wrote

Thank you so much, this perspective is a big reason for my pursuit of the imagery of it. Gaining clarity of what's out there, but at the same time building wonderment of the unknown and finding a sense of place and perspective. πŸ’™ thanks for appreciating


PeteZerolle t1_jcpdw28 wrote

The new moon isn't this weekend. Its Tuesday. I myself plan on heading out Tuesday night to either South Shore Beach in Little Compton, Gooseberry Island in Westport or Frosty Drew with my camera. Gooseberry is the darkest spot with the least amount of light pollution out of the three, but I want to get the observatory in the foreground of at least one shot. So I may drive the hour across to Charlestown instead. Some of my shots are here:


Jesse_Coker OP t1_jcpg5kj wrote

Thanks for the correction Pete, enjoy your time out there.


_WillowtheFox_1206 t1_jcp842y wrote

Wow! I’ve never known a place in RI that allows you to see the stars like that! I’ll have to see it myself sometime


Jesse_Coker OP t1_jcpgers wrote

Hi, thanks! Although the Milky Way is visible to the naked eye when conditions allow, the camera's long exposures are able to achieve this amount of detail. Pretty wild 🌠😁


wenestvedt t1_jcpq58a wrote

How long was this one?


Jesse_Coker OP t1_jcqchry wrote

This was a four minute long exposure.


wenestvedt t1_jcqo2dc wrote

Oh! I thought it took longer than that -- though I suppose over thirty minutes you would get signs of motion, right?


Jesse_Coker OP t1_jcqtjpr wrote

Anything over 30 seconds requires a star tracker, but all star trackers have periodic error, preventing exposures past 4-5 minutes unless your system has a guide scope as well. It gets fairly complicated 🌠✌🏽


wenestvedt t1_jcs0e2v wrote

I am beginning to remember why I didn't get into this hobby. :7)


monkiesandtool t1_jcqi8o8 wrote

Point Judith doesn't have to worry about light pollution?


Jesse_Coker OP t1_jcqjk9w wrote

I've found it possible to get good results in less than perfect conditions. For this I was pointing just west of Block Island, so there was some light coming from Westerly but using a light pollution filter and some editing I was able to get this result which isn't bad.


BOKEH_BALLS t1_jcrv31p wrote

A lot of noise in this image, what ISO?


Jesse_Coker OP t1_jcrxov8 wrote

Get serious. Iso 400.


BOKEH_BALLS t1_jcrzhtf wrote

You must have pulled up shadows? Post the RAW jpg.


Jesse_Coker OP t1_jct16kk wrote

I did pull up shadows in the foreground. Can't figure out how to post the original in a comment. I'd like to get better at light painting. ✌🏽


Architect401 t1_jctbcvq wrote

Equipment and settings please!


Jesse_Coker OP t1_jcueemd wrote

Hi, I use a Fujifilm GFX 100s with GF 23mm lens. This sky was a 4' exposure, f4, ISO 400. The foreground was the same settings. I did underexpose and so then had to raise shadows a bit.


voynichmag t1_jcpdt4n wrote

What does the unedited version look like?


Jesse_Coker OP t1_jcph8nd wrote

Hi, I'm not sure how to add that image in a comment, but of course this is edited to highlight the details and look as natural as possible. I was surprised at the level of detail I achieved here, from one exposure of four minutes. I used a star tracker of course and blended sky and foreground (taken same exact time and place) in PS.