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ssfbob t1_j0jpnhk wrote

Apparently even the fin doesn't taste that great from what I've heard, its just another thing like rhino horns, its all for some superstition that it helps with all kinds of medical issues.


DoctorBritta t1_j0jssn4 wrote

When I had it as a kid it was like a savory thin strip of jelly basically, it absorbed the flavor of the broth/soup. If you’ve had jellyfish before it’s like that but smoother.


catterpie90 t1_j0k76q1 wrote

It has the texture of jellyfish if you have eaten it. And jellyfish is much more sustainable


mtgdrummer13 t1_j0jyuup wrote

Which is what makes this so incomprehensible. If it had one shred of a health benefit, then it would still be a horrific practice, but knowing that it’s all because there are some full ass grown adults that still believe in fairy tales is beyond infuriating


Buzzkid t1_j0jrgg3 wrote

It doesn’t taste like anything at all. Once it is processed and sold, it is nothing more than cartilage. Literally a shark shaped piece of jello.


sillybear25 t1_j0jslup wrote

Not exactly. It's eaten for its texture rather than its flavor. It's still cruel and unsustainable, but not completely pointless the way rhino horn is.


Worthyness t1_j0kg21p wrote

there's a subtle fishy taste given it's fish, but it's eaten primarily for texture. A good imitation is literal gelatin strips. So if you've eaten just some plain gelatin before, that's basically it (that's why they're used as imitation sharks fin). I'd say the key difference is that sharks fin does have a slightly softer overall texture (so not as ridged as gelatin), but also has crunchier pieces like cartilage (because that's pretty much what it is).

It's just a status symbol at this point because it's expensive to get. Similar to Bird's nest where the stuff is rare and hard to get, but mostly doesn't taste of anything unique.


Hailgod t1_j0lpo0o wrote

>Apparently even the fin doesn't taste that great from what I've heard,

its pretty much tasteless. like bird's nest.

what u taste is the rich chicken/herbal soup its cooked in.


m3t1t1 t1_j0k0g9k wrote

Some friends had it. Said it taste like Asian glass noodles


Gigibop t1_j0lr9eg wrote

It's the msg broth we all eat it for, it's the same even with snake, it's boiled to jelly like and it's all good