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gard3nwitch t1_j66ijld wrote

Videos of this duo get posted a lot. IIRC, the zoo had a lonely lynx cub and they got it a stray cat as a companion, and now the lynx is grown and they're BFFs. Like how zoos that have 1 cheetah will get it a golden retriever for companionship.


NotBlazeron t1_j673pa1 wrote

Getting a dog to fix loneliness only helps a little


Novawurmson t1_j67vfbq wrote

Works even better for cheetahs than humans. It's not the loneliness (they raise cheetahs in groups); it's that the cheetahs partially base their stress on the rest of their group. The golden retrievers are living the life (food, exercise, constant cheetah, dog, and human companionship) and are lower stress to begin with.

Interesting, this is also a thing in raising fish. Some skittish fish do better if there's chill, schooling fish around. If the schooling fish aren't hiding, that likely means no predators are around, so the skittish fish can relax.

Edit: As several people have pointed out, the fish are called dither fish. I haven't raised fish in a while and had forgotten the term.

Edit2: I also didn't know the piece about it reducing aggression. I didn't really raise territorial fish like cichlids, so that's cool.


ma2412 t1_j67wqrr wrote

Hm, not so different from us then.


asteriskysituation t1_j68b346 wrote

Aquarium hobbiests call those “dither fish” because of their behavior of “dithering” back and forth, it’s also helpful to displace aggressive fish behaviors as a kind of “distraction”


Sunsent_Samsparilla t1_j68k3nm wrote

Makes sense. It's like a pro and a noob playing a game together. If the pro doesn't seem worried the noob wmwont be either.


IFapToCalamity t1_j674rv6 wrote

You good bud?


NotBlazeron t1_j67j81w wrote

I'll be okay


SugarPantsJiff t1_j67wqpz wrote

"I'll be okay at some point in the future" is very different than "I'm okay right now". Sometimes the only thing you can do is to cling to the desperate faith that someday it will get better. But it gets really hard to keep believing that


soopirV t1_j67cgdp wrote

Just need more dogs


goliathfasa t1_j67r5w8 wrote

Good… twice the dogs… double the fall.


Devai97 t1_j683y4q wrote

This is getting out of hand! Now, there are two of them


handsomehares t1_j68dr0l wrote

The dog won’t fix loneliness.

But it will get you out of bed in the morning and get you out of the house for walks.

Loneliness is often exacerbated by the things loneliness brings on.


deenut t1_j67zk28 wrote

Getting a golden is more effective than just any Dog!


supcoco t1_j686pkh wrote

I wish mods would make a rule about karma farming reposts. I’ve seen this so many times with misleading caption constantly.


johnmarik t1_j68guup wrote

I get the people hating reposts thing but at the same time I've been on reddit forever and have never seen this so I'm glad it came up.


supcoco t1_j68lpvl wrote

The video is super cute! But…Unfortunately title is misleading and inaccurate.


Exhumedatbirth76 t1_j68c2b2 wrote

I wish I understood karma if I get a lot of karma do I win some sort of reddit prize?


supcoco t1_j68llmm wrote

From what I’ve read on here, you can sell those accounts or something. So your prize is money I guess


kimwim43 t1_j68msvy wrote

I wish mods would make a rule about people complaining about reposts.

I've never seen this before, and I'm glad it was posted. It brought a smile to my face this morning, I've been sick for 2 weeks, and this is the first time I've smiled in all that time.


GalleonStar t1_j6alt80 wrote

The issue is you're being lied to. The cat was intentionally put there to be a companion. They were raised together.


transboymeetsworld t1_j68mx7h wrote

I thought I saw this duo as mother/child relationship, where the lynx was abandoned as a cub and so the cat fostered them. I’m not entirely sure though 🤷🏻‍♂️


nothinghurtslike t1_j6grc43 wrote

Someone brings this up when pics or videos of these two are posted, but it's not right.
The lynx baby with adult cat foster mom are a different pair, this lynx and cat were put together by the zoo when they were both little.


transboymeetsworld t1_j6hgsob wrote

Oh cool! I didn’t know that, I just looked it up and you’re right—totally different pair. Thank you!


Strongest_Lindah t1_j66mr7t wrote

Went to a zoo and there was a cat sleeping cozily in a big pile of raccoons, with a sign that said his name was Rocky and when they renovated and moved the enclosure they removed him, but he found his friends a few days later and they just leave him be now.


orangecatmom t1_j67fowx wrote

I don't know why but this made me tear up a little.


Pretty_Trainer t1_j67y2sx wrote

But did he find Gideon's Bible?


shadowtheimpure t1_j663vgg wrote

That frantic grooming tells me something very important: that lynx was lonely and bored as all fuck. This place isn't giving it enough stimulation and it could use a friend.


hat-of-sky t1_j66bcqi wrote

Good thing it has one then. Big buddy and little buddy bff's 4 ever. Lots more fun things you can do with a friend, even in an impoverished space. This video is pretty old, I wonder how they're doing now.


freedfg t1_j68li6t wrote

Most likely that cat was put in to the exhibit by staff because the lynx was lonely.

Usually habitats that hold felines.....aren't accessible by other felines unless put there. I highly doubt the cat found it's way in


PPQue6 t1_j66g6jj wrote

It's like.....Meowschwitz in there!


spikybrain t1_j68htaw wrote

Okay Iacopo Alpoleio da Urbisaglia...

Inventor of the exclamation mark? Hello and/or duh.


Sandra2104 t1_j687mzc wrote

Or maybe… I don’t know… lets not put animals in cages at all?


shin-ayd t1_j665uy8 wrote

The cats coat is beautiful!


HerrDoktorLaser t1_j66u5tv wrote

If you had a lynx grooming you that aggressively, your hair would be utterly FABULOUS.


Raistlarn t1_j674qlw wrote

If I had a lynx grooming me that aggressively I'd be bleeding. Cat tongues are rough and bigger cats can remove meat from bone by licking it.


shin-ayd t1_j675lki wrote

Sounds like I just found the cheapest way to exfoliate


azcherid t1_j67cvbn wrote

I think it will be the most expensive way to exfoliate!


mochikitsune t1_j68371y wrote

As someone who has a cat that insists on "grooming" my face and head lemme tell ya it exfoliates all right, but be prepared to have them leave slimey hair slapped onto your face bc they got it in their mouth

As a side note: I dont let him do this, he ambushes me while asleep and tries to steal my eyebrows/eyelashes


Black_Moons t1_j68antc wrote

I still laugh when cats try to lick my hair and just get a mouth full of hair because they licked against the grain..

Like, cat, 30% of your life is spent licking hair, how do you not know what direction to lick by now?


CaptainGrayC t1_j68dfcv wrote

Mine tries to lick my forehead hair but it’s so long (almost to my elbows) that he can’t get it out of his mouth when he pulls his head back lol. He does this every time and then looks angry at me for allowing him to do it again


Black_Moons t1_j68egr2 wrote

rofl im picturing the cat literally have to walk away to get it outta his mouth.


CaptainGrayC t1_j68rw66 wrote

More like he’ll use my face to push me away until I pull the hair out of his mouth


mochikitsune t1_j68bqkp wrote

Mine likes to really go for those little baby hairs near my hairline and you would think after a whole year of it, they would figure out its not worth it


littlegingerfae t1_j67exha wrote

I used to have a cat that would lick me ONLY in my sleep. Since I have a sleeping disorder, this wouldn't wake me, and he'd just keep licking.

I'd wake up with blood spots staining the sheets where he had licked me too long.

My theory was, he was very very slowly trying to eat me.


DragonAteMyHomework t1_j67rstg wrote

I have a cat who loves to lick me when I'm asleep, but it wakes me up, especially on the rare occasion when she goes for my eyelid. She has mostly learned not to do that, though. It hurts!


mochikitsune t1_j683bz9 wrote

Are.. are you me? Thankfully mine doesnt do it to the point of blood spots but I can def feel the sorness.


orangecatmom t1_j67ftn4 wrote

My cats groom my face and hair all the time. I have excema on my face and scalp and i swear to God they think they are helping.


twec21 t1_j692m5a wrote

It's a tabby calico


A Tobacco


BusinessPerception29 t1_j69aja1 wrote

I have a tabby calico and lemme tell you they are spicy enough that they would get along well with a big cat no problem (also I’ve never heard tobacco as a way to refer to them and I loled)


twec21 t1_j69bh6u wrote

My immediate thought was tabico, and then I realized what it sounded like out loud xD


suamusa t1_j66svak wrote

That is sweet. Not like my cat who breaks into my bedroom and takes me hostage


myflippinggoodness t1_j674mza wrote

Devious lil fckrs



el_pinata t1_j672hqc wrote

Mutual grooming is cat for "I love you"


orangecatmom t1_j67fuxs wrote

Mine must love me a lot. Awww.


aknalag t1_j67ldxq wrote

“Mutual grooming”, grooming without the “mutual” in it might also mean “ i own you”


bwofowo t1_j68gyma wrote

its not mutual grooming if my cat doesnt let me lick him


Lily-lily- t1_j66ms1q wrote

The little one is the boss. I clearly can see it.


chicklette t1_j69cfr5 wrote

Yup. "Please groom me tiny mom and show me you love me " 😍


HerrDoktorLaser t1_j66u1mr wrote

That's so great, that they're both aggressively grooming one another to assert dominance. The lynx is obviously in charge and it's wholly "that's cute, little friend".


PlantsVsMorePlants t1_j67w930 wrote

Someone said the cat is the lynx's foster mother. So she may be given all the respect and ceremony without necessarily all the obedience. Like a Queen Mother.


Darth-_-Maul t1_j67ayfl wrote

Fake captions being used for karma. The cat is it’s foster mom.


nothinghurtslike t1_j6gqzwt wrote

The captions aren't fake, just somewhat inaccurate.
The zoo put these two together when they were both small, there are pics of them where they're about the same size.
This lynx is named Linda and the cat is Dusya.

The lynx baby (named Nika) with a foster mom adult cat is a different pair, in the video of those two you can see that the cat isn't the same as this one.


ironroad18 t1_j66s4yj wrote

"I bring tales from beyond the cage...tales of the hooomons."


shane201 t1_j67936w wrote

Lynx: I shall call him... mini me.


h2man t1_j67eflp wrote

Small cat sure makes up for his small size in cleaning speed.


hei5man t1_j66yso1 wrote

I fucking love cats


18114 t1_j66yt4p wrote

Love them both. So very precious.


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AdditionalNet219 t1_j66ur08 wrote

Does anyone ever watch bobcattv ? On YouTube? There’s a few lynx on that channel and they seem really social and snuggly!


VillainOfKvatch1 t1_j67vhxq wrote

If I don’t see a movie about the two of them going on adventures and solving mysteries together in the next year I might literally die.


evilgreenman t1_j68p67n wrote

Cats are cats are cats are cats are cats


RandomPersonOfTheDay t1_j66t9h4 wrote

Awww I love watching watch love on each other. It just melts me. ❤️


hngdog t1_j674pag wrote

Once you go Lynx, everything else stinks


BizzyM t1_j68j33r wrote

Cat's gonna cat


MyHeartBurnsThere2 t1_j68k5wl wrote

God I hate titles like this... why do you have to bald faced lie? Welcome to blocklandia...


merrittj3 t1_j68y9p7 wrote

Big Kitti loves and protects little kitti...


AtuinTurtle t1_j693xbv wrote

The lynx probably thinks that’s a kitten.


NoStructure5605 t1_j69cnj7 wrote

Everybody needs a little friend to hang out withimg


Capable_Nature_644 t1_j675fdt wrote

Once they're bonded like this they're fine. Best buds. bff's.


trashcrayon t1_j676s8x wrote

That cat is absolutely gorgeous


doingme1969 t1_j678era wrote

That poor Lynx was so lonely 😭


PsychicNinja_ t1_j67k1x7 wrote

Those are some FURIOUS licks from the cat, goddamn


systems-malfunction t1_j67ofhv wrote

I wish they weren't so rare because they look like they make such a great pet


AhhAGoose t1_j67pa1d wrote

Real recognize real


Bbdino8 t1_j67ujk7 wrote

"No, I'LL lick you."


Big_Fact_5556 t1_j67w6gv wrote

I think the little one has his work cut out for him if it’s trying to bathe the other.


Su13mont t1_j67x660 wrote

Its okay cause they speak the same language


quiyo t1_j67z0e7 wrote

Lynx's are big cats after all


AlternativeMiddle646 t1_j6812yo wrote

This is so nice. I wonder if the Lynx thinks of the cat as a lynx kitten.


PleaseTranslateThis3 t1_j682qnv wrote

I wonder what SFW comments two cats licking each other will produce


HTownGamer832 t1_j688tft wrote

I licks for you, you licks for me. Now we both own each other.


DrakeAU t1_j689987 wrote

Just Room-mates.


cocomimi3 t1_j68aidb wrote

Kitties are kitties


MMB-Reddit t1_j68gae7 wrote

Wow. Size difference is amazing


StudentParty2666 t1_j68ggfe wrote

Lynx is worried. Why won’t the baby groooow?!


Rutheeay t1_j68ifhv wrote

this is the best thing I've ever seen on the internet. period.


loo_min t1_j68l1cz wrote

This is how I make friends with my food, too.


twec21 t1_j68s546 wrote

"What kind of cat is that?"

"It's a tabby calico. A tobacco."


Yrxora t1_j68t2a0 wrote

Big kittens need love too


Rare-Click-5685 t1_j691xd1 wrote

This could of had a worse ending. But so cute.


fluffydarth t1_j692qqn wrote

They seemed very stressed.


WylliWanko t1_j6931nq wrote

How do they differentiate friend from food?


groeniess t1_j695mgp wrote

That kitty is licking for its life


Starkiller_303 t1_j699a1i wrote

They about to get it on like donkey and dragon.


ET__ t1_j69helx wrote

Poor thing needed a friend.


catnipgoodkillswitch t1_j69hn57 wrote

They have feel sensors on their skin. Think sharks have a lightening strike or maybe random electrical grid pattern on their skin. I dunno. Could it be grown as an independent sheet.


catnipgoodkillswitch t1_j69ilw9 wrote

Mother racoon says, "ZZZziiPPPP!" Baby repeats in a whisper"zziiipp!" Goodbye greeting


catnipgoodkillswitch t1_j69it9y wrote

Squirell clicks, chatters, bobs it's head, uses body to indicate direction. God I love em


catnipgoodkillswitch t1_j69k595 wrote

Can you touch someone's skin and tell if it feels numb to them?


Roses_in_6688 t1_j69m3xv wrote

a mother’s love for her children


NoStructure5605 t1_j69mo24 wrote

my friend who spends all his time for us to play together my favorite games on bluestacks the best ; )


SnuggleKitty3 t1_j69rcxb wrote

Those 2 best buds are so freaking cute 🥺


Scrapiron999 t1_j6avzzg wrote

This explains my friends. Bunch of wild animals that don't belong together 🤣


MoneyCat95 t1_j6ccon8 wrote

Imagine finding out your outdoor cat has been hanging out with a fucking lynx


Orcabandana t1_j67qqtv wrote

Too bad they can't breed though


mofomeat t1_j6740et wrote

Is it just me, or do cats seem a little messed up?


Marz2604 t1_j67818p wrote

Help, I'm stuck in this enclosure. step-cat?