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Easywind42 t1_jd7r0bh wrote

Love somewhere. Such a beautiful spot


Jesse_Coker OP t1_jd80ak3 wrote

Thanks, it's down the Whale Rock trail in Narragansett.


LurkingProvidence t1_jd8d84x wrote

I love that trail! I’ve been getting into lighthouses lately, this trail was a great surprise.

was thinking of going there for sunrise to get a Timelapse of sunrise around the lighthouse (what’s left of it)


Jesse_Coker OP t1_jd99ozo wrote

It's a great place to escape the summertime crowds too. Such a nice walk through the woods to get there.


liqquidlunch t1_jd9j3id wrote

if you go all the way to the end, where the huge rocks are that you can see from Narragansett Beach its dope, I walked out there with my dog, once, I say once because to get there I crossed the do not enter sign, and on my way back out going past the military thing, all the dudes were doin drills right up near the fence. I almost feel they were there just to intimidate me as I walked through. Anyways if you go out there to the huge rocks, theres this weird stone bench right on top, on the bench(if Im rembering correctly its been a while) the word Friendship is chisled into the bench, only thing is, this is weird, the bench is cracked down the middle, splitting the word friendship in two


Jesse_Coker OP t1_jdc873m wrote

I have gone all the way before, despite the sign because it's public property up to 10' beyond the high tide line. Didn't notice the stone bench but I'll have to go back and see! Took some decent photos of the moon setting over the Towers from those rocks. Thanks for the comment 👍🏽