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10390 t1_j934naq wrote

150 saved….so far.


Evrimnn13 t1_j93wwdn wrote

Out of how many?


ShitScheisseMerdePoo t1_j941gwg wrote

Article says 16,000


astrongineer t1_j944r13 wrote

Has to be a war crime.


ZLUCremisi t1_j945prx wrote

Its genocide by definition.


newbrevity t1_j94vy3h wrote

And human trafficking. Can we call Putin's Russia a criminal enterprise now?


off-and-on t1_j9721l3 wrote

Don't worry, they're in for the wrist slap of a lifetime


kingmanic t1_j94sc02 wrote

Seems like other half of that is encouraging russians to move into neighboring countries, then accuse their neighbor of mistreating those people as a pretext invade. This has happened a lot of time in the past.


_Laserface_ t1_j94ssxo wrote

That's like a textbook Russians play at this point.


Doublespeo t1_j94xrcg wrote

> That’s like a textbook Russians play at this point.

They have always done that, it is a way to destabilize amd justify aggression on surrounding countries.


_Laserface_ t1_j94ycsm wrote

Yep, I was/am worried about all the people that fled Russia to avoid conscription. There is a non 0 chance that Russia may use those people in the future as a pretext to invading.


enzovrlrd t1_j953fyw wrote

Not that your point isn't valid but you literally pick a random card and make it seem like a reason to do something stupid. When stuff you do don't need to make sense logic is no longer a tool, it's an obstacle


pixeldust6 t1_j95py8q wrote

As if this whole "war" thing wasn't "mistreatment"...


mrmoe198 t1_j97lf4o wrote

I think it might be ethnic cleansing, not genocide, but still a horrendous human rights violation


PossiblyTrustworthy t1_j96d724 wrote

Yea i came here thinking: how the hell?? last we heard whatever limited papir trails for this had been destroyed, so how how could Ukraine not only pair the children with families, but also get them back in the first place.


10390 t1_j96hcys wrote

The charity workers in Russia take great risks to do this. They’re heroes.

Reminds me of the Mister Rogers quote: “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”


viciousxvee t1_j98xtnz wrote

If I'm not mistaken, at then end it says many more have been found.


lordofedging81 t1_j936zy7 wrote

Fuck Russia, and it's genocide against the Ukrainian people!

So many other kids will NOT have a happy ending like this, and will be raised by Russian versions of the Dursley's from Harry Potter.


dontpet t1_j938dul wrote

This uplifting news leaves me bitter. Ironically, it's also about uplifting by Russian troops.


semisolidwhale t1_j94lg8p wrote

There's only one uplifting that those Russian troops kidnapping children should be involved in and it has to do with them at the end of a rope


hamandjam t1_j94d7w0 wrote

Except that they've basically created thousands of enemies and stashed them within their own borders. Now the people who've stolen these children will have to sleep with one eye open for the rest of their lives. This will not end well for them.


Aystha t1_j95n4za wrote

The issue with that is that depending on their age they might just not even know! Trauma it's also a big memory eraser. I say this as a latinamerican, in my country under dictatorship children were stolen from their mothers in captivity and then sold to rich folk or military families. Most don't even know. It's also a complex issue, if those children are then rehomed, whether we like it or not, they'll be raised by someone else, bad or good guardian, they'll soak up the culture, the hate for Russia or the propaganda of it depending on the caretaker. It's incredibly fickle.

And I don't believe the russian institutions behind these would be careful enough to place them all in highly "trusted" homes either so.

What will probably happen in the end it's that you'll end up with a bunch of, knowingly or not, unwilling diaspora kids with a similar but not close enough culture.


hamandjam t1_j96z7s6 wrote

I think that the majority of them will likely just be absorbed into Russian society and many will lose or block memories of Ukraine. But I also think that there will be a non-zero number that will remember everything. And they'll have no way of knowing which is which.


teenypanini t1_j93gxwk wrote

But they need them for cannon fodder when they are older! Totally justified! (/s just in case)


CHEEZOR t1_j96nhod wrote

This is probably as happy of an ending as you can get for these kids, but I don't think the reality will be that happy for them. Most will probably have deep psychological issues stemming from this traumatic experience that could last the rest of their lives. I didn't read the article, but I would guess that it's entirely possible that some of the parents are no longer with us. It's good news, but bittersweet.


[deleted] t1_j96zrwh wrote



MildlySpastic t1_j980jj8 wrote

GTFO with that pro-Russian propaganda. The 14k deaths were reported to be casualties of the Donbas War, casualties caused by BOTH sides of the war and that Putin keeps using as an excuse to invade Ukraine. And if you keep saying that "no western media told you about this cuz muh conspiracy" just Google "14000 russian killed in ukraine" and you'll see that the first link is from the Iran gov site, which refutes your biased comment.


Scat_fiend t1_j94wqqh wrote

That's a funny way to say illegally trafficked.


rom-ok t1_j95xpm0 wrote

It’s actually even worse, it’s genocide


isonlegemyuheftobmed t1_j93fel0 wrote

0 detail on how exactly they managed to get children from russian territory


tiberiousr t1_j93ndt6 wrote

Why would they reveal that and potentially close off an avenue of retrieving stolen children?


isonlegemyuheftobmed t1_j941ak3 wrote

  • if that were a concern then why would they even be announcing that they’re saving children from russia??? surely that’s a safety concern too

this comes off as a “trust me bro”


RoofClinger t1_j950ys4 wrote

They announce this kind of thing for morale. It's important for Ukrainians to know that their government is doing something about the missing children, and has seen a measure of success.

You'll notice that this article is also written in English. Ukraine needs to announce this to an international audience to keep the war in international news and keep international sympathies with Ukraine. News like this is very helpful for them from a foreign policy perspective, so spreading it around without explaining how they saved the kids gets the morale/foreign policy boost without risking their sources.


SemperScrotus t1_j956g8m wrote

>You'll notice that this article is also written in English. Ukraine needs to announce this to an international audience to keep the war in international news and keep international sympathies with Ukraine.

This isn't even a Ukrainian production, for what it's worth. It's RadioFreeEurope, which is wholly funded and operated by the US government.


t3ripley t1_j95wn3z wrote

The people who believe Radio Free Europe/Asia also believed that Saddam had nukes, and probably think Kim Jong Un personally beheads 36 orphans everyday.


CharacterOtherwise77 t1_j9427bj wrote

You can say you did something bad and if it can't be proven you won't get in trouble.


assholetoall t1_j94v3k4 wrote

For example, all the things I did to OP's mom last night.


Draisaitl t1_j948rcl wrote

And yours comes across as “where’s my tinfoil hat bro”


APr0N00b t1_j957x5b wrote

Because...Russia would know they are gone either way but now how.


Significant-Oil-8793 t1_j93ix6q wrote

I mean they can't say Russia actually helped or even approved them to leave.

Maybe they could try to say they forge documents so the method would be more believable to the West


PartyYogurtcloset267 t1_j96cgkh wrote

I'm not saying that this story is fake, but being reported by Radio Free Europe I also wouldn't be certain that any of this actually happened.


dob_bobbs t1_j9539i4 wrote

It seems that the Russians kind of "borrowed" them, to, you know, keep them safe or something, effectively as prisoners of war or hostages or something and have been putting them through pro-Russian indoctrination of some sort, under the guise of keeping up their education before they send them back. Yes, evil and illegal, but actual state-sanctioned stealing children for adoption would be a whole other level and we have to at least recognise the possibility that "even the Russians" aren't going that far and these children are ostensibly going to be returned, through similar back-channels to those used for PoWs. I'm talking generally here, for sure there's been some shady shit going on with kids since this whole thing began: I think we have to realise also that there are multiple different actors and structures in Russia with different agendas, before anyone thinks I am defending Russia in any way, I doubt there is any one single policy, just like they can't even seem to field one single unified army.


andreasbeer1981 t1_j956h66 wrote

I don't think you understand the level of aggression Russia has. They literally admit on TV that they force adopt Ukrainian children, and they also say that everyone in Ukraine needs to be killed.


dob_bobbs t1_j96c3ol wrote

Well, I do, I understand quite a lot of Russian, though I can't stand watching the Russian networks for long, but it's hard to tell how much of it is BS at times.


pyriphlegeton t1_j93sf9v wrote



Sinnsearachd t1_j9440f9 wrote

Too few. This number is dismal compared to how many are still missing. Fuck. Russia.


GoldenBull1994 t1_j94sly7 wrote

This is sort of out of the blue, but I feel like the color schemes of our snoo avatars are polar opposites of each other lol. Blue robot head black suit, red robot head white suit. I dunno, just thought that was neat.


pyriphlegeton t1_j95lytv wrote

Oh, totally! I love it! :D

What are you? Long lost brother? Archnemesis?


raspberrily t1_j94i0qr wrote

what the fuck?!!! why would they steal children, thats so evil!!!! omg


RoofClinger t1_j951b5i wrote

Historically, it's a pretty common way to wipe out a culture/people. Take the children of the unwanted culture and place them in homes of the desired culture to assimilate them and ultimately purge remnants of the unwanted culture. Canada/US/Australia did it to indigenous people, and Soviet Russia did it to a lot of cultural groups. They would also commonly execute local community leaders and replace them with Russians to solidify their hold on the territories they gained.

Russia is just trying to assimilate Ukrainians into Russia and make it really, really difficult to ever disentangle them for generations to come.


german_european t1_j95485q wrote

It's gruesome. Just to add to yours: It happens in the millions right about NOW this day alone to thousands of children in China. It's so normal now that nobody talks about it. Tibetan and Uighur children are basically every day shipped to "schools" to become real HAN humans. Everything else is garbage in the eyes of the CCP GOD XI.


Blue_Moon_Rabbit t1_j95mht3 wrote

The Rez schools were happening until very recently in Canada, and to this day despite the country’s fantastic PR, the indigenous in my country are still largely discriminated against, to the point they still to this day get turned away from hospitals in some places.

Also we have The Highway of Tears where indigenous women are murdered with depressing regularity.

And the worst part is I had to learn all this on my own, since they don’t teach us that.


westernmail t1_j96cukr wrote

I think the Sixties Scoop might be what OP was referring to, but it was all part and parcel of the great injustice done to indigenous people in Canada.


WikiSummarizerBot t1_j96cwdt wrote

Sixties Scoop

>The Sixties Scoop was a period in which a series of policies were enacted in Canada that enabled child welfare authorities to take, or "scoop up," Indigenous children from their families and communities for placement in foster homes, from which they would be adopted by white families. Despite its name referencing the 1960s, the Sixties Scoop began in the mid-to-late 1950s and persisted into the 1980s. It is estimated that a total of 20,000 Indigenous children were taken from their families and fostered or adopted out primarily to white middle-class families as part of the Sixties Scoop.

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0b_101010 t1_j956q81 wrote

The entire history of Muscovy -> Russia -> SU is basically a litany of the worst aspects of imperialism. Russian history is an unending line of forgotten genocides and atrocities.


paintwithice t1_j95z5ab wrote

The US is still doing it, ICWA is under fire because a Christian family is trying to adopt a native child because they feel called by God to spiritual save children and bring them to the church - which is exactly what ICWA was designed to stop.


Iwasrightdamnit t1_j94nxzz wrote

Nearly everything Russia has done to Ukraine has been serious attempts to commit genocide. Taking the children of a people is a literal textbook piece (a pillar, if you will) of genocide.


MyDarlingArmadillo t1_j95gglk wrote

Yes, it is. It's not just a land grab for them. It's not a war over resources or anything like that. They're attempting genocide.


IdesOfMarchCometh t1_j94lzdi wrote

Typical Russian stuff, just ask their neighbors who have had to deal with Russia's bullshit for centuries.


Taskmaster23 t1_j94pi92 wrote

Because they're literally commiting textbook genocide.


Blenderx06 t1_j94v66o wrote

The Nazis did exactly the same in Poland and elsewhere. Genocide.


kytheon t1_j95ias5 wrote

Add it to the long list of war crimes.


TangoJager t1_j95jgx8 wrote

Legally, it's genocide, not a war crime.

War crimes are violations of the rules of armed conflict, while genocides are attacks upon a group of people through violence (killing, child abducting) or biological means (birth control, etc) with the specific intent to eradicate said group.

The two concepts must be distinguished or else peacetime genocides could not be prosecuted. They usually still incur the same penalty.


Sturmgeschut t1_j96hcot wrote

>thats so evil

We are talking about Russia. The only thing that surpasses their stupidity is their acceptance for evil.


Gackey t1_j95zyub wrote

Would you rather them leave the kids unattended in the middle of a warzone?


WVMomof2 t1_j96d7tt wrote

No, I'd rather the f***ing Russians not kidnap Ukranian children and send them to Russia.


feetofire t1_j952xij wrote

This is genocide but no one will say it’s genocide cos then the rest of the world is legally obliged to stop it.


SemperScrotus t1_j9562vh wrote

Everyone is calling it a genocide and that's not how international law works. Acknowledging it as genocide doesn't legally obligate anyone to do anything, unfortunately.


feetofire t1_j958mzx wrote

Are your referring to article 1 ?

“As customary international law, such obligations are binding on all States, whether or not they have ratified the Genocide Convention. The ICJ has also concluded that the obligation to prevent genocide contained in Article I of the Genocide Convention has an extraterritorial scope.”

“Acts of genocide” infamously were not determined to be the same as genocide in 1994.

“Cultural genocide” / active and forced dispersal of a people, likewise don’t trigger Article 1.

It would seem that we need to wait for charnel houses and gas chambers for maybe some brave member of the human race to act.


Asaruludu t1_j95bbaf wrote

Even if it were door to door slaughtering of civilians, it doesn't define the actions that must be taken to prevent it. We've planned to reduce fuel purchases over the next five years and have written a strongly-worded letter of protest. Problem solved.


Youtube_actual t1_j95831u wrote

That is because the legal definition of genocide requires two layers of intent. First you have to do acts of genocide intentionally, like stealing children. Second for it to be a genocide it has to be proven that the acts of genocide was done with the goal of destroying a national group in whole or in part.

So everyone agrees that russia are commiting acts of genocide but it's still not proven that this is their goal.

And no it's not a legal obligation for anyone to do anything unless the UN security Council decides to do something. And Russia has a veto there.

There is currently a case in the international court of justice about Russian claims of genocide in Ukraine. So far the court has decided that russia is legally obliged to withdraw untill its clear that ukraine is commiting genocide (they are not), but the fear in the west is that ICJ will decide that genocide does not mean that anyone can intervene at all without UNSC approval.

This also what made the NATO bombing of kosovo illegal. NATO did not have a right to intervene, but at the same time not many countries felt like condemning them for breaking international law in that case since they indeed stopped a genocide.


CallidoraBlack t1_j95kdbl wrote

Russia should be excluded from that vote because it's about them, but they also have won over China for exactly that reason.


_Fun_Employed_ t1_j93zrys wrote

How are they getting the kids out of Russia?


ultragodlike t1_j943uo9 wrote

A lot of effort and work. A lot of documents proving that those specific children are in russia and that they have family in Ukraine. Various organizations have to apply effort relentlessly to get any of this done. It's absolutely sickening what russia is doing


xxpen15mightierxx t1_j94lflh wrote

Likely they're letting a petty few get back to add to legitimacy that russia is following some sort of official process. As usual it's just a veneer of integrity over a swamp of bullshit.

Still, you gotta get the kids back, so they do it.


Kazman07 t1_j94vv65 wrote

Less uplifting than intended, even though it's a start. Russian government will pay severely, but not nearly fast enough...

You'd think Lockheed or Boeing would be itching to try their new planes out on the Duma.


CaptainCAAAVEMAAAAAN t1_j95ksgg wrote

Those poor kids. I hope there are family counselors there to help them.


anevilpotatoe t1_j95jv6k wrote

It's a start in the right direction. This conduct from Russia cannot and never should happen, period. What's clear is they intended to use the children for suspected Human Trafficking, Psychological Conditioning, and campaigns for domestic propaganda/agitprop campaigns. The fact that the Russian government would allow this, among many other crimes is absolutely a crime to all of Humanity. Like all the many other things, they have a ton to answer for this.


Majestic_Electric t1_j96iw52 wrote

I bet this only happened because they were caught doing the same shit that China was doing to children in Xinjiang. 😛


paintwithice t1_j95ythy wrote

It's absolutely awful and also attempted genocide to take these kids and I hope they all get returned, but I also hope that every person going hard for these kids is still being very vocal about the kids that are still separated from their families in the US under Trump as they haven't been all returned either as well as they are getting their protest signs ready to fight for Indigenous children in the US as ICWA may get overturned as that is a continued genocide that gets largely ignored.


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lcc1353 t1_j99k1aw wrote

Best thing ever since the war started.


PartyYogurtcloset267 t1_j96ca5s wrote

This being reported by Radio Free Europe makes the entire story suspicious as hell.


Unusual-Influence522 t1_j974iif wrote

We did the same thing at the Mexican border under 45🫤


sadanxiouslesbian t1_j957nk8 wrote

Gonna wager a guess and say no one in these comments is aware of the history of Radio Free Europe and yet they choose to speak as geopolitical sages. What’s most worrisome is that people lack the intuition to investigate what they’re told


gordonpown t1_j95f7fm wrote

Hey look, a Russian official just fell down the stairs behind you.


Slackbeing t1_j95m7s2 wrote

RFE is what it is, but it doesn't need to spin facts for the last year thanks to Russian actions.


t3ripley t1_j95x7k9 wrote

What do you mean, Radio Free Europe would never publish outright lies and act as Uncle Sam’s personal InfoWars!


serious_filip t1_j94tcs1 wrote

Ah yes, devastating a country and killing civilians but then doing something like this, I now love Russia. /s


excludedfaithful t1_j95kpzb wrote

Why do the kids seem so happy and healthy looking?


bakedmaga2020 t1_j95lpkk wrote

Probably happy because they’ll be reunited with their country and families


excludedfaithful t1_j95n8as wrote

I understand that, but they look healthier than I thought they could. I know one of the moms said they sent their kids to a health camp, which wasn't a health camp. I think I thought these children had been violently kidnapped.


excludedfaithful t1_j95twkr wrote

The downvotes for asking legitimate questions make me think yall nod without asking questions. Shits weird.


MoonageDayscream t1_j96hfom wrote

They were not kidnapped because Russia wanted to exterminate them, they were kidnapped because Russia has a population crisis as they wanted to take them out of Ukraine, and take anything Ukrainian out of the kids. The kids were destined to become loyal Russians willing to serve Russia, and not feeding and caring for them would have made the kids more stubbornly Ukrainian, not less.