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Camuhruh t1_jb9vbmp wrote

She made over 200 phone calls to try and track him down. I'm so glad she was so dedicated to helping those poor boys.


Dashdor t1_jbaat2n wrote

Who do you even call to figure something like that out when you have basically no information.


montanoj88 OP t1_jbac764 wrote

She must have been helped by the fact that the guy is all over social media grifting as a good father to the kids he was abusing.


GreasyPeter t1_jbbcolu wrote

People that are guilty will often preempt any future accusations by building up a portfolio of "proof" that they're not bad so when it invariably does come down on them they can point to their past statements and say "look, that can't be true, why would I have said all these positive things if that wete true?". This is also why it seems like so many public overly vocal male feminist ends up being a sexual predeator. It's not that the actual cause isn't just, it's that they actually never cared in the first place and we're just throwing up shields to protect themselves from prosecution or guilt.


Ok-Captain-3512 t1_jbcr5hd wrote

Unfortunately I've heard that same Argument used against perfectly good people.

YES It's usually the loudest person you have to worry about.

But someone trying to change something isn't a 1:1 transition. The world is full of gray


Northwestchron t1_jbbw10h wrote

>ly does come down on them they can point to their past statements and say "look, that can't be true, why would I have said all these positive things if that wete true?". This is also why it seems like every overly vocal male feminist ends up being a sexual predeator. It's not that the actua

Like Dan price


outcome--independent t1_jbch8hm wrote

Can you give some examples?


GreasyPeter t1_jbckxza wrote

Josh Whedon is a good example. He was seen as (and leaned into) being about female empowerment since Buffy but the it came out down the line that he was often a dick on set and even called some pregnant women fat.

Dan Harmon was similar.

Max Landis evidently although I don't know of him very well.

I'm trying to remember another one a few years ago. Harmon and Whedon have been the big ones I can recently remember. Justin Roiland wasn't really a vocal feminist but I sorta think of him in a similar capacity to Harmon since they worked together but he doesn't really cunt on this list.

Some of them are undoubtedly narcissists so it would be expected from them but not all of them.

Oh, and Matt Lauer.


[deleted] t1_jbclndr wrote



GreasyPeter t1_jbcmmn2 wrote

I reworded it, I meant to say "many" instead of "every". The majority of male feminists aren't sexual predators, but it sure seems like it's more common.


gnatskeeter t1_jbcnj6q wrote

Thank you for editing it. Don’t forget there’s a whole real world offline and away from celebrity culture where actual men march with actual women in the street and they yell and chant slogans and loudly holler at the cops together


LeTreacs t1_jbcqj3j wrote

I wish you’d have made it clear that your post was edited. My comment now makes me look a lot more like a dick without the context of your original post and I wouldn’t have made it at all with the way your comment is now written


Used_Competition4345 t1_jbf8esy wrote

Not a celebrity, but my father ran health and safety teams for his job, organized toy drives and mitten giveaways, was the first to volunteer to train people, and looked like the perfect guy. Then he'd come home, get drunk, and beat us, lock us outside, throw our shit outside, or just throw it out if he wasn't happy. And nobody believed a damn thing. He also threatened me with legal action when I emancipated myself.


outcome--independent t1_jbfro5p wrote

I hope you're in a safe place now, and I'm sorry that happened to you. I believe you.


Used_Competition4345 t1_jbgp2az wrote

Thank you, I am, and even though it's been a while and I no longer blame myself, it's nice to hear.


gnatskeeter t1_jbcrmbr wrote

^^^ the comment above was edited. The word “every” has been replaced with “so many”.


GreasyPeter t1_jbd2znr wrote

I state in another comment that I edited it and why.


gnatskeeter t1_jbd3ftq wrote

It should say “edited“ somewhere within the actual post that’s been edited


gnatskeeter t1_jbbpccr wrote

Downvote this comment if you hate women


gnatskeeter t1_jbd4ya9 wrote

I can play “Edit the comment without notification” too


GreasyPeter t1_jbcj6iu wrote

If he makes a point of constantly telling people that didn't ask, IMO yes. Whenever someone volunteers information no one asked for it's usually because of an insecurity.


gnatskeeter t1_jbcl3g9 wrote

Ok. The way it’s worded above says nothing about volunteering information without being asked. It just says ‘overly vocal’. That can have at least two very different meanings. Generalizing groups of people is never a good idea. Have a few overly vocal male “celebrity feminists” turned out to be real sicko creeps? Yes. Does ‘every overly vocal male feminist seem to end up being a sexual predator’? No.


GreasyPeter t1_jbcml6j wrote

I typed it really fast at work and had to rewrite a little. I wasn't trying to say every male feminist but I realize I had typed that, my bad. Most male feminists aren't sexual predetors.


LeTreacs t1_jbbn03k wrote

Alright fellas, don’t try and stand up for equality too hard or people are gonna assume you’re a sexual predator.


johnjeudiTitor t1_jbbtzmj wrote

idk he kinda has a point about "overly vocal"

if you actually give a fuck about women you shouldn't need to broadcast it, your actions speak for themselves. It really does seem to be the loudest ones that are the worst hypocrites, and this goes for anything


weakhamstrings t1_jbcs13v wrote

The person they are replying to edited the word "every" to instead say "many" thus making the previous person's response look really inflammatory


barsoapguy t1_jbbx0lv wrote

Well realistically they’re probably loud IN PERSON at events where they can meet and impress women.

I mean I guess if it works then that’s just how they play the game. 🤷🏿‍♂️


LeTreacs t1_jbc19kt wrote

Silence is consent. And silence where life and liberty is at stake, where by a timely protest we could stay the destoyer's hand, and do not do so, is as criminal as giving actual aid to the oppressor, for it answers his purpose.

  • Ernestine Rose

johnjeudiTitor t1_jbc5guz wrote

I agree with the quote, it's true.

however (and I'll admit I'm not sure), if this is in argument to my comment it would mean that you think I'm equating "overly vocal" with saying anything at all. Which, by definition of the words, I'm not


LeTreacs t1_jbcese1 wrote

It’s an expansion of my point.

Hypocrites are loud, but that doesn’t mean the loudest voices are Hypocrites. You know, all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares kinda thing.

True equality between the sexes will come when we’re all in agreement, and this kind of rhetoric that any outwardly spoken man for feminism is likely to be guilty of sexual assault stops men from wanting to actually help be part of the movement.

Half the population can’t achieve equality alone, but Reddit does love its outrage I suppose


johnjeudiTitor t1_jbcmjin wrote

i simply disagree, and i avoided making that generalization so please understand me:

i do not think that we will be furthered into equality by having more outspoken men.

even if what they're saying is supportive, I think true equality is easier to reach by actions.

Also no one is outraged, but if you have to invent parts of my position just to argue with it there's not much point in continuing this conversation


LeTreacs t1_jbcpzwt wrote

I didn’t say you made the generalisation, but it was made further up the thread.

Men need to be on board with equality to have equality. That requires some men to be out spoken. We just disagree on this point.

Speaking is an action, if someone’s being sexist and you say that’s wrong, you have taken an action.

I’m not outraged, I’m not saying you’re outraged. It’s a generally statement about Reddit in general


KaimeiJay t1_jbcbk92 wrote

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger. Blame the men who are ruining it for everyone else.


GreasyPeter t1_jbcjew8 wrote

If they make a point of constantly telling people or bringing it up just so they can show how good of an ally they are. Nobody says you can't or shouldn't defend women's rights and equality when it actually comes up, but if a dude is bringing it up a lot, it might be because they're insecure about something they've done or wish to do.


[deleted] t1_jbaemdp wrote



etchie t1_jbba7iq wrote

That sounds interesting as hell. You should share that in another post. I would read it.


Spire_Citron t1_jbcb70i wrote

Was it a particularly unusual car colour and number of roommates? I feel like generally those two pieces of information wouldn't be enough.


Ok-Captain-3512 t1_jbcrpau wrote

Lots of people, other than Caucasian, that you can hear from the street.

Prolly all they need for no knock


[deleted] t1_jbeen6u wrote



Spire_Citron t1_jbh41sj wrote

So the information they matched to you was three people and a white car? I assumed it was at least something unusual, like you had 7 roommates and a tangerine car. You could probably find a house that matches those requirements on any given street. It shouldn't be legal to raid your house for that. People get killed in raids.


[deleted] t1_jbi15ib wrote



Spire_Citron t1_jbi6197 wrote

There really should be accountability. Even if nobody gets hurt, I imagine having that happen causes a fair bit of trauma for anyone in the house. Having your home invaded is a terrible thing.


Ok-Captain-3512 t1_jbcrk78 wrote

I've had Cops walk in without announcing or getting any kind of response.

Usually it was "alright yall quiet down so we can leave you alone"

I've seen cops break laws trying to be cool and keep the peace.

But I benefit from the fact I'm white and a large majority of my friends are white males, so my experience of cops being mostly cool prolly doesn't apply


DisposableSaviour t1_jbdc6gr wrote

One time, we were throwing a party at my house, and the cops did show up, but we were smart and marked hands with a circle for 21+, and an X for <21, so the underages just had to put their drinks down.

Except for one of my friends, and one of my roommates friends, who had never met before, and were the only two black people at the party, each climbed onto the washer and dryer, crouched, and pulled the French doors shut.

Cops left pretty soon, and we were wondering where the fuck D and R were, until they knocked on the doors to the laundry nook because the hinges were stuck.


MamaLovesPajamas t1_jbb29p1 wrote

He gave enough info including what state they lived in, number of children, the fact that there had been CPS charges multiple times, his age, how the "dad" fooled cps and the cops, etc. Combined with how the family is on social media.
She encouraged him to report it to the police himself and said that she would if he wouldn't. I listened to the podcast and it is chilling :(


etchie t1_jbbad2l wrote

Do you have a link to the episode? I didn’t see the name of the podcast or anything. Could be something I just missed when reading.


dmanda t1_jbbllty wrote

BlindSkinnedBeauty is the podcast according the article


etchie t1_jbbnvmz wrote

Yeah, I had forgotten it was mentioned. Thank you. Not sure why you were downvoted, you answered my question.


snarky_answer t1_jbbk3su wrote

People have so much info out there on them. All it takes is finding the right info and then it opens up to a bunch more.

In one of my subs I mod we have a small amount of people who are suicidal and will post their final goodbyes. Almost every single person we have been able to “doxx” and get them help or alert their commands.


Ok-Captain-3512 t1_jbcs1y5 wrote

Not 100% related

It always killed me as a clerk when people said they wouldn't use a credit card or debit card because they didn't wanna be tracked.

Meanwhile they'd share what store they shopped in on social media... then use apple pay


Spire_Citron t1_jbcassh wrote

Well, some of the information we do know she would have had is quite unique. Like it sounds like the boy told her how many adopted kids the man had, and that they were all boys, which surely can't match up to too many different people. She would have also known that the boy who called was turning 18 within a few days. It was quite a long call so I imagine the details she had would have been enough to narrow in on the correct person if she was able to get in touch with people with access to the right databases.


Ok-Captain-3512 t1_jbcs6xv wrote

Ideally the 'apodtive parent' would be in a system that's not too hard to wade through


Lots42 t1_jbsgaps wrote

My first thought is 211 dot org. American based group. Very big. Hard to understand. But pretty good at social emergency issues.


[deleted] t1_jb9bfe8 wrote



PokeAndHauntUs t1_jb9qod4 wrote

And how was this single wheelchair bound, on oxygen guy “caring” for these kids. Surely there was a better option.


geekonthemoon t1_jb9txic wrote

Sadly most people don't know how bad and shorthanded the foster system is. A lot of the kids aren't even in homes, they're in group homes because there arent enough families.

It's why they've been removing way less kids from homes, especially where it's like mild neglect from drug addict parents, etc, because the alternative is rarely better.


satanshand t1_jbaf5gs wrote

My experience with the adoption process was that it was prohibitively invasive, catered towards Christians and extremely expensive.


another-reddit-noob t1_jbaqrvf wrote

would you mind sharing what was invasive about the adoption process? knowing america i definitely don’t doubt what you say but as someone who has considered adoption in the future (cannot have bio children), i’m really curious


satanshand t1_jbatiiq wrote

Most of the organizations that we looked at wanted to know what kind of participation we had in church. On top of that they would do regular visits and wellness checks. They also would look extensively at your background and financial history.


ALQatelx t1_jbb8b7b wrote

Aside from the church stuff, isnt that all a really good thing to do for an adoption agency,


satanshand t1_jbbb6lf wrote

It is, but the fact that it cost more than two rounds of IVF is insane


KB-say t1_jbbgvbz wrote

Yeah, it’s as much of a scam as it sounds.


RiceAlicorn t1_jbavw3c wrote

Off the top of my head, some things that I believe can be asked of you include:

  1. Financial history

  2. Extensive inspections of your home

  3. Your medical history

  4. Drug use (legitimate or recreational; prescriptions, alcohol, etc.)

  5. Marital status

  6. Interviews with your loved ones to ascertain your identity and character

  7. Pretty much anything that is relevant to the adoption process.

It's understandable why they have to act like this, but it makes the adoption process very arduous. On top of all of that, adoption is "invasive" to your money (i.e. expensive as FUCK) and even after jumping every hoop you can be rejected. They can't legally discriminate against you, but they can certainly make up excuses to reject you (see: the difficulty LGBTQ+ people or people trying to adopt as a single parent face in the adoption process)


[deleted] t1_jbayrkl wrote



satanshand t1_jbbbau5 wrote

They cater towards Christians because the majority of the organizations are church based


ThorsLeftNipple t1_jbaocgx wrote

One of the victims states that the abuser is lying about his mobility issues and long term health issues and that he’s more mobile than he appears publicly.


HermitCrabCakes t1_jbalr8n wrote

One kid said that's an act, the wheelchair and oxygen.


Vectorman1989 t1_jbavj8x wrote

We have a similar case here in Scotland. We're trying to extradite a rapist to the US, but he's making it as difficult as possible. First he claimed he was someone else and now gets wheeled around in an oxygen mask claiming long COVID symptoms. They had a hearing recently and he refused to get in the van to go to court.


curepure t1_jbbad53 wrote

well kids are expensive these days


KB-say t1_jbbh4u0 wrote

Precisely why these vultures shouldn’t rob prospective adoptive parents


thrway1209983 t1_jbczpne wrote

And if he had previous sexual abuse reports, how did he get these kids?


Spire_Citron t1_jbcbe5y wrote

Yeah. I thought the adoption system was overly restrictive, if anything.


grenade25 t1_jb9hk4m wrote

I do not understand how the system allows placement for kids in a home already pending a sexual assault investigation. Blows my mind. Then again, this is Texas. If they barred pedos, there would be no providers.


cool_weed_dad t1_jba53a1 wrote

It’s a soul crushing job with an extremely high turnover rate, most people can’t handle it for very long. Unfortunately that means the ones who don’t actually care about the kids last a lot longer in the field.


38563856 t1_jbcnloh wrote

Well no...the ones who last in spite of the low pay, endless paperwork, public hate, abusive clients, etc. are the dedicated ones who care. There are better paying, easier jobs out there...


garry4321 t1_jbaaprd wrote

They dont care if the kids are safe, only that they are born and that their mothers have no rights. If there are no vulnerable kids out there, who is Matt Gaetz going to molest?


in-site t1_jbbknlv wrote

But let's just keep forcing people to have unwanted children, since it's going so well for everyone


politits t1_jbaaf6p wrote

He’s not really Jewish, it’s all a grift. “Suspect changed name to Hayim Cohen, fabricated Jewish backstory, courted media attention and allegedly assaulted minors over years, raising questions about ignored red flags.” Posting this as it’s own comment since there is so much anti-semitism on the internet.


HokieGirl07 t1_jbbb4vq wrote

Why lie about being Jewish? Very odd.


PloniAlmoni1 t1_jbbkjuy wrote

It might be because the Jewish communities are very trusting. If someone needs money etc, they will rally together and raise it. Alternatively there are just weird people out there, especially hyper religious Christians with Jewish cosplay obsession.

Source: live in one


montanoj88 OP t1_jbbl0ef wrote

Pretending to be Jewish is a thing among some evangelical Christians. They assume a Jewish identity and then attempt to convert Jewish people to Christianity. However, I don't think this is what this man is doing. He's a grifter who used the Jewish faith to grift. Considering his social media presence, I wouldn't be surprised if he was angling for a reality show or something. There's lots of TV shows featuring big Christian families but none with big Jewish families which is what his social media is about.

Source: The Guardian (Evangelicals pretending to be Jewish.)

The Independent


AWanderingSoul t1_jbbkz7i wrote

He probably did it so faith based organizations would help facilitate adoptions, bettering his access to kids. They often try to keep kids in houses of the same religion in which they were previously raised and doing this gave him a leg up. I also suspect that he felt that he would be less likely examined if he were a religious man. This disgusting pervert knew what he was doing.


in-site t1_jbbkun6 wrote

Maybe people are more likely to not ask questions if there's an intimidating cultural difference? Or maybe it's about claiming persecution? I have no idea.


YouMenthesea t1_jb9vg68 wrote

It says cps now has custody of 6 of the 9. What happened to the remaining 3?


montanoj88 OP t1_jb9wpi1 wrote

I think they might have aged out of the system. IIRC from other sources, the one who called the podcast was about to turn 18 when he made the call.


Korinney t1_jbakd2z wrote

They’re over age 18. The fourth-eldest is the one who called and he was about to turn 18.


redheadartgirl t1_jbb5f4b wrote

Was probably scared about not being able to protect the younger ones anymore.


etchie t1_jbbagxo wrote

My first thought when I read that sentence. Why the hell does he still have 3 children?!


Pegrmom1 t1_jb9hg18 wrote

Thank you for following your gut instinct to help him and his brothers!


montanoj88 OP t1_jb9x48h wrote

I know right, she did a much better job in protecting these kids than the CPS workers who were easily fooled by this man.


Icy_Queen_3436 t1_jb9yyua wrote

He already had a previous charge of sex abuse from 2019, it's crazy he was allowed to adopt all these kids


SallyFairmile t1_jbavd8f wrote

I saw that and was mystified how he was able to adopt so many. Perhaps 'luck' of the timing? Or laziness of investigation?


gringledoom t1_jbamuzx wrote

How is it that CPS seems to have plenty of resources to occasionally ruin parents’ lives for letting their kids walk a quarter mile by themselves to a park in a safe neighborhood. And then they do nothing in egregious cases like this.


TeamADW t1_jbauyon wrote

I've known a few caseworkers, some of them are just frustrated because they know the system isn't worth it and they spent a small fortune to get a government job that pays crap, and there's just some of them that are there just to get the paycheck and they don't care.


dukeofswaziland t1_jba28pw wrote

This is crazy because I live in Houston and have seen the tik tok account pop up on my for you page in the past. It would always be the kids talking about religion and their lives. Would never have guessed this was going on


Bmboo t1_jbaxiuy wrote

Damn I must be jaded because when I hear kids talk about religion the first thing I think is abuse is going on.


redheadartgirl t1_jbb5s3h wrote

1000% Kids who have religion so heavily in their lives that they're making tiktoks about it are nearly always in authoritarian households, which are notoriously rife with abuse.


cld1984 t1_jbajopw wrote

My God this is disgusting.

We have a 5 year old little girl. My wife became chronically ill about a year after she gave birth. Turns out it was probably the pregnancy that caused it. It’s ruined her life. She can’t work and gets fatigued very easily. Obviously more kids are off the table.

I never wanted kids until I found out she was pregnant. Even then it took some time for me to warm to it. Now I can’t imagine a day without her. I want more but making them is not an option. Adoption would be our only recourse.

I’ve always heard about how difficult, time consuming, and expensive adoption can be, but then you see stories like this. How does this sick fuck get entrusted with the lives of, not just children, but the most vulnerable children who need stable guidance from a normal adult. Not someone using it to build a damn harem. Disgusting


Elle-Elle t1_jbdl41o wrote

I'm curious - Did she get Graves Disease or something similar? If not, you don't have to tell me what. I'm just curious if my hunch was right.


cld1984 t1_jbe7itt wrote

No problem!

She actually has Craniocervical Instability (brain stem compression from loose/weak ligaments in the neck). She also has Ehlers-Danlos which is the likely culprit, with the pregnancy being the trigger.


Elle-Elle t1_jbehsab wrote

Ugh that sucks so much. I'm so sorry! Please let her know that this internet stranger sends her so so so much love.


cld1984 t1_jbficky wrote

I will definitely do that. Thank you, friend. 🙂


Catsrules t1_jb9vi20 wrote

>Child protective services told ABC13 they have custody of six of Cohen's nine adopted children.

I am sorry what? Nine?


Ecdamon86 t1_jbab5rk wrote

OP thinks they might be adults now. The one that called was about to turn 18.


Catsrules t1_jbagmg8 wrote

I was just shocked about the number of kids.


Ecdamon86 t1_jbl59j9 wrote

You would hope there would be a limit to the adult to child ratio. It's scary how desperate cps is.


Wisdomlost t1_jbaa0xf wrote

The man was already facing sexual assault charges from 2019. The allegations came from a foreign exchange student who lived with him. So he's got 9 adopted children and facing a sexual assault charge against a child and still keeps his adopted children. I know it's complicated and social workers can only do so much but it's just frustrating seeing this type of thing. It seems so obvious he should not have been responsible for children while in a case about sexual assault of a child.


Pixielo t1_jbag3nz wrote

The kids were removed.


Wisdomlost t1_jbahq7i wrote

My understanding from reading the story is the children were removed after these most recent allegations but not after the first charge from 2019. I dont see anything about the kids being removed in 2019.


pileodung t1_jbatriz wrote

An open sexual assault case from 2019? Why was this person receiving more children? Just another group of foster kids being failed by the system.


pantisflyhand t1_jbb9e7n wrote

Also, not a drag queen.


Tyrell97 t1_jbmjl9s wrote

How do you know? I'll add that I just watched a video of him talking and dude is as gay as the day is long.


pantisflyhand t1_jbml04k wrote

Very few gay men do drag... There are almost as many straight men performing in drag than there are gays.

To reiterate being a gay man =/= being a drag queen


Tyrell97 t1_jbmlpfp wrote

It's a sexual hobby. It's all about sex. I have a friend who recently came out to me as a crossdresser...and bi. It's deeply tied to his sexual satisfaction. I'll laugh if you try to say he's not gay. He wants to suck dicks and be fucked in the ass by them. He hasn't done it yet and he has a girlfriend. Only thing he says is stopping him is fear of AIDS.


pantisflyhand t1_jbmmrdw wrote

Cross dressing, and performing in drag are two different and separate things.


Tyrell97 t1_jbmn5fp wrote

He wants to do that too, but is scared of getting killed.


almostasquibb t1_jba9j1c wrote

yet another sick adoption story from texas…


HolyForkingBrit t1_jbbh47h wrote

Once again, another uplifting story that can also be on r/OrphanCrushingMachine and r/Rage.

I know a LOT of people in Texas who were molested and/or abused by family members. Just so happy to see it’s being passed down generation after generation. Fucking cunts. I hate people man.


globaloffender t1_jbamgj7 wrote

Can we talk about the 2019 incident? Did anybody follow up in those 8 CPS visits?


Grattytood t1_jbaqtyl wrote

Where is God? Cases like this are what make me an agnostic, bordering on atheist.


sponeyspone t1_jbawuj9 wrote

God gave us the gift of free will. This is about the failure of human systems and how cruel humans can be to each other. If humans actually followed the principles provided by God for our happiness, all suffering would be avoided.


Grattytood t1_jbb9kh6 wrote

Respectfully, I disagree with you and your beliefs, but I appreciate your respectful approach.


beer_ninja69 t1_jbblc3p wrote

In other news, another podcast solves crime. Police conducting study on increasing number of podcasts to combat rising crimes. More at 11.


BigBadBrit420 t1_jbb34wh wrote

I knew I'd seen this guy before! He's got a channel called 'our unique family' the videos have always seemed a bit off to me, guess I know why now...


Pactolus t1_jbmjerv wrote

He's gay too, if you watched any of his videos where he talks. Obvious why he adopted all boys. Sickening...


GrogusForceKin t1_jbcu188 wrote

when those "person of the year" awards come out at year's end, they'll probably choose some world leader or captain of industry. but for me, Twai'yah Payne is a name I'll remember.


Zenaxis t1_jbaf88s wrote

If you youtube "Our Unique Family" you can see videos he posted, completely demented.


papercut2008uk t1_jbc24a2 wrote

How was he able to adopt so many children in the first place?


Golicwm t1_jbbhxfz wrote

Does anything good happen in Texas?


In0nsistentGentleman t1_jbay2z4 wrote

There's a movie called Belle which is basically exactly this story to some degree.


matt35303 t1_jbb6xdk wrote

When you go to read the story, at the bottom there is an ad saying "what's the best thing you can give a loved one?" Under the tags for the story "sexual abuse, rape etc" ffs


Someredditusername t1_jbctn2q wrote

Here's to hoping that the foster homes they're placed in don't do it all over again.


PugPockets t1_jbdol82 wrote

Everyone is talking about the podcaster’s actions which, yes, went above and beyond. But the teen who called in is the hero at the core of the story. In familial cases of sex abuse, reporting can get extremely tricky; you don’t know if your siblings will be placed together or if they’ll support your decision. Overcoming so much fear and confusion enough to disclose like that is incredible, and I hope he’s getting wrap-around services.


Kaibaer t1_jbesfqa wrote

So, allegations were made in 2019 already and there was no one, who thought it is a good idea to talk with all the foster children that guy has?

I know, he was not found guilty for the 2019 allegations, but if you hort like 9 kids, have a sexual assault case in process, shouldn't that worry anyone?!


Lighthouse-13 t1_jbf35l7 wrote

Anyone who helps a child is blessed in my books


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Mustard-cutt-r t1_jbdgy8v wrote

What information was she able to use to direct her search? I wish more details


I_will_be_wealthy t1_jba403e wrote

Most humanist religion in the world


politits t1_jbaa279 wrote

He isn’t actually Jewish, it’s just a grift. “Cohen, who was born Jeffrey Lujan Vejil, has been charged with 11 felonies by seven complainants in total.”


montanoj88 OP t1_jbad2dy wrote

This. The guy is pretending to be Jewish and has actually no connection with the local Jewish community. He is a grifter through and through.


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politits t1_jbbtm3u wrote

This isn’t nuance. It’s clear cut. And this isn’t in defense of a religion, but an ethnic minority that’s under constant threat of genocide and at the center of most conspiracy theories. So an equivalent would be more like how I reacted to Rachel Dolezal hurting the image and message if Black civil rights and it was consistent with my reaction here. Thanks for further proving my point.

Instead of failing at a “got ya” comment, go educate yourself about the definition of the word “nuance” as well as the details of this case and the larger issue I pointed out.