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victorix58 t1_j7u6uly wrote

I was thinking how on earth do you get to be a soldier for a country and not be a citizen of that country. If we're accepting someone into the military, their citizenship should go through before that even happens.


Zech08 t1_j7uh6un wrote

lol youd be surprised how difficult it could for some cases. I had a shitty time trying to get my citizenship while in the military and know several others that had to go through way more trouble than necessary. And this was when they swapped over the time in service guarantee to as long as you are active service.


a-snakey t1_j7v4liv wrote

Because Republicans made the process so complicated in an attempt to make it discouraging.


sharksnut t1_j87pfgr wrote

Look at the dates. Every man for whom a deportation date was mentioned was deported by the Obama/Biden administration.


Jaysyn4Reddit t1_j7uas59 wrote

Foreign Legions have been a thing for a long, long time. Urkraine has one right now.


victorix58 t1_j7ub7lf wrote

Sure. And the idea has been questioned since ancient rome. If you are dying and killing for a country, it should be beyond question that you are a citizen.


hydrOHxide t1_j7w4a8q wrote

Actually, if you serve in the French Foreign Legion, you WILL get French citizenship after a few years - if you want it. You can even get a whole new identity, papers and all.


Paladoc t1_j80pqko wrote

Right, but that's the boon granted someone serving in THE Foreign Legion, you get your French Citizenship when it's all said and done.