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sric2838 t1_j60f7i4 wrote

Some people have inner organs they feel when they feel amazing.


crookshanks_cat OP t1_j60femu wrote

a very great point. i am not one of those people so i was more thinking about peristalsis and whatnot.


BackRowRumour t1_j61kie9 wrote

Not quite correct. You stand near a tank or big gun firing, you suddenly become aware of all your gibbly bits shimmying around.


ManiacalTeddy t1_j60ozy5 wrote

Well, maybe except the heart? I can usually faintly feel my heartbeat unless my heart is beating really slowly, like while in bed or something.


90madness_machine19 t1_j624l40 wrote

I wonder if anyone has been born with an over-abundance of pain receptors in their organs?


dman2316 t1_j62kk63 wrote

Sheer probability says there has been. There's been dozens upon dozens upon dozens of billions of people that have been born over the course of our species history, so somewhere along the line at least one person has to have been born with that mutation at some point, probably more than one. There's even a good chance there's one alive now actually.


thunderchungus1999 t1_j64pgoy wrote

I can feel my brain as it does certain things, for example thinking invokes a similar feeling in my forehead as moving a muscle during exercise does. Not claiming I am a superman though, since it is purely sensorial. I thought everyone was like this and then learnt it wasnt the case.


LoftySmalls t1_j632i71 wrote

Sounds like you sir have never done heavy doses of THC. :)

Try pounding your chest. You can feel the vibrations on the inner walls of your lungs.


American_PP t1_j64mfpv wrote

If you sit and meditate and focus on your inner organs, you can at them if you really want, sometimes I have to meditate to tell my kidneys to chill the hell out, drink more water, and then let them expel all that extra calcium.


Dear-Dig4601 t1_j63a21u wrote

This made me chuckle. That is just so weird if we can feel in us 24/7 and are aware of it.


blakeaster t1_j64vijh wrote

I actually do have acute feelings of my internal organs, just found out everyone doesn't feel them like a year ago. I'm 32 lol


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