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Spinager t1_j9amwo3 wrote

Only paces I’ve seen that many in close proximity is in areas around Los Angeles. There are tons in the Vietnamese majority suburbs.


rym5 t1_j9avclv wrote

Cleveland asia town has at least a few


lawfulkitten1 t1_j9drvd8 wrote

Most US metro areas have a decent sized Little Saigon of some sort, it just might not be a place out of towners end up. In the Washington DC area for example it's a mall complex called Eden Center which is like a 30 minute drive away from downtown.


-_Empress_- t1_j9e2all wrote

Lol come to Seattle and the greater Seattle metro. We got pho, Thai, and teriyaki coming out the wazzu. I can't drive two blocks without seeing like 5.

As a matter of fact, outside Seattle proper it is fucking hard to find anything good that isn't pho, Thai or teriyaki.