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Elevenst t1_ivw3cld wrote

>"...the bride and groom also get groceries for a year and wedding registry must-haves including small kitchen appliances, bedding, towels and home goods..."

That's pretty damned awesome.


Edwardc4gg t1_ivx1z7v wrote

There’s the truth and holy fuck I’d have done the same.


Reddit-username_here t1_ivw6m69 wrote

But those appliances are coming from Aldi's, so they won't last long.


BogusNL t1_ivx0otk wrote

In Europe the aldi stuff is actually pretty decent.


sabahorn t1_ivx7e00 wrote

No is not :D. Has one of the worst reputations.


RedonkulusHomunculus t1_ivwh0tn wrote

My stand mixer is going strong after 4 years.

My MIL still uses her personal blender.


manowtf t1_ivxnkbp wrote

Aldi guarantees are longer than other retail outlets.


Vinstaal0 t1_ivxp5z4 wrote

I went to the Aldi for my vynl player since the bigbrands didn’t have any good once


Kinsei01 t1_ivyczp0 wrote

My trimmer is still running good at almost 5 years at use a couple times a week. Only had to grease it up once.


SeaWitchK t1_ivw4kly wrote

I just see people who did what worked for them and hurt none. The world is hard enough, let people like silly things. I hope they're delighted!


_Blackstar t1_ivwv292 wrote

How DARE you imply that other peoples' idea of happiness is equal to my own? Especially when my idea of the perfect wedding is in a VERY Christian church, surrounded be equally conservative people who are also all straight, white, and share the same ideas on what creates true happiness? To deviate from this extremely narrow-minded idea is blasphemous!

/s if it wasn't obvious


SeaWitchK t1_ivwvfz1 wrote

thank you for the laugh, friend!


jazzman23uk t1_ivyqirh wrote

As a professional choral singer, if I were to ever get married it would unfortunately have to be in a church because the reverb in Aldi is shocking, and pipe organs are very rare. Also, the other customers look at you weird if you start singing.


v74u t1_ivx1h8u wrote

Just so it’s clear as no one is mentioning it they won a contest, in which the reward was being able fo get married in an ALDI. Also they get free groceries for a year and some other random stuff for married people like household essentials.


Fantastic05 t1_ivxa3t3 wrote

Free groceries for a couple for a year is prob at most $5,200 worth of groceries. So I guess not a bad deal


KCfaninLA t1_ivxgrxb wrote

I'd like to think it means they get to walk in and take whatever they want for a year, like "Bitch I own this place... temporarily." But they're probably just given a giant coupon book for the essentials, or maybe a straight check/visa gift cards.


felipe_the_dog t1_ivwd6g2 wrote

Do they have good produce at Aldi? Because I was just thinking today that my local Stop & Shop may have the worst produce on earth.


RedonkulusHomunculus t1_ivwgvdy wrote

It depends on how much the manager(s) give a shit about handling it properly, but by and large, yes.


Vonterribad t1_ivws4gz wrote

I love Aldi, my wife converted me. The produce is one of their weaker aspects, but it might depend on country as well.


ChesapeakeWaters t1_ivwuxc8 wrote

Aldi is awesome but their produce is horrible at least for the 2 nearest to me.


MakesMyHeadHurt t1_ivwnx5y wrote

Most things are actually pretty good at ours. They just don't have as many products to choose from.


will4623 t1_ivwp0z1 wrote

Aka you aren't lost for half an hour looking for diapers.


two_hours_east t1_ivwwunf wrote

My Aldi has consistently good produce. Certain things like strawberries and cucumbers seem to spoil quickly, but that seems to be true of other store's produce too. Lately I've found the overall quality of produce to be lacking across multiple grocery chains tho. I'm assuming supply chain issues.

The bigger issue with Aldi's produce is that you usually can't buy just one lemon or something because they're sold in bags. So you aren't getting to handpick and you might have to buy more than you will use. I've just started freezing my extra lemons and repackaging certain items into glass containers when I put groceries away.


awfulOz t1_ivx3sq3 wrote

Around me anyway the produce used to suck, now not so much. The prices are fantastic, but the quality isn’t quite amazing. Some things are still great though.


MelancholyMushroom t1_ivwav0b wrote

This doesn’t feel uplifting... I’m more depressed now.


Either_Cobbler9303 t1_iw0hj9o wrote

Right? Like can't afford a venue?


MelancholyMushroom t1_iw0q09e wrote

No not even that… even if they had it in their backyard, or a park. Just, why a grocery store? Why bask in centering an out of the ordinary and memorable day around such a mundane task?


QuandaryOfRed t1_ivwsybr wrote

Hey, good for them. They found some bliss in this world. It may be a non-traditional place, but who cares. You do you.


Janrow2020 t1_ivwbl45 wrote

How cute! Many happy returns…..


lcc1353 t1_ivx31bz wrote

Next thing: to re-produce.


dawgtilidie t1_ivx56ys wrote

I laugh at this but I’m definitely not above getting married at Costco, I love it there so props to the happy couple!


Cultivat_ed t1_ivycnxu wrote

So this is just an ad, right?


groovygirl858 OP t1_ivzpx3p wrote

It's a contest that serves as a marketing tool. But it's still awesome for the couple to win.


MongolianMango t1_ivwqnsa wrote

This is amazing. Love how supportive the Aldi's is.


doitnow10 t1_ivxcjvw wrote

Just out of curiosity: what's the image ALDI has in the US?


RoaringFlameCat t1_ivxi6y5 wrote

I bet the Aldi was still open for business.


residentdunce t1_ivxioax wrote

I totally get this! My partner and I have special places that probably sound totally mundane to most people, and a supermarket we frequent regularly might be one of them. Not sure I'd get married in one though, lol!

Edit: grammar


onkel_Kaos t1_ivxlnro wrote

It could also belong to wholesome subreddits. Adorable.


Johnny_Venus t1_ivy7yv1 wrote

They won a contest so it's all a show. Pretty sure they can have a "real" wedding after lol


commando_boner t1_iw094iz wrote

Honeymoon in the meat isle, amirite?


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Shenanigamii t1_ivw35q6 wrote

Must have had a discount of wedding cakes.


[deleted] t1_ivw3gne wrote



Shenanigamii t1_ivw5spk wrote

I had to look up rule number 1, which is the only rule apparently. It's not to my tastes, but it's sweet...and I'm sure they will have a fruitful marriage.


Fuzakenaideyo t1_ivxt0i1 wrote

I hope they did it like that Randal Park indie show set in an ikea as in they didn't get permission


bshaddo t1_ivyapxw wrote

Beware the Vegetable People


Budson420 t1_ivyc997 wrote

Aldi is the inflation hack


w3are138 t1_iw1o178 wrote

I wonder if they’re Supernatural fans


coldpizza87 t1_ivx3bsx wrote

I like Aldi but I would not go there for produce lol


McVicar117 t1_ivxdrph wrote

They spent their honeymoon browsing all the kick knacks in the middle aisle.


USMNT_superfan t1_ivxiyan wrote

I heard that night they also consummated the wedding in the aisle as well.


linguistca t1_ivxn9h3 wrote

Beforehand, did he break in to rescue her in there while she was giving birth one night? 😅


IkeaIsLegendary t1_ivxnqza wrote

That's pretty sad imo, but at the end of the day it's their life not mine... They can do what they please, and if that's where they would like their special day to be, all power to them :)


EddieLobster t1_ivxr5dp wrote

At least the didn’t get married in the horse meat aisle.


CrunchyCds t1_ivy2vxc wrote

It may sound silly but I love hearing unconventional weddings like this because you know the bride and groom did exactly what they wanted for their special day without family pressure.

I went to one super Catholic wedding once and the bride and groom looked miserable the whole time. Afterwards my partner joked, it felt like it was Jesus' special day and the couple was just invited. Point is have your dream wedding.

... Don't let family pressure you, do what you want.


b0yheaven t1_ivy4sbd wrote

Aldi chocolate mint pancake mix is a sleeper, I was blown away how good they were 💜


AzLibDem t1_ivy7lv7 wrote

"You may now squeeze her tomatoes"


woodsbby t1_ivy9qfs wrote

Fuck aldi. Bitches told me i was going to get a lump sum bonus and they fucked me over on it. Stingy ass company.


candycoatedshovel t1_ivykvsk wrote

“Oh no..I need to get oranges. Can I just squeeze by? Oh..they’re saying their no, please continue. I’ll just get my fruit somewhere else. Um, congrats!”


sabahorn t1_ivx7ccq wrote

I wish them good luck in their marriage , because you must have pretty low standards to like Aldi.