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Imthorsballs t1_ix03kks wrote

I heard about her and listened to her music on NPR! Really happy for her.


Atoning_Unifex t1_ix0zqah wrote

Same. Her album is great, too. Her voice and her delivery/phrasing.... pure velvet.


Insterquiliniis t1_ix12cpy wrote

be like that
I'll go google it then
there. watched it and here's the link they didn't want to share


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SandBoxKing t1_ix1q9wu wrote

I doubt they meant it as anything more than a lighthearted comment lol


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SandBoxKing t1_ix25196 wrote

The hyperlinked text is the only indication that they might have been upset someone didn't provide a link. I'm willing to chalk it up to sarcasm and move on


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SandBoxKing t1_ix292c9 wrote

No dumbass I want you to move on. As previously stated


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BackwardPalindrome t1_ix34b48 wrote

You are literally at -8 karma 5 posts into a drop-down. You made a mistake. Don't just double down on it, apologize for misreading what was said, learn from the mistake, and move on.

Stop digging further down.


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BackwardPalindrome t1_ix3802b wrote

Karma in a one on one interpersonal interaction is actually a pretty good measure of what the general consensus is on your opinion, at least among this site's active userbase.

You did make a mistake. You misread someone's intentions. You didn't do it on purpose, but it was still a mistake.

You are extremely defensive right now, and I'm sorry that things in your life are so bad it's pushing you to be this angry at people online.

Please practice self-love and care soon. You need it.


Imthorsballs t1_ix13yen wrote

I figured this went without searching considering not many 95-year-olds get awarded. My apologies.


FrazzledTurtle t1_ix0etl8 wrote

Good to know! I turn 45 today, and am going to start up guitar (again, after 27 years of playing no music) on Monday.


AsslessBaboon OP t1_ix0f3ev wrote

Oh this is so lovely. Happy birthday mate. I wish you the absolute best in your endeavours.

You can do this! Monday will be your bitch!


FrazzledTurtle t1_ix0k9wr wrote

Your user name! LOVE it. Maybe when I'm 65 I'll write a song in your honor 😉 and thanks!


AsslessBaboon OP t1_ix13mdb wrote

The honor would be entirely mine mate. Baboons with my rare affliction require representation from amazing turtles with your talents


FrazzledTurtle t1_ix26zvq wrote

The animal kingdom is truly marvelous! 🐢🦧🤘🤘🤘


BarbequedYeti t1_ix0yzim wrote

Justin guitar, Marty music on YouTube, Rocksmith 2014(new version is iffy). r/guitar as well are a few I have used learning later in life over the past couple of years. Good luck and yes your fingers will hurt like hell.


No-Diver6326 t1_ix13w84 wrote

r/guitarpedals if you just want to buy gear and post online for karma


FrazzledTurtle t1_ix1stmc wrote

Wow that's pedal porn! 😮 I'm afraid I won't be good enough for those for a while yet, but I'll keep it in mind. I'm still trying to figure out getting an extension for my JBL headphones to go into the amp so I don't kill my neighbors


No-Diver6326 t1_ix249zv wrote

Hey, so another option I highly suggest is to use amp simulators. For $100 or less you can get a device called an audio interface which always you to plug your guitar in and then to your computer. Then you can put some headphones in the interface and have TONS of different virtual amps and pedals.


FrazzledTurtle t1_ix1s8ca wrote

Thanks! I remember my fingers hurting, but now I rock climb, which also hurts your fingers (and hands, and arms, and feet) so I'm okay with this 🤘But as long as I can pick up the guitar and shred one day, it will be worth it! 🎸🎸🔥🔥 And yes, I'm on r/guitar but lurking at the moment.


FrazzledTurtle t1_ixan50n wrote

I am on r/guitar now and oh my god, so much info and so many questions! I'm having fun. The first song I want to play seems like it's wayyyy, wayyy too hard for me rn. My guitar delivery got delayed till Tuesday the 23rd so I'll wait and see, because I thought I'd be picking at it by now.


deadkactus t1_ix22n98 wrote

I came back to drums after 10 or so. Better than ever. Just cant practice as long before everything hurts.


OGPunkr t1_ix09xvw wrote

Hot damn! I'm a spring chicken in my 50's YAY!!!!


LalalaHurray t1_ix0k8fk wrote

You wanna start a band?


Papplenoose t1_ix1nxn3 wrote

Only if I can play bass, because I dont know how to play any of the other instruments.

I also dont know how to play bass, but that has never really been a prerequisite for being a bassist.


DorisCrockford t1_ix2idlh wrote

You sound like a pro already with that snark! You'll fit right in.


OGPunkr t1_ix1rv6g wrote

Sign me up. I play tambourine


coarsing_batch t1_ix3k9bj wrote

I play the triangle!


LalalaHurray t1_ix3s4ei wrote

Dammit, in before me


OGPunkr t1_ix4h8ga wrote

You can have the cow bell!


LalalaHurray t1_ix4k5y7 wrote

Great idea but it will ruin my career


OGPunkr t1_ix8il2b wrote

What is your career? No cow bell!?! Most curious.


LalalaHurray t1_ixachvf wrote


Walken told the other actors from the scene later that they ruined his career because the only thing people ever wanna talk to him about now is cowbell


dewpacs t1_ix04s2s wrote

Life begins at 90


helenheck t1_ix1jnkl wrote

I just leased my first art studio. I’m 67.


FrazzledTurtle t1_ixang50 wrote

This is awesome. Yes, I'm interested in what art you do too.


NakedCameTheNude t1_ix14u56 wrote

I gotta say I'm glad to read this. Just read on a programming subreddit about a kid thinking he'd missed the coding boat at 15. Fifteen years old and he thinks it's too late to get into coding. This woman proves it's never, ever too late to go for it. :)


Adeno t1_ix0ukme wrote

The latest bloomer I've heard about. A few years ago, there was a 70 or 80 year old granny who suddenly took up painting for fun, and apparently she's so good her paintings regularly sell for thousands of dollars.


absurd_olfaction t1_ix0zqhu wrote

The lesson here is to take up more things for fun. You get good at them very quickly cause of how much you like to repeat the process.


FrazzledTurtle t1_ixanv0i wrote

And you're more patient, more mellow, and more willing to do anything for fun because you're old enough that you no longer care what anyone else thinks. It's a certain freedom. At least, that's the difference between me at 25 vs. 45. 65 or 75 is gonna be legendary.


Elitesuxor t1_ix0d9r7 wrote

Good job! Don’t let the SSA hear about this though, I’d like to retire while I still have teeth…


pommeVerte t1_ix14mfa wrote

“It’s never too late” to be discovered for skills you’ve honed over the past 80 years.

My pedantic antics aside. I’m actually excited to listen to her stuff. I’m guessing it’s really good


superflippy t1_ix1tsks wrote

This has really given me hope. I’m middle aged & I’ve been writing songs my whole life, but I’ve rarely performed them. I mostly just sing them at home. Maybe it’s worth making the effort. Maybe there are people who would enjoy these songs. Maybe it’s not too late to put the songs out there.


DevAstral t1_ix2ql31 wrote

I’ve given up music a bit before Covid because the little bit of career I could have had evaporated…

I’m 33 and I’ve been kinda broken since then, thinking it’s too late anyways. This gave me hope.

Thanks OP for the first really uplifting news I’ve seen on this sub since a very long time!


AsslessBaboon OP t1_ix2rkgv wrote

Any time mate. If you love it pursue it. It's never too late as long as you've got a beat in your jolly wonderful heart.

The world needs to hear your artistic expression. Am slightly older than you (mid 30) and I intend on going back to school, so why don't you and I make a pact

By next year same day, you gotta do at least 3 songs and I have to do at least 3 courses (that's the bare minimum). Deal?


DevAstral t1_ix2zv5c wrote

It’s a deal friend! And I’m sure you’ll do a killing at your courses 😁


FrazzledTurtle t1_ixaogq0 wrote

You're still a youngin' although it might not feel that way. I read the article and she said something like "Life is hard but never give up" (paraphrased).


EthelMaePotterMertz t1_ix0harc wrote

Wow she could have gone to elementary school with Desi Arnaz. I feel like he'd be so happy for her. That's really really cool.


buzz86us t1_ix1feeb wrote

Now she should EGOT before she dies


lazylion_ca t1_ix27vk0 wrote

It's WEGOT now. You have to have the Weird Al parody.


Brno_Mrmi t1_ix1cc5w wrote

And I'm here with 24 thinking my life is done...


FrazzledTurtle t1_ixaoyjd wrote

Nahhh... life begins at 40. Or whenever you feel like you hit that balance of knowing yourself, earning for yourself to be comfortable, and living for yourself.


bhp126 t1_ix0hvs2 wrote

I officially love this sub.


-_-k t1_ix1ijwm wrote

Wonderful. That's so refreshing to hear.


CharlieHarz t1_ix2w90a wrote

She will be part of so many motivational post

Worried about not achieving your goals by 30? Here's our list of late bloomers.


Burpreallyloud t1_ix0tg4c wrote

good - I was hoping she would get the recognition she deserves.


JANGO- t1_ix15lzu wrote

This is very wholesome


hipperxc t1_ix1nw3s wrote

Wow. Incredible story


707Guy t1_ix1sl65 wrote

I’m 29 and always feel like Im far too old to make something of myself musically. This is quite inspiring.


rjl682 t1_ix2mejn wrote

That's so awesome! I hope I'm alive and still have a purpose at that age.


AsslessBaboon OP t1_ix2mraq wrote

You willl be and you shall be mate❤. Keep fighting bruv. You're worth it


rjl682 t1_ix2n3q3 wrote

Thanks homie, I wish I got more words of encouragement like that. You're right though, God willing, I will be significant into my golden years... and so shall you!


AsslessBaboon OP t1_ix2ncq6 wrote

I promise to remind you how the world needs you at least every couple of months. You got my word mate.

This baboon's word is his bond and I intend on keeping it that way. Cheers Guv


rjl682 t1_ix2nkqo wrote

Thank you! It's easy to feel lost and alone these days. Sometimes a compliment from a stranger is enough to pull you out of a low and you've done just that. I'll do my best to return the favor. Cheers bud


AsslessBaboon OP t1_ix2p4k7 wrote

We all need that reminder once in a while. Now you got me in you corner.

And even though it feels like you're alone, I can bet you there's a couple of people in your life who couldn't do without ya. You ain't alone mate❤


xojadefox t1_ix350yz wrote

That's so powerful. A true inspiration!


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Cat_Daddy79 t1_ix11vzm wrote

I'm listening now. Truly amazing.


msxsnatcher t1_ix2pn4c wrote

Why an American can be an Afro-American, a Cuban-American, an Hispanic-American, a native-American... But not just an American?

By the way, there are no labels for white Americans


minnieboss t1_ixtzw8r wrote

Of corse there are. Italian-American, German-American, etc. Kinda dumb comment