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Swarzsinne t1_iy3y34o wrote

Not even a soccer fan but I know I’ve seen a metric ton of articles criticizing Quatar over the last several years due not just to lgbt issues but the way they constructed their stadiums.

FIFA is the organization to be criticizing since they could’ve moved the cup over these issues. The fans just go where they’re told to go.


MikeTheAnt11 t1_iy40vdf wrote

You clearly have been living under a rock for the past few days if you think those who care about LGBTQ rights "love" the cup being in qatar.


Edwardc4gg OP t1_iy431xo wrote

so all the tv companies airing it should be on blast since they all 'support gay and trans rights' yet want this cause ratings.

fifa should be on blast

countries that support it should literally not be playing in it.

idk, kinda the hypocrit joyride from hell.


MikeTheAnt11 t1_iy43bp0 wrote

>they all 'support gay and trans rights'

Oh, my sweet summer child, I have horrible news for you


CuriousCryptid444 t1_iy42qf9 wrote

All I read are articles criticizing Qatar regarding their views on human rights….if anything it’s made me aware of the issue in certain parts of the world


Radiant-Dress1423 t1_iy5kn5d wrote

It's actually not frowned upon to if you hate Gay/Trans people in the other parts of the world where they have bigger troubles like water and poverty. I've lived there. They really don't care, there are more existential problems.


QutieLuvsQuails t1_iy7v9uo wrote

A British comedian literally offered to pay David Beckham tens of thousands of dollars to not participate in the World Cup bc of the anti-LGBT controversies. I’ve seen headlines calling out Beckham for betraying millions of fans by participating. *I know he isn’t playing, he’s like some lead liaison off the field.

You should get out of the shower and google some news stories.


Edwardc4gg OP t1_iy8a2mr wrote

I don't think I will, showers are great!


QutieLuvsQuails t1_iy8xik9 wrote

I didn’t say never shower. Just get better shower thoughts. 🫠


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