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czechczich t1_j9a8342 wrote

This is in my hometown and I’ve been going there since they opened and they have the best peanut sauce in town.


Chiefo104 t1_j9c3qw6 wrote

When I lived in Coffey Park this was our go-to place.


czechczich t1_j9cwktd wrote

We might have been neighbors! Rip my old house.


Self-Aware-Bears t1_j9cz5f6 wrote

Isn’t it cool how we’ve rebuilt the area though? I love how different all the houses are


czechczich t1_j9czclo wrote

It’s a strange sort of uncanny valley feeling because I still remember what they used to look like.


baphosam t1_j9aso4o wrote

Are there other competing places with peanut sauce?


Quacky3three t1_j9atpby wrote

Peanut sauce is very common in Thai/Vietnamese restaurants.


TheHomieHuglord t1_j9c6fd7 wrote

Which is why I can't eat it if I don't want to die


LaoTze151 t1_j9c8vsu wrote



fasterbrew t1_j9ca3v3 wrote

Peanut allergy


edgar__allan__bro t1_j9cciho wrote

And for anyone out there who has a peanut allergy and tends to be on the cavalier side of things (i.e. joking about how their allergy could kill them) -- I did have a very, very good friend pass away some years back after accidentally ingesting peanut butter.


dontfkwitme t1_j9cfh7o wrote

Darwins survival of the fittest....


Adrenalcookie t1_j9csisf wrote

Truuu his allergy having genes luckily won’t be spread


Redditributor t1_j9cw7go wrote

I don't think it quite works that way. There are genes that can influence under what conditions certain allergies could develop


Vroomped t1_j9cbamr wrote

They can't eat Thai/Vietnamese restaurants or they'll die, because they contain peanuts. They can't eat Texas Roadhouses either.


baphosam t1_j9awf84 wrote

So you’re telling me there’s multiple Thai/Vietnamese restaurants in this one town?

Edit: Wow everyone. I guess having a lack of multiple Vietnamese /Thai restaurants near me and being so daring to ask the question means I’ve pissed off a lot of you.


WINTERMUTE-_- t1_j9ax9v2 wrote

That's not an uncommon thing.


stewdadrew t1_j9c1pis wrote

The town I grew up in was an hour from the nearest McDonald’s. If you would have told me as a young kid that you had multiple fast food in your city or more than 1 Chinese restaurant, you lived in a big city in my eyes.


ambermae513 t1_j9axxac wrote

Depends on where you are. I live in a small town with very limited options. Chinese, Mexican, Italian, and several fast food places plus a couple wing places and that is it. The closest bigger town has exactly 1 Thai place and zero Vietnamese. My sister lives in the closest big city (about an hour drive from me) and has a favorite spot to get Pho and a different favorite to get any other type of Vietnamese cuisine.


WINTERMUTE-_- t1_j9b008n wrote

I live in a Canadian town of about 150,000. Not huge by any means. And we have probably around a dozen Thai or Vietnamese restaurants.


ambermae513 t1_j9b0hp1 wrote

Yeah.... so based on the last census: My town 8,600 Closest bigger town (35 minutes south) 74,000 Closest big city (1 hour north) 880,000


Blue_Moon_Rabbit t1_j9c9bat wrote

My town has several pizza places, chinese places, and even an indian place sharing a lobby with a fish and chips place.

We have no Mexican, at this point Id settle for a taco bell or something.

I just want some fucking quesadillas man… ones I don’t have to cook for myself.


norkm t1_j9bxmok wrote

In the Bay Area, which has one of the largest Asian populations in the US? Yes. My neighborhood has 2 Vietnamese places and 2 Thai places all within a 10 min walk on the same street.


Oraxy51 t1_j9c7aj6 wrote

Heck even in Arizona there’s a good handful of Thai/Vietnamese places here. Some Japanese places, some chinese, some Korean, it’s a nice diversity.


borderlander12345 t1_j9c2zqo wrote

I live in a city of 300,00 in Australia and there are probably 15+ Thai restaurants within 20 minutes drive from me and at least half that in Vietnamese


DocPeacock t1_j9cz692 wrote

Is it worth driving over from Petaluma for? I saw the story about the this locally.


czechczich t1_j9czja6 wrote

If you find yourself in SR running errands or something, give it a go! What’s the Vietnamese scene like in Petaluma?


DocPeacock t1_j9d0cdm wrote

There's only a couple places for pho and they're fine, I guess. A place called Simmer that I thought was pretty good. But according to the Vietnamese women at my wife's nail salon, none of the places in town are any good. I'm pretty sure they're comparing it to their home recipes. Maybe next time we're in the mood for it we'll drive up and check out Lee's.


DisgruntledJarl t1_j9b0gsn wrote

Vietnamese food is such a confusing cuisine for me. From India, I tried the most authentic vietnamese food I could find recently in my hometown and the peanut sauce was something I did not expect at all. My mouth was left wondering "wow this is strange" every time I tried something. Overall I still liked it but its probably not something I love so much that I'll keep going back to it.


johyongil t1_j9c8ezp wrote

My exact reaction to handmade samosas. “Strange. It’s fine but I’m not gonna go out of my way to get it again.”


DisgruntledJarl t1_j9cgxqf wrote

Is there another way to make samosas with machines?


johyongil t1_j9ch2u0 wrote

Yes. They regularly sell them at Costco and other grocery shops. They’re even worse.


EzraMeeker53 t1_j9arir2 wrote

This is a surprise. I grew up in Santa Rosa. Lees noodle house was always the small out of the Pho restaurant that people who knew good Vietnamese food would go to for takeout. I moved away before the pandemic so I never saw this slow down but it’s great to hear they made a comeback.


Chiefo104 t1_j9c3ux7 wrote

The fires really took a toll on the businesses around Coffey Park.


EzraMeeker53 t1_j9dp9xd wrote

I almost forgot about that. And they were right behind Kmart. Have they rebuilt something where Kmart was yet?


Chiefo104 t1_j9dqonn wrote

It's going to be the new location of the Sonoma County Indian Health Project. They bought the land but it takes time to actually build.

Right now it has a swap meet on Sunday mornings but that's about it.


EzraMeeker53 t1_j9dqtjh wrote

That’s a really good use for that land. Thank God they didn’t make it at target or Walmart.


HelloVap t1_j9c4tkn wrote

Hope you and your loved ones were OK during the fires


[deleted] t1_j99vnpe wrote



UrbanAchiever34 t1_j9a44x4 wrote

Pho is great when you’re sick or hungover.


mydawgisgreen t1_j9ajkrd wrote

Unless the broth sucks. But I grew up I a rural western town with pretty much no diversity. Went to college and a couple years in when I had my first internship, a weird youngerish guy actually spent time to open my eyes up to a lot of different cuisines I had never tried, and Vietnamese was one of them. He didn't stay long at the company, but always remember how much he introduced me too.

Now 15 years later, pho is a staple in my diet.


KakkaKarrot t1_j9aokxd wrote


Not to be confused with Vietnamese


mydawgisgreen t1_j9bfsbx wrote

Ugh sorry. I'm terrible on my phone and covid brain. Fixing now


Catsdrinkingbeer t1_j9dcrwv wrote

My favorite thing about living in the greater Seattle area is now I get to be picky about where I get pho. Back when I lived in the middle of the US I was lucky if the town I lived in had a single spot that served pho. Now I eat it several times a month and don't have to settle for mediocre.


miniaturizedatom t1_j9aua6k wrote

It’s possibly one of the most nourishing meals you can have. Hot broth, carbs, protein, and crunchy fresh veggies. Whats not to like?


PrometheusHasFallen t1_j9a6sh0 wrote

I've never heard of a struggling Vietnamese pho restaurant. I live next to like 5 and they've been in business for decades.


bearpie1214 t1_j9abyr7 wrote

that’s probably because you live in an area that has the customer base that can even have 5 close by.


Spinager t1_j9amwo3 wrote

Only paces I’ve seen that many in close proximity is in areas around Los Angeles. There are tons in the Vietnamese majority suburbs.


rym5 t1_j9avclv wrote

Cleveland asia town has at least a few


lawfulkitten1 t1_j9drvd8 wrote

Most US metro areas have a decent sized Little Saigon of some sort, it just might not be a place out of towners end up. In the Washington DC area for example it's a mall complex called Eden Center which is like a 30 minute drive away from downtown.


-_Empress_- t1_j9e2all wrote

Lol come to Seattle and the greater Seattle metro. We got pho, Thai, and teriyaki coming out the wazzu. I can't drive two blocks without seeing like 5.

As a matter of fact, outside Seattle proper it is fucking hard to find anything good that isn't pho, Thai or teriyaki.


Dt2_0 t1_j9atxqn wrote

I live in an area where one would struggle to survive.


pawnshophero t1_j9d1jzo wrote

Covid put several out of business in the towns near me


Shibi_SF t1_j9ard2s wrote

We drive through Santa Rosa every year. We will look for Lee’s Noodle House this time and hopefully we will eat there!


Chiefo104 t1_j9c3lek wrote

It's by the Kohl's and Panera.


Shibi_SF t1_j9cvewi wrote

Thanks so much! I looked up their address… we usually take 12 eastbound from 116 (in from the coast) and turn south at 101, but we will divert a little this time and go north at 101 to Hopper to visit Lee’s. Looking forward to it!


IcedevilX t1_j9cx7wq wrote

This comment reminds me of the “Californians” skit from SNL.


Shibi_SF t1_j9dhor6 wrote

LOL I felt like I was part of that family of bleached blondes after I typed my reply… I even laughed to myself in valley-speak as I wrote it.

And, in support of the Lee’s I will like ohmygod take the 116 to the 12 to the 101 north to like you know get there to eat their pho unless there is traffic then we would probably have to hop off of the 116 at Guerneville Road and just take the 101 for like one or two exits to Hopper. (Gasp) (dramatic look, hungry for pho)

(Edited the spelling of Guerneville smh)


Asdfaeou t1_j9aiori wrote

So...the warped pictures are due to a news site trying to stretch to fit vertical TikTok screenshots to a screen?


ravenous0 t1_j9anmjb wrote

This is the only reason TikTok should be used: highlight the great local restaurants and support local businesses.


kL2hGHMyqMsmcx9u t1_j9av7jo wrote

Never thought I’d see the day that Yelp is redeemed in the eyes of Reddit


ruralife t1_j9axtmh wrote

And for health care providers to spread accurate information


NineteenthJester t1_j9b12sg wrote

TikTok brought too much business to a local restaurant here and caused the owner to retire earlier. :(


kescha78 t1_j9ag63c wrote

I love pho!!! I’d help save this place!!🥰


NeutralMinion t1_j9atkqz wrote

In the extremely rare occasion when social media has a positive impact, I love to see it


lonememe t1_j9bwqal wrote

Oh that’s cool. TikTok fucking ruined my favorite Japanese restaurant (DOMO) to the point where the owner just closed it forever. Fuck TikTok assholes forever for that one.


runawaycluetrain t1_j9byt94 wrote

What happened exactly?


lonememe t1_j9c079v wrote

That was the temporary closure. You can google the permanent one but the main article is behind a paywall.


runawaycluetrain t1_j9c15h7 wrote

Thanks, I’m sorry that happened.. it never occurred to me that too much business could be a bad thing, but I suppose there were a lot of people there not for the food, but to video themselves.


limejuiceroyale t1_j9cvvyh wrote

Why did they close though? I'm no tik tok fan but it sounds like they got a lot of business, were overwhelmed but couldn't they just limit the customer base? It kind of seems like the owner was just ready to retire. He could have kept it at 20 people or whatever he felt comfortable serving at a time


Catsdrinkingbeer t1_j9deb1z wrote

I think this is less, "tik tok made this close" and more, "this guy was clearly moving away from this part of his business and this excelerated the inevitable."

There's another westword article from September where its made a little more clear the owner was focused on other things. When it became more popular it probably made him realize where he wanted to prioritize his time.

Plenty of restaurants have exploded because of social media and most of them have not closed down because of it.


Satan_S_R_US t1_j9c0m8q wrote

A good chicken noodle or corn chowder is great but nothing satisfies on an extremely cold day like pho with a generous addition of sriracha/chili garlic sauce.


preciado_101 t1_j9bf8og wrote

Pho is an amazing dish, really underestimated


MUCHO2000 t1_j9c9b50 wrote

By who? Those who have never tried it?

Also, having tried about a dozen Pho places when I moved to the East Bay from the LA area there is significant differences in the broth quality. Fortunately one of the best of the contenders is also only a 10 minute drive from my house.

Mom and dad cook while the adult son works the front of house


lawfulkitten1 t1_j9ds5ef wrote

To be fair, I actually didn't like pho that much in the US (even when I lived in the LA area). Turns out I actually like North Vietnamese pho more, whereas most places in the US serve South Vietnamese pho. The first bowl of pho I had that I actually enjoyed a lot was in Berlin of all places...

Even when I visted Vietnam that held true, I liked the taste more in Hanoi than in Ho Chi Minh City.


MUCHO2000 t1_j9dv4dc wrote

Gotta have that basil. But, you're welcome to have an incorrect opinion as there is no accounting for taste.

Just kidding I have never had N style pho.


tsogtbayarr t1_j9d3q02 wrote

Pho made by actual vietnamese people are great but there are so many places run by koreans and spanish people who just use shit ton of salt and msg to imitate the broth


tarkool t1_j9bvdke wrote

I hate Tik Tok with a passion but I do like seeing it being used to help others instead of stupid Kia Challenges.


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Aleblanco1987 t1_j9ap85x wrote

Finally tiktok is good for something


TriGurl t1_j9cq7x5 wrote

Love this!!


Chest3 t1_j9d8t1b wrote

The corner case use of TikTok being good


luckyme0121 t1_j9e51gq wrote

The best peanut sauce in town.


dreadpiratew t1_j9gvzxb wrote

Or maybe the place just isn’t that good


StatusKoi t1_j9cgpcf wrote

Oh man I love this story so much.


[deleted] t1_j9critg wrote

Soup for the gods!!!!


SternLecture t1_j9d8ojj wrote

I am not judging the guys food on one photo but that is one terrible looking bowl of soup did they choose the worst photo they could find?

Btw pho is amazing if you haven't tried it do so soon.


DamnBunny t1_j9cm65u wrote

Sounds like from the comments below, they didn't have any trouble to begin with. And since I can make Disneyland look like a Horror film on Camera, edit it out, then upload it. I really doubt no one can be fooled between the exaggeration and the real thing if you've been there. But behold, I can make Photos look like no one is at the rides, I can make it the ticket booth look desolate, And if I go to the break room I could make some serious nightmare fuel with the disembodied costumes.


[deleted] t1_j9ahnct wrote



Bedumtss t1_j9aqyrr wrote

Grace? Mf you routinely go to r/cryptocurrency r/spirituality r/tarot r/psychic and worst of all r/ChelseaFC gtfoh with ur grace lol


kL2hGHMyqMsmcx9u t1_j9atri6 wrote

I mean, this person is clearly an expert on cancer. We should listen to them.


MJTony t1_j9atu64 wrote

Baha! Chelseeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa


the_black_sails t1_j9akumu wrote

I've always been so curious and eager to get one, but I'll be damned if I willingly download Spyware on my phone. I know Google isn't that much better, but Tiktok is basically a direct pipeline to China.


Captain_Pungent t1_j9anx2p wrote

You see half the content on other socials anyway tbh


razerzej t1_j9aszs3 wrote

Reddit is a great filter-- instead of gargling a fire hose of raw sewage (TikTok or 4chan), I get purified sips of their best content, with most of the scum scraped off.


jim_deneke t1_j9asrpq wrote

When I downloaded the app one of the days in the first week I was on the app I was on it until 5am, just mindless scrolling. Probably was about 7 hours of solid scrolling. And the people on there are so toxic. I deleted it after two months.


Crosswired2 t1_j9c2vzu wrote

Lol. Calling tiktok toxic in reddit. The irony.


jim_deneke t1_j9eiwqj wrote

I haven't seen the negative comments on here as worse than on TikTok.


nonamefounder t1_j9aovzp wrote

Reddit ain't better. Twitter aswell. Instagram also. Every God darn social media is.


kL2hGHMyqMsmcx9u t1_j9auiwi wrote

Don’t hurt yourself twisting yourself into r/enlightenedcentrism

Reddit is end-stage web forums with little to zero social network features (followers, profiles, real names, influencers).

Tik-tok is literally weaponized social media aimed at disrupting western civilization by a hostile foreign government.


AHedgeKnight t1_j9avhlr wrote

It's not enlightened centrism to say reddit isn't magically less scummy of a social media platform nerd


nonamefounder t1_j9b180u wrote

It's a social media without real names. That's it. For me, it's the same as any other social media. Also, I never set foot in that subreddit. I just know that whatever social media I use is bs, but I'm addicted. Also, we have followers here on reddit and profiles and some people that are known in a few subreddit as regulars. It has everything a typical social media has. I think you should step outside of your little reddit bubble and look at this stuff objectively.


ubapook2 t1_j9apc83 wrote

I agree. How is it uplifting that a shop which is perfectly capable of getting customers was failing for the wrong reasons, and that it took an influencer to wake people up to that fact? This is more depressing if anything. The realization that the success of your life-long dream, and all finances in your life, can entirely depend on some person out there sharing a video. Absolutely terrifying


lindseyilwalker t1_j9asr4s wrote

I mean … it’s marketing. Since ever, if you’re going into business, you have to get the word out.


ubapook2 t1_j9atxss wrote

I still find it unsettling that this is the way we do things now, that an entire business can 100% be made or broken by a TikTok video. The idea is, as we’ve seen, that an influencer can do this same thing except with misinformation and a bad review, and a place could just go down.


lindseyilwalker t1_j9cr4ca wrote

Yeah, I understand that completely. However such a concept is not just originating now. When we revolved around newspapers more, a bad review by a trusted food columnist could have the same effect on a restaurant. I just resist the panic that things are so dramatically different with new forms of media. Same stuff, new mediums.


wienour t1_j9ar154 wrote

Isn’t that just called marketing?


andreibrcg t1_j9at8vs wrote

Eastern european stock is so much better. To be frank, pho tastes like an undercooked eastern european stock


MJTony t1_j9au19k wrote

You haven’t had good pho


andreibrcg t1_j9avfwd wrote

I had several pho's in different countries in top rated restaurants. Come visit eastern europe and you will see the difference. Im from Romania but im sure a all my neighbours have excellent stocks. There are several types btw, all fundamentally different. All of them are better than pho.

I think most like pho because their local cuisine doesnt include stock at all, unlike eastern europe which is full of delicious recipes


maimou1 t1_j9a2u72 wrote

I like bún thit núóng better (probably not written right, I'm sorry).


natovo t1_j9aan1r wrote

That's pretty close, here's the correct version for you to keep, just in case it come in handy:

Bún thịt nướng


SixGeckos t1_j9as21e wrote

isn’t that basically bún chả?


maimou1 t1_j9aweef wrote

not sure. husband prefers Thai, when I can coax him into Asian food at all. I was so into Vietnamese food for a while that I grew pots of the Thai/holy basil so I had it ready to go.


tinglytummy t1_j9dt8eo wrote

No. Bún is just the word for vermicelli noodles in Vietnamese (rounded noodles). Thịt means meat, nướng means grilled. Chả can be made of meat or fish but basically it’s chopped into tiny pieces and molded into a shape. Bún is used in a lot of viet dishes (like the well known bún bò Huế - which is vermicelli noodles with beef from the region of Hue, as the name indicates). It’s the difference in meat, broth, and fish sauce that really sets them apart. Bún thịt nướng usually also has an egg roll in it too.


Pickle-Chunk t1_j9a4nl1 wrote

And you felt the need to comment this why?


maimou1 t1_j9a4rm0 wrote

just to irritate you and it worked!


Oswarez t1_j9a8q04 wrote

Now what?


DoTheCreep_ahh t1_j9aczpq wrote

now he flies off into the sunset looking for more people to upset in a minor way, thereby changing the course of history forever. He is of course the time traveling super-hero, Butterfly-Effect Man