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Elevenst t1_ivw3cld wrote

>"...the bride and groom also get groceries for a year and wedding registry must-haves including small kitchen appliances, bedding, towels and home goods..."

That's pretty damned awesome.


Edwardc4gg t1_ivx1z7v wrote

There’s the truth and holy fuck I’d have done the same.


Reddit-username_here t1_ivw6m69 wrote

But those appliances are coming from Aldi's, so they won't last long.


BogusNL t1_ivx0otk wrote

In Europe the aldi stuff is actually pretty decent.


sabahorn t1_ivx7e00 wrote

No is not :D. Has one of the worst reputations.


RedonkulusHomunculus t1_ivwh0tn wrote

My stand mixer is going strong after 4 years.

My MIL still uses her personal blender.


manowtf t1_ivxnkbp wrote

Aldi guarantees are longer than other retail outlets.


Vinstaal0 t1_ivxp5z4 wrote

I went to the Aldi for my vynl player since the bigbrands didn’t have any good once


Kinsei01 t1_ivyczp0 wrote

My trimmer is still running good at almost 5 years at use a couple times a week. Only had to grease it up once.